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Osprey Volt 60 One Review Facts

Those who are new to backpacking or hiking may find it difficult to find the right bag for their journeys. Even the seasoned pros have issues finding a pack that has the right features, a great fit, and is comfortable to wear on both quick trips and weekend excursions. Luckily, the Osprey Volt 60 may be the answer to all these issues. The Volt 60 is one of the most well-rounded backpacks on the market today. Osprey has long been considered a leader in the world of making backpacks. The Volt 60 is one of Osprey’s leading designs. This pack has everything you need without all the extra bells and whistles some backpackers feel can weigh down a great bag.

In this review, we’ll be going over all the features of the Osprey Volt 60 including the comfortable fit, the materials it’s crafted from, the versatility, the best uses for this bag, and especially the very affordable pricing. This will help you decide whether the Osprey Volt 60 is the backpack you’ve been looking for, all while explaining the criteria you should be considering when purchasing a new backpack for your outdoor adventures.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reasonable Price
  • Great Features
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Lack of decent suspension
  • Not suited for taller individuals
  • Items are hard to access when the lid is fully packed
  • No special features
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  • This is an excellent streamlined alternative to Osprey's usual backpack models.
  • The simplified design does not sacrifice Osprey quality in materials and construction.
  • This pack is comfortable enough to wear on long hikes or for extensive travel.
  • From SE Asian jungles to Pacific coast mountains, buyers have been pleased with its performance in different terrain.
  • It is streamlined to reduce the weight, but it still has all of the necessary features a good backpack should have.
  • Buyers say they can comfortably carry up to 30-35 pounds.
  • Osprey's great warranty is applied to this backpack as well.
  • The hip belt works well in transferring the load-bearing weight off of shoulders.
  • The hip belt is easily adjustable, and buyers note it is made to fit a wide range of sizes.
  • The reasonable price makes trying this backpack worth it.
  • Having an easily accessible hydration sleeve is convenient.
  • The dual compression straps help reduce the size of the pack when needed.
  • Buyers have been able to take this backpack on flights as a carry-on.
  • The colors are crisp and overall the backpack looks good without being too flashy.
  • When packed well, this backpack distributes weight very comfortably.
  • Reviewers note that their Volt 60s have lasted through years of extensive travels and still look and perform like new.
  • The back panel is not as breathable as other, similarly-sized backpacks.
  • The bottom compartment is a bit snug.
  • The tall, narrow design makes it difficult to get this backpack to stand upright on its own.
  • The waist belt adjusts easily, but is too big for people with narrow frames.
  • On overgrown trails with a lot of heavy brush, it's easy for the side mesh pockets to get caught on branches.
  • The narrowness of the backpack requires some careful planning when packing in order to get the most out of the space.
  • It does not come with a rain cover.
  • Some reviewers have had trouble with the tool loops. They don't hold some tools securely enough.
  • A few reviewers claim the shoulder straps are underpadded.
  • The waist belt pockets can be tricky to open and close.
  • If it is clumsily packed with extra weight, the backpack can feel unstable.
  • The narrow design makes it slightly more difficult to access side pockets with the backpack on.
  • Unlike some other Osprey backpacks, the top cover is not designed to double as a small waist pack.
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Key Features

The Osprey Volt 60 is not a flamboyant backpack. This pack is designed to offer owners the basic needs they are looking for in a pack. This means each additional perk is one you will find yourself using while you trek through the wilderness or camp out for the weekend. Below, we will go over a few of these features, what their intended purposes are, and how you can incorporate them into your backpacking adventure.

The Osprey Volt 60 offers a top-loading design that many find themselves fond of. With the largest compartment of your backpack easily accessible, reaching your gear, clean clothes, and other essentials are much easier.

The sleeping bag compartment is a great feature that you’ll find in many of Osprey’s bags. This feature allows for a full-size sleeping bag to be carried for overnight camping trips or weekend stays. This roomy bag may not be the largest on the market but with this compartment, you still have the ability to carry quite a bit of gear. This compartment also comes with a zipper to easily access your sleeping bag without the need to remove all your other items before doing so.

Many backpackers like to carry a sleeping bag pad for extra comfort. Another feature of the Volt 60 is the sleeping pad straps that allows for easy attachment of your accessory.
For those who find themselves lovers of the cooler climates, the Osprey Volt 60 also comes equipped with ice ax loops. Having your most needed ice trekking equipment easily accessible makes these kinds of backpacking adventures more fun for the right adventurers.

Pockets and Attachments

When it comes to pockets and attachments, the Osprey Volt 60 has you covered without going overboard. On the lid of this backpack, you’ll find a pair of zippered pockets that allow for smaller items you may find yourself needed to grab quickly. Items such as gloves, compasses, and small tools are a great fit for this area. One of the downsides of these pockets is the fact that when your pack is fully loaded, retrieving items may be a bit difficult. On the side of the Volt 60, you’ll find two stretch water bottle pockets. These pockets are designed to stretch material and can each hold a 1-liter water bottle. The hip belt also features a set of zippered pockets of their own. These pockets are roomy enough to carry small, personal items or quickly needed tools without being in the way or oversized.

On the outside of the bag, you’ll find an external mesh pocket made of stretch material. This pocket is great in size and offers a safe storage place for things such as wet clothing or the extras you want to use when taking a break and enjoying the scenery.

One of the most noticeable pockets of the Osprey Volt 60 is the beavertail pocket. This is a great place to store a wet rain jacket after a rainy day or a pair of flip-flops or water shoes when you’ve spent the day out and about enjoying yourself.


The design of the Osprey Volt 60 is what makes it such an all-around great bag. Made from high-quality foam, this backpack has a sleek look while being light and free of the heavy frame other backpackers find weighty and off-putting. Although, if you are looking for better suspension and support, choosing a pack with a sturdier frame may be your best option.

The Volt 60 is considered a one size fits all pack. This means it easily adjusts to fit any body type with the help of the adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt. The shoulder straps, or yolk, of the Volt 60 have several different adjustments that can be made, but in most cases, a person of above average height may find themselves having issues with the fit of the bag.


The Osprey Volt 60 has the ability to hold its own out on the trail. Made from quality materials, you’ll find that you don’t have any worries when it comes to carrying a reasonable load in this pack. Good for loads of up to 35 pounds, the Volt 60 allows you to enjoy the outdoors with all the gear you need while keeping it safe and secure.


The weight of the Osprey Volt 60 may be one of its biggest selling points. This bag is considered quite light compared to other bags of the same size. The reason for this is the lightweight frame Osprey has used to make this specific model. This frame allows the wearer to still receive full benefits of a 60-liter backpack while keeping the weight without loading to just under four pounds. Once loaded, the Volt 60 is still considered one of the lighter weighted backpacks and great for those who are learning the ins and outs of backpacking.


Another great aspect of the Volt 60 is the comfort it provides. Once this bag is hoisted into place, several extras have been added to help make this backpack feel cozy while taking on the trails. Shoulder straps that are easily adjustable and a hip belt that offers an extra six inches of adjustability are among the reasons people consider this one of the most comfortable backpacks on the market today. Add in the lightweight feel, you’ll think the same when you slip this pack on for a day trip.


The Volt 60 finds itself located in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to size. At 60-liters, this pack has enough space to carry everything you need for a one-day trip but can also easily accommodate a weekend excursion. Although the Volt 60 is advertised as a backpack without all the extras, you’ll still find that you have plenty of room to carry everything you need.

One of the biggest advantages of the Volt 60 is the adjustable shoulder straps. Although this has been mentioned when speaking about the design of this particular backpack, it's also important to note the role it plays when it comes to size. With several gaps for the shoulder straps to pass through, you’ll find this bag easily adjusts to almost any size needed.


The Osprey Volt 60 offers a descent amount of support. However, for backpackers who are experts of being on the trail, they may want a backpack that packs a bit more of a punch. The Volt 60 supports a lightweight frame which means it offers less support than those with sturdier, heftier, frames. For those who are out and about for a quick trek in the woods or those who are new to hiking, this lack of support may not be an issue but some of the more experienced hikers and backpackers out there may feel they are in the need of a sturdier pack.


The Volt 60 is great for any terrain. The material quality of this bag makes it great for any terrain. As with any backpack, trekking through rough terrain can cause issues such as tears and rips. Still, with the warranty and sturdiness of the Volt 60 you may not find yourself having an issue with where you find yourself in the wilderness.


The Osprey Volt 60 is considered a very flexible backpack. Unlike other larger, heavier, backpacks this lightweight bag has the ability to move with you as you’re hiking the trails. The design Osprey has offered to this smaller version of their famous backpacks allows a packer to move freely which makes their hike fun and easier to manage.


Osprey doesn’t claim the Volt 60 is an amazing piece of waterproof technology. Instead, they let those who use the bag judge for themselves. Those who have purchased the Volt 60 have noticed it has quite the resistance to rain. While trekking, you’ll find yourself not having to worry about each piece of your equipment suffering until you find shelter.

Ease of Use

When purchasing an Osprey Volt 60, backpackers will find themselves with not only a great pack but one that is quite easy to use. This bag offers easy access from the lid and enough space to make any trip a memorable one. Each pocket is easily accessible with zippers and pulls that work flawlessly. Packing gear is simple with the easily accessible main compartment, add in all the pockets and straps for bonus gear and you’ll find yourself making quick, easy, work of packing for your excursion.


Compared to other backpacks of similar size on the market, the Osprey Volt 60 takes on all comers in price. Considered one of the most affordable packs available, the Volt 60 brings together all the basic features someone could look for in a backpack with a price tag any backpacker would be comfortable with paying.

Best Applications

When it comes to the best applications for the Volt 60, day trips are a breeze. This backpack has the ability to carry all the gear you need for a quick day hike without any issues. Able to learn carry a weight of 30 to 35 pounds, light packing hikers even have the opportunity to pack enough gear for a weekend in the wilderness. Those who are willing to take on an extra few pounds and a bit of comfort loss, taking the Volt 60 up to 40 pounds in weight is possible.
The Volt 60 is one of the best backpacks available for those who find themselves newly venturing into the world of backpacking and hiking. This bag is easy to pack, lightweight, and offers a degree of comfort one wouldn’t expect. This makes it a great choice for anyone new to exploring the outside world.


Osprey is easily one of the most recognizable names in backpack gear. One of the main reasons why is the guarantee they offer to anyone who purchases one of their backpacks. No matter when the damage occurs, whether you’ve owned the pack for one year or ten years, Osprey will repair any damages the pack takes without question. This is often one of the biggest buying points customers consider when purchasing a backpack from this company.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to the Osprey Volt 60 is that basic features are all that you need. While the Volt 60 may have a few issues such as pockets that are hard to access and a limited amount of support, this backpack doesn’t need all the fancy bells and whistles to make it one of the most popular on the market. The Volt 60 offers those new to backpacking and even the pros everything they need in a pack without going overboard. This comfortable backpack excels at day trips and even boasts the space needed to allow for a quick weekend getaway. With a price that is considered exceptional for a backpack of this quality and a guarantee that ensures damages can be repaired at any time, choosing the Osprey Volt 60 is a smart choice for anyone who is ready to hike their way into the world.