Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

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We have reviewed many Western Mountaineering products and they never disappoint. The excellence of their craftsmanship, materials, design, and forty-five years of experience shows in every sleeping bag they make. The MegaLite is one of these creations, and it was made especially for the larger individual that may want a bag that is wider in girth in the shoulders and foot areas. It is insulated with their famous goose down, has a four-inch loft, a top passive collar, and protects to thirty degrees in temperature. Many happy customers have tested their MegaLite bags in freezing temperatures as low as nine degrees and still stayed very warm. The compressible form and insulation make it long-lasting and less bulky than other leading models. It is also lighter in weight at just under two pounds, plus the fill can be adjusted for various temperatures in the continuous baffles. The MegaLite comes with two storage sacks for transport and packing for your convenience. These are just some of the wonderful qualities and features of this sleeping bag. We will now take a look at some of these attributes in further detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has continuous baffles that allow moving the down filling
  • Is warm, comfortable, and long-lasting
  • Has a draft tube to prevent cold air from entering through the zipper
  • Shell is compressible, durable, and breathable
  • Filled with lightweight, soft goose down
  • Bag must be washed in a front-loading machine or hand washed to protect the filling
  • A few people were cold using this bag, even though most customers say it is warm in below freezing weather


Customers are so satisfied with their items from Western Mountaineering that they buy them for family members and friends as gifts and keep the ones they have for many years. Taken care of, a Western Mountaineering bag can last for ten to twenty years and still protect you well in comfortable slumber. The company has over forty-five years of experience in making excellent sleeping bags and accessories. Most of the fabrics are created just for this company to engineer their outdoor sleeping equipment. The MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag is just one of them. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, and camping and all other outdoor activities, it will live up to the dependable reputation of Western Mountaineering be a trusted part of your backpacking gear.


Constructed of packable breathable shell fabric of ExtremeLite to minimize the weight of the bag, the MegaLite 30 includes a draft tube to stop cold air from entering the interior. It also prevents the cold zipper from coming in contact with your warm skin while you are in the sleeping bag. This product is filled with goose down, it is lighter and warmer than competitor models. Sleeping bags stuffed with down give the best contact and coverage of the skin, plus they wrap the body well. Down traps warm air because its filaments create a dead space of air that inhibits airflow that is warm. Western Mountaineering uses goose down for all of their well-manufactured sleeping bags because they say it is the best. It is lighter, longer lasting, and much warmer than synthetic fillers that other manufacturers use for their bags. The high-quality speaks for itself when you use one of these amazing sleeping bags.


Every part of the MegaLite 30 is durable from the outer shell to the zipper and Velcro straps, this remarkable sleeping bag is excellent for outdoor slumbering. Snags are prevented in the zipper because of the stitched stiffening tape along the zipper. Fraying of the Velcro closures and the material is inhibited by the strong fabric backing. The Velcro is placed on parts of the bag where it will be most out of the way such as the casing of the drawcord. Coil construction of the zipper provides many years of unproblematic operation and is less abrasive. Do not leave the sleeping bag in a plastic bag or stuff sack for a long time because it needs to properly dry out before a long storage time. It has a finishing of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to make it durable. This treatment is retained as much as 80% up to about twenty washings. After that period of time has passed, you can retreat the outer shell for water repellency to maintain the protective outer shell of the sleeping bag.

Key Features

-Bags are insulated with goose down because the company feels that it is the best down possible
-Lightweight goose down gives more warmth for the weight than other possible fillers
-Is highly compressible and is less bulky than other major lightweight brands
-Has a life that is five times longer than other popular models
-Is economical given the longevity and durability of the product
-Was particularly made for bulkier people in the shoulder and foot areas
-Includes a comfortable hood section with a top passive collar
-Dacron stiffening tape along the zipper eliminates possible snags
-Sturdy zipper is a YKK coil zipper with pulls that have dual direction and a locking head
-Zipper is light and not bulky adding to the overall lightweight construction of the bag


Made to fit larger individuals, the cut of the shoulder area gives bigger people a more comfortable fit. Western Mountaineering does not want to leave anyone out in the cold when it comes to sleeping gear, so they do try to accommodate all body sizes and types. The MegaLite 30 includes a full-length zipper for flexibility and is roomy enough for those that prefer to sleep on their sides. The weight of this wonderful bag is just under two pounds, so it can be carried with ease by anyone and anywhere. You will really appreciate this lightness when hiking and climbing in the hilly or mountainous country. It will not add much weight to your overall load but benefit you in the cold rugged nights. One of the most flexible things about this superb bag is that you can adjust the fill in the continuous baffles to the current weather conditions. Continuous baffles mean that the bottom and top chambers of the bag are joined and the down in them can be relocated in the bag by hand. For warmer temperatures move the down filling towards the bottom of the bag to be cooler, and on colder nights, move the down filling near the top or equal throughout to make it warmer in the interior. This is like having two sleeping bags in one because it is so flexible from a cooler bag to a warmer bag in just minutes.


Just ask anyone who has ever used a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, and they will tell you how these bags are expensive but worth every penny they spent on it. many say that it is the best sleeping bag on the market, while others call it top-notch equipment to depend on. The MegaLite is claimed to go above and beyond customer expectations says some happy consumers who purchased the sleeping bag. It gives the best performance and longevity because of the superior materials, expertise, and construction of the popular company. The fabrics used for these sleeping bags have very high thread counts and balanced constructions to make them last a long time and take punishing treatment from the outdoor environment. Most of the fabrics used for the sleeping bags are created just for Western Mountaineering exclusively. The high thread counts keep them down in the baffles from coming out and keeps the cold air and wind from penetrating the interior of the bag.


Protection comes in several forms in the MegaLite 30 build. The top passive collar seals in body heat because it extends along the neck to the zipper. Cold air and wind will not enter in this area because of this added feature. The continuous baffles are spaced more than five inches apart and stretch from each zipper part. Because of these baffles, the MegaLite 30 is super warm inside, fluffy, and soft. They are filled with a four-inch loft of lightweight goose down of twelve ounces. The superb combination of the top collar, draft tube along the zipper, and the baffles guarantee a warm experience in the inside of the bag. A few buyers claimed that they were still cold in this bag, even when the temperatures were not cold. You just have to wonder how this could be when you realize the solid construction that comprises the MegaLite 30. This mummy-style sleeping bag protects the user to a temperature of thirty degrees. Some who purchased and used the bag said that this is a generous figure. They were comfortable and very warm in temperatures of nine degrees. It is even warm inside when it gets wet, as one buyer said his tent leaked and his MegaLite got wet. He was still warm and cozy in it. he also said that it dried quickly the next day and was so excited that he had purchased the bag. The fill power for this wonderful sleeping bag is 850 for compression capabilities and weight ratio. This is not important to know, but for those comparing filling statistics among brands and models, it is a measure of the quality. You will one day after many washing cycles need to put on another durable outer shell coating that gives this incredible bag its protectiveness. The company recommends a product called RevivieX Spray on Water Repellent, which you should be able to purchase online or in sporting goods stores. Your MegaLite will continue to protect you for years to come in the comfort that you have grown to love and expect.


There are some precautionary measures to take with such a well-constructed, long-lived bag. Always use a waterproof cloth on the ground before placing the bag to protect the outer shell. When you are in the bag, wear at least a pair of shorts, socks, and a t-shirt to help guard the surface of the interior. Make sure the sack you place it in for storing is breathable and dry. All Western Mountaineering sleeping bags must be hand washed or cleaned in a machine that is a front loader. The continuous baffle construction will be destroyed if you use a top-loading machine to wash the bag. Make sure to only use a soap for products that contain natural down material. do not send this sleeping bag to the dry cleaners because the chemicals they use will harm the outer protective shell that makes the bag so durable and weather-resistant.

The Bottom Line

Western Mountaineering is one of the best manufacturers of outdoor sleeping equipment. The MegaLite 30 is just one of the well-made products that they have created in their forty-five-year history. It is made to be above all else lightweight for those that must carry a pack or duffel and sleep outdoors. You want everything to be as light as possible but effective in its purpose. This extraordinary bag is both valuable and lightweight, as it only weighs less than two pounds and will protect the body in thirty-degree weather. It is an expensive bag, but as customers state, it is well worth the cost and is one of the best bags on the market to enjoy. The MegaLite was specifically created for people who are large and feel confined in a mummy-type sleeping bag. There is ample room in this product for anyone to be comfortable and warm. The best features of this sleeping bag are its draft tube to impede cold air, goose down insulation, four-inch loft, continuous baffles, and top passive collar. These in combination on one item give you the warmest possible sleeping bag that money can buy. Throw in the two included bags for storing and transporting the wonderful MegaLite, and you have one incredible piece of outdoor equipment. We love the excellent Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree Sleeping Bag, and we know that you will too.