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Primus Kinjia Stove Review Facts

Primus is an esteemed Swedish brand that has been a trailblazer in the art of outdoor cooking since 1892. They are recognized globally for their excellent products, one of which accompanied the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911. Whether you are trekking through the idyllic Alaskan wilderness or on a weekend camping expedition with friends, having the proper equipment in order to make your trip comfortable is an absolute must. One item that is necessary for any trip, extended or short, is a portable gas-powered stove. A stove will provide you with hot food on your trip, which is a welcome treat after the often grueling task of tackling nature's peaks and valleys head on. A warm meal in your stomach can make a world of difference no matter your reason for being outdoors. The Primus Kinjia is sleek, sturdy and dependable—the perfect outdoor stove for all of your traveling needs. Below is a detailed review of the Kinjia to help you decide if this is the right stove for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Easily portable

Easy to clean

Simple to use 

Excellent simmer


Small burners

Pricier than other stoves

No windscreen


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for camping gear. Products that are robust are one less headache for trip planning. One shining feature of this outdoor stove is its robustness. Even though compact, the Primus Kinjia has many features that attest to its sturdiness. Firstly, the sides are made out of die-cast aluminum. This means that molten aluminum was molded into a predetermined shape using a high-pressure technique. This process makes the metal incredibly strong, and aluminum especially gains forte under die casting. The stove can be dropped, thrown, jostled, et cetera and still be in remarkable condition. In addition, the Primus Kinjia's steel body is powder coated, which is a process by which powdered paint is put on in order to create a hard shell that proves to be much more sturdy and long lasting than a traditional paint job. The stove will maintain its brand new gleam indefinitely because of this feature. Thirdly, the stove has brass trim detailing in order to strengthen the already sturdy aluminum. It is doubly fortified to ensure longevity. The Primus Kinjia is a stove that will provide years of service because it is made out of materials that are dependable and age beautifully.

Key Features

If you find yourself in need of a small, portable, and sturdy camping stove then the Primus Kinjia is an excellent choice for your needs. Even though on the smaller side, the Primus Kinjia is certainly mighty. This stove has the remarkable capability to turn out 7,000 BTU's, which is actually the same amount of BTU's in the stove of an average home. In short, you can have the power of your wall stove while in the middle of a camping trip, stored in a compartmentalized portable device, all without the extra hundreds of pounds. Another shining aspect of this stove is its ability to be easily maintained. The stove's griddle appendage is easily removable—all that has to be done is to lift the griddle up from the rest of the stove. From there it can be washed and put back on in three easy steps. Furthermore, the drip tray underneath the griddle is also easily removable. For that, you just need to work it out of its compartment. The drip tray is made out of stainless steel, meaning that on-the-go cleaning can be as easy as using a cloth to wipe it down. Once back at home it can be placed in the dishwasher in order to get it squeaky clean for your next excursion. Another interesting fact about the drip tray is that it is slanted. This design allows for the grease to pool in the bottom of the drip tray instead of getting into the burners, which would compromise their performance and become a fire hazard. All of the grease being concentrated in one spot the ensures cleanup will be a breeze. The grease can be easily disposed of, and the drip tray can be wiped off and stored.


On a camping trip, having lightweight gear can make a world of a difference in terms of comfort level. Trekking with cumbersome materials can is tiresome and can put a damper on the trip. One of the best features of this stove is the compactness. The stove is designed to be carried by hand like a briefcase, and at a slender 8.1 pounds, that is an easy feat for anyone with average strength. Also, at dimensions of 18.7 x 11.6 x 3.1 inches, the Primus Kinjia is lean as well as light, which makes traveling with it much easier than rival camping stoves. This means that when you are packing your car for your trip you can have as much as five inches of extra space in order to fit any other camping equipment you may need. Even though five inches may not sound like much, if you are participating in ultralight camping or are going on a long trip, every inch of space adds up. Also, while on the trip, the Primus Kinjia is such a convenience that you may even forget that you brought a stove! While on foot this stove is easily stored in any hiking backpack, or, as stated before, can be comfortably carried by hand using the convenient wooden handle.


With outdoor activities, it is imperative to bring equipment that is flexible in order to maximize the already meager space there is. In order to save space while traveling to the excursion and while on the trip itself, bringing equipment like the Primus Kinjia can help exponentially. This stove is able to boil water in a matter of minutes—4.2 to be exact. At that boiling speed, hot water will be available with expedience, a comforting luxury after an entire day of being outdoors, especially if you are in a cold climate. Another aspect of this stove is its stellar performance in windy conditions. Despite no windscreen and small burners, the Primus Kinjia can be lit and maintain a flame through the wind. Anyone who frequently braves the outdoor can tell you that weather can be unpredictable and inclement on your trip, which can be ruinous if you don't have reliable and flexible products like the Primus Kinjia.


As mentioned before, this stove is on the smaller side. But what it may lose with the size it gains with convenience. This stove is great if your camping party is small, for example, one to five people. The Primus Kinjia is also aesthetically appealing due to its sleek outer appearance. Aesthetics can be important when buying products. On one hand, the function is desirable, but for the price point, a stove that you can show off and be proud of is also a bonus. Furthermore, a bulkier stove would be heavy and could slow down a trip, and when on any kind of trip it is important to have the most efficient products in order to get the most out of your time outdoors. A smaller stove like the Primus Kinjia is easily portable, which would alleviate any headaches you might get if you had to tote around a bigger stove. Some problems that could arise with a bigger stove would be running out of room while packing, or being physically unable to carry the stove around easily, which could spoil your trip.


While out in nature, having dependable equipment is of the utmost importance. Camping tools need to have excellent performance in order to keep a trip running smoothly. Last minute headaches can be detrimental to your outing, which negates the purpose of taking trips to be in the outdoors: relaxation. Despite having small burners, the Primus Kinjia excels in performance. There is no windscreen on this stove, but that is not an issue due to the compact design of the stove. The burners are nested deep into the drip tray, and the raised edges of the tray prevent wind from diminishing the flame. Another positive to not having a windscreen is that bigger pots can now be placed without worry, which would not be the case if wind screens were present because the stove is so small. Furthermore, the Primus Kinjia simmers very easily, which is another testament to the convenience in mind when it was designed. Expedience while using your product can be a small comfort when you have been outdoors all day, and small conveniences can be invaluable if your trip is particularly grueling.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is an incredibly important factor in the search for a camping stove. Of course, running out of fuel while miles into a camping trip would be the height of inconvenience and could ruin the entire trip. The Primus Kinjia does well in terms of fuel efficiency. Attached to the hose underneath the stove is a regulator, which is a device that measures the amount of gas pumping into the stove in order to ensure that none of the gas is wasted in the cooking process. This way, you get the best value for the gas and it ensures a longer lasting canister. In fact, one canister can fully power the stove for up to forty-seven minutes of nonstop use, but since the simmering capabilities are so quick, you won't need anywhere near that amount of time. Also, the Primus Kinjia runs on lightweight canisters that are meant for backpacking, which means that you can save gas and also save space when on the road and on foot.

Ease of Use

Convenience is one of the best facets of this stove. Every feature seems as if it was designed in order to make the consumer's life easier. One example of how easy to use this stove is the simple fact that the Primus Kinjia is incredibly easy to start. In order to get it started you will need to undo the already attached fuel hose from underneath, hook it up to the gas canister, flip the handle, which conveniently unlocks the stove, and then take your lighter to the burner while turning the valve approximately one turn, which will result on a healthy flame. This is a five-step process that would take someone less than a minute in order for your party to get cooking. Likewise, packing the stove back up can be done quickly, which helps if your food break is quick. Additionally, the stove also comes with a handy stand for the gas canister that will place the container at the recommended forty-five-degree angle.

Best Applications

The absolute best application on the Primus Kinjia is its ability to boil water at rapid speeds. From the time you get the pot full of water onto the stove and get it lit and going, the water will be boiling roughly four minutes later. That is an excellent time, especially as compared to other models that could take as long as seven to ten or more minutes. A second noteworthy application on the Primus Kinjia is the fact that you can cook anything on it. Due to the combined force of 14,000 BTU's from both burners, that is an incredible amount of power just from one small stove. You can do anything from cooking a steak to making chili to sautéing your favorite vegetables. Your preferred comfort food can be available to you with ease at the hands of the Primus Kinjia.


Price is an important thing to consider when buying a product. Compared to other similar stoves, the Primus Kinjia can be on the pricier side—but for good reason. To reiterate from above, this stove is made out of steel, die-cast aluminum, and oak, which is a big selling point. All of these materials are sturdy and dependable, which will ensure longevity in the face of time. This is a stove that will serve you for years. The price point is higher than competitive outdoor stoves, but the sheer quality is very much worth the extra investment. You would actually end up saving money by only having to buy one Primus Kinjia every few years as opposed to having to buy a new rival stove every year. Your hard earned money will not go to waste on this stove.

The Bottom Line

If you've been on the quest to find a dependable, fetching, and easily portable camping stove, then the Primus Kinjia is exactly all of your needs rolled into one outstanding product. From the sturdiness of the materials it is made of, to the resilience in adverse conditions, to the easiness of traveling with it, the Primus Kinjia will ensure customer satisfaction for years and years. This stove would make a thoughtful gift for novice and experienced campers alike, and its fortitude will prove to be exactly what someone would need while roughing it in the outdoors. The quality will ensure consumers get the most value for their money and the convenience will make ownership a painless experience. This easy to use camping stove will provide comfort in the knowledge that where ever you go, the Primus Kinjia has your back.