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Camp Chef Everest Review Facts

Camp Chef is a brand known to provide its customers with high-quality products. This established brand has been forging cast iron cookware since the 1950s and has no signs of stopping anytime soon. Picture yourself at a tailgate. It is football season and the autumn air is crisp and permeated with the scent of sizzling burgers and hot dogs. Hungry, you turn on your Camp Chef Everest and slap a few hot dogs on a skillet in anticipation for your meal. You cannot wait for the food to be ready, which you know will be soon due to the Everest's effective burners. Whether you are tailgating, camping long term, or going on a short day trip, a reliable and user-friendly camping stove is a necessity. Having hot food ready within minutes is a luxury to customers with this product. With the Camp Chef Everest, you will find that and more and below will be a review of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to use 

Powerful burners


Self ignites

Three-sided wind protection

Excellent simmer

Temperature controls



Uncomfortable handle 

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  • This is a portable camp stove that offers a lot of cooking space. It's possible to use two pots or pans at the same time with a comfortable amount of space between them.
  • It's easy to control the flame, and the burners are controlled separately.
  • Simmering is not a struggle on this stove.
  • It is easy to ignite.
  • You can connect to a larger propane tank by purchasing the available hose attachment.
  • This unit has helped people cook with ease during power outages and kitchen remodeling projects.
  • It is reasonably fuel efficient.
  • With proper care, this stove will last for years.
  • It's easy to clean the cooking area.
  • Considering the size, it is still lightweight enough to be easily portable.
  • This stove boils water quickly and cooks efficiently even in cold temperatures.
  • Most buyers say this stove is worth the price.
  • As a camping stove, this unit has a powerful BTU output.
  • It has worked well in high altitudes.
  • Camp Chef has made some improvements from earlier models.
  • The lid clasps are not very durable.
  • It does not come with a carrying case.
  • The lid is not built to hold weight. It can buckle under a lot of pressure.
  • Due to the size and design, you need a wide, flat, and level area to cook on.
  • Adding threaded feet to easily adjust for stability would be an improvement.
  • There are a few reports of problems with valve closures.
  • The hinges are not high quality.
  • The regulator may rattle when packed away during travel.
  • There are some reports of ignition and burner malfunctions after a few uses.
  • Because the knobs stick out from the base, you have to be careful when packing the stove.
  • The handle is not designed very well making it difficult to have balanced weight distribution.
  • Pushing the ignitor button may require you to hold the unit so that it doesn't slip or move too much.
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The Camp Chef Everest performs well under the question of durability. The burners are made out of die-cast aluminum, which means they were forged out of an aluminum mold. The procedure of die casting entails pouring molten metal into a pre-made cast, making the metals incredibly strong in the process. Furthermore, the drip tray is made out of stainless steel, which is famous for its resistance to corrosion. The materials this stove was made with will ensure longevity in the test of time because Camp Chef ensures with their impeccable tailors that each and every one of their products is up to standard. You will get your money's worth and the Camp Chef Everest will prove to be an excellent camping companion for many years.


The Camp Chef Everest has so many features that it's hard to pick the best ones to list, but one of the exceedingly great features was the power that this stove is capable of. The power of a stove is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU's), and the average stove inside of a house can turn out 7,000 BTU's per hour. The Camp Chef Everest turns out a whopping 20,000 BTU's per burner. That translates to 40,000 total BTU's between the two burners. This high level of BTU's means that this compact stove has almost six times the power of a wall stove, which is remarkable considering the size difference. Think of all of the things that can be cooked on a stove in a house, and then think that all of that and more can be made with a Camp Chef Everest in your possession. This stove also has much more BTU's than other camping stoves on the market, the average being about seven to ten thousand BTU's. Another amazing quality of this stove is that it features a three-sided windscreen. The weather on a camping trip can be unpredictable and ultimately inclement. While on a camping trip there is little that can be done if the weather takes a sudden turn, and campers need to be ready for anything. Luckily, Camp Chef had that in mind when they designed the Everest. Now, if there is a sudden gust of wind blowing in with a storm, your cooking abilities will not be compromised and everyone can go on and enjoy a delicious outdoor meal. Another excellent feature of this stove is that the heat dials are completely adjustable, meaning they can be in different settings at the same time. You could stew a pot of chili right next to frying an egg with no problem at all. If there are people on your trip who have food allergies, are picky, or adhere to special diets, with the Camp Chef Everest everyone can be catered to. Finally, this stove has a beautiful simmer. Due to the power of the burners, from start to simmer you can have boiling water in two minutes per liter, which is remarkable considering the size of the stove and also that competitive stoves could take as long as ten minutes to boil water.


Flexibility is important when planning for a trip. Anything can happen at any time and bad weather or rough conditions can come out of nowhere, so it is a good idea to bring materials that ensure stability in any situation. The Camp Chef Everest does a fair job at being flexible. Due to its wider dimensions and awkward handle, this stove is not great for backpack camping. However, if embarking on a shorter or less rugged trip, this stove would give you everything you need. If you are doing other things such as tailgating or barbecuing, then this is absolutely the correct purchase. The power of the stove also adds to the flexibility because the burners will continue to do their job no matter the conditions of your cooking spot. Whether you are making burgers in a park or cooking soup on the side of a mountain, this stove can accommodate it all. Also, the Camp Chef Everest performs well under wind resistance. Due to the three-sided wind protection, there is no need to worry about windy conditioners when you fire up your stove to make a delicious meal. The burners also have a convenient metal shroud around them on which protects them from the wind blowing in any direction. Lastly, the burners are slightly raised and are surrounded by a metal encasing that lifts them up. This design shoots the flames straight up in order to help with wind resistance and provide the most concentrated heat that cooks food quickly.


The Camp Chef Everest is on the pricier side of camping stoves. But it also is rated better in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. This stove has won Editor's Choice on several different camping websites, as well as boasting high ratings on e-commerce websites. Also, the lengthy amount of features that come with the Camp Chef Everest justify the price. A lesser stove would not award you the all of the attributes you get with this excellent stove, so your dollar is not wasted on a more expensive but all-inclusive stove. One thing to consider while thinking of purchasing this stove is that since food cooks so quickly and thoroughly, you will save time and propane as opposed to other stoves that would take much longer to boil water or cook food. The Camp Chef Everest pays for itself in terms of fuel efficiency. Rating highly with critics and consumers alike, the Camp Chef Everest is worth every single penny.


This stove is best put to use outdoors. You can use it while going on fishing trips, hunting trips, or while simply having a Fourth of July cook out. Ideal usage would be with people who love spending a lot of time outdoors and need equipment for their necessities while doing so. You can use this stove to cook vegetables, meat, soup, any of your favorite dishes you can think of. The stove is a little wider than other competitive models, meaning you could easily fit bigger pots and pans on it if your party is larger or if making food that requires a couple more inches of cookware. Due to the wider size, you could easily slap a griddle on top of the burners and make a perfect area to cook breakfast food like bacon, eggs, and pancakes. This stove can accommodate large and small parties alike, and ensure that everyone leaves satisfied.

Weight and Size

The Camp Chef Everest is unique in that while it is still on the smaller side, there is also a bulkiness to it. With dimensions of 23.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches, the stove is certainly compact and can be brought along on most types of trip. Backpacking or hiking could get a little tricky but otherwise, you should run into no problems toting this stove around, especially short distances. At twelve pounds, it is still light enough to be comfortably carried around by anyone with average strength, whether in the crook of an arm, carried by the handle or in a large bag. The extra couple of inches of length and width on this stove could be a pain in terms of packing up your car if you're going on an ultra-light trip or otherwise trying to save space, but it makes a world of a difference when it comes time to cook. Those extra inches means accommodating bigger pots and pans, which would help if there is only larger cookware at your disposal.

Ease of Use

One of the best characteristics of the Camp Chef Everest is that it is wonderfully easy to use. Firstly, setting up the stove is as simple as opening up the lid and then fastening the windscreens. The Camp Chef Everest has an excellent design so everything will fit smoothly. After opening the stove, the next step is attaching the propane canister. In order to attach the propane canister, you simply screw the included adapter into the stove itself and then fasten the propane canister into the adapter. Now that your stove has been set up, the best part is that you will not need any matches or a lighter to get your stove going. The way to turn it on is to press the red button located on the front of the stove while simultaneously turning the adjacent valve until you hear a click. After the click flames should appear, but you may need to repeat the process once or twice to get the desired effect. After the flames turn on you can then adjust the valve in order to achieve the desired setting, and as mentioned before the burners are completely independent of each other, meaning they can be on different power levels at the same time. What is great about not needing matches or a lighter is that while you are outdoors, there is no need to worry about inconveniences like soggy matches or a defunct lighter. With other manual stoves, these issues would be another headache that is now alleviated with the convenience of the Camp Chef Everest. Lastly, the stove is wide enough to where the propane canister can be stored inside of it, so there is no need to worry about misplacing or losing your propane canister.

Power Source

It is important to be cognizant of the type of fuel needed to power potential camping stoves. Ideally, the fuel source is something affordable and easy attainable. Luckily the fuel source for the Camp Chef Everest is both of those things. This stove runs on sixteen-ounce propane canisters, and since it comes with an adapter there is no need to worry about making accessory purchases after buying. You will not need any auxiliary lighting mechanisms because is mentioned before, it self ignites. Due to the aforementioned power of the burners, buyers will save on propane because less will be needed in order to cook food. Also, the amount of canisters needed for your trip is largely dependent on the length of stay and number of people attending, but since you save on propane you can bring even less than originally anticipated and still be fine. If you choose to store your propane canisters inside of the stove you can save space and weight by not having to bring more than one.

The Bottom Line

Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, barbecuing, fishing, etc are made much better by the presence of a camping stove that will provide your party with warm food at the end of a long day braving the outdoors. If you are in need of a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient camping stove, then the Camp Chef Everest is the purchase for you. Whether novice or experienced, this highly rated camping stove is so easy to use and has so many features that it can satisfy customers no matter their level of the camping experience. Even though on the pricier side in comparison to other stoves, the Camp Chef Everest outperforms in terms of fuel efficiency, faster cook time, ease of use, among other categories.