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The MARMOT Limelight 4P tent has an appealing look similar to cabin style, which gives it a unique appearance for a standard 4 person-tent, more height for standing up, and more floor space. With the fly-rain-sheet in place, the appearance changes and the tent takes on a dome shape. That's because the rain-fly is designed to let rain drain downwards but not into the tent.

There are so many 4 people tents on the market; we checked out and tried many options and settled on the Marmot. This is a purpose-designed tent for the fall season, so it can take a downpour from the fall season rains and it will keep you dry. But, stay smart, invest in seam tape and a can of waterproof spray.

This is a no-frills tent, easy to put-up, plenty of space inside and very well designed with features to keep out wet weather. Use it as a one wall/roof tent but if the weather changes to wet, quickly erect the rain-fly over the tent and stay dry and warm.

To the eye, this tent is not so different from other similar 4 people tents but it does offer more useful features than some. It is certainly functional, comfortable, protective and durable, while being light and easy to transport.

Editor's Pros & Cons

A lightweight tent

Polyester canopy fabric

Polyester taffeta fly fabric

Large double door at the front

Smaller D shaped door at the rear

Flat inner walls

Good protection in downpours of rain

Good height

Comes with water-proof rain-fly

Aluminum tent poles


Some campers prefer fiber glass poles

Some say sleeping for large adults is a tight squeeze but works

No heavy-duty prolonged rain; its designed for fall

Key Features


The first consideration has to be how quickly can the tent be put-up, and it does qualify as being quick and easy. Many users have commented on how easy it is to transport the tent and assemble it. The tent actually hangs from a frame of sturdy aluminum poles, all of which are color-coded to make assembling the frame easy. When the tent is hung and the corner guidelines secured into the ground, it is very stable.

If weather clouds appear and threaten a downpour of rain, it is incredibly quick and easy to throw the rain-fly over the external frame and secure it to keep out the rain.

Putting-up the tent will not even challenge novice campers. Taking down the tent is equally easy; just pull up the four corner stakes, disengage the hanging tent from the frame, take apart the pole structure, and roll-up the tent.


This is made from Polyester taffeta and the ground base is 190T-2000mm which means a thick durable ground base made from light but very tough fabric. The upper section of the tent is 68d -100% polyester-taffeta which gives good protection from the wind and annoying insects. The fly rain-fly is polyester as well and it's nearly as thick as the floor base at 190T 1500mm.

You can feel comfortable knowing that you won't get leaks during a downpour of rain in the fall season. The real challenge is if you get caught out in very prolonged heavy-duty rain and wind. It pays to invest in seam tape and a can of waterproofing spray as an extra line of protection against the rain. Extra precautions with tape and spray are very worthwhile. Better safe than sorry.

The use of light strong fabric means that this model weighs in at only 8 pounds in weight which is comfortable for transporting a 4 people tent.

Designed-in Features

For a mid-size tent, it has a good selection of design features all of which are very functional. The zone bend construction design means straight walls just like in a small cabin and this results in more sleeping space. A double front door and small rear D-door means the tent can be opened up in warm weather for ventilation, and the roof of the tent also has ventilation features designed into it. The doors are zip operated but the seams have been treated; seams around the floor and seams in the rain-fly are taped to keep out the rain.

The tent features a lamp-shade pocket, in which campers can place a torch for interior lighting. The tent structure hangs on a frame; the four corners are secured by stakes and clip placements designed strategically to enhance the tent's structure while creating more space. There are also fitted pockets for storing gear and gadgets and these will prove to be very useful. The floor features a catenary-cut design to prevent pooling which is a problem faced by many tents in rainy weather and on wet ground.

Comparison to Similar 4-Person Tents

The marmot compares favorably against many other 4-person tents and is well ahead of a number of other tent models in terms of how easy it is to set up. The external frame for a tent is not unique, there are other tentmakers producing similar tents but the aluminum poles put this tent ahead of some tent-making competitors.

Another great product we reviewed is the Marmot Halo 6 Tent, so make sure to check it out as well.

However, this comparison notes that tent poles made from other materials do the job for which they are designed. It can be suggested that aluminum poles offer good longevity in terms of durability.

It is not a case of this tent being far more functional than other models because many other brands add similar features. In fact, there are some tents that are much quicker to put up; consider inflatable tents which are easy to put up but these come with other potential drawbacks.

The comparison here is very much influenced by feedback from users and the volume of user feedback suggests this tent is up in the high ranges of being tried, tested, trusted and popular.


The Marmot Limelight 4P tent is a good option and this is substantiated by many satisfied users. Customer feedback is in a majority showing broad satisfaction. People like this tent; it performs well and the price is very balanced and reasonable.

Our verdict is for those looking for a tent that is certainly tried and tested and affordable while giving lots of functionality along with protection, comfort and ease of use; this tent is a very good option.