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Leatherman Squirt Review Facts

The Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multitool is a lightweight, tough option for repairs and maintenance work when regular tools are not accessible. Best used for camping purposes, it has nine included tools of wire cutters, pliers, a fingernail file, scissors, a bottle opener, a knife, a Phillips screwdriver, and two other regular screwdrivers.

Incredibly, this excellent product is just 2.25 inches when closed or 5.72cm and weighs only 1.9 ounces. The straight edge blade of the knife is made of stainless steel and is 1.6 inches long. just one hand is needed to operate this outstanding multitool, plus it stores so easily into purses, pockets, duffels, backpacks, and bags until you need it. unlike the previous version of the Squirt model by Leatherman, this model has some wonderful improvements with the most important being that it has scissors and pliers together.

The older version only has scissors. The scissors on the PS4 have spring action to make them quicker in response and functioning. The other tools can be used without having to open the tool completely with this user-friendly version. There is a key ring on this item to attach it to zippers, key rings, lanyards, backpacks, duffels, and other places where it can be accessed quickly. The Squirt PS4 has a high approval rating from customers and thousands of online reviews.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight, durable, and compact

Smaller tools can be used without opening all the way

Stores easily into purses, pockets, and bags

Includes nine tools in the one item

Allows you to fix things without regular tools

Best used for camping

Attaches to a zipper or a key ring easily

Only needs one hand to operate efficiently

Blades of the knife and scissors stay sharp


Is a bit heavier and larger than the previous Squirt model

The overall quality was disappointing to some loyal buyers


The Leatherman brand is one that is well-known and reliable for excellent products that last many years giving outstanding service. It has a huge loyal fan base because of their ingenuity and superb craftsmanship. Several of these multitools have been created by Leatherman, and it makes one wonder what the differences are when interested in purchasing one. maybe we can help you sort out the facts somewhat. Compared to the very similar Micra model, the Squirt PS4 has nine tools instead of the ten of the Micra, is more expensive than the Micra, and has more reviews online as the Micra. The ratings for both are great and about the same, but surprisingly, the Squirt PS4 is not much smaller than the Micra. The full dimensions of the Squirt are 3.1 x 2 x 1.3 inches and the Micra is 3 x 2.1 x 1.3 inches. The PS4 is very similar to the older Squirt model, the Squirt S4 that had only scissors. This model, the Squirt PS4 includes both scissors and pliers. The new model does not have the nail cleaner, ruler, small screwdriver, or the tweezers, but it does have a metal/wood file, which is not a nail file anymore. The improved model has more useful tools on it with a bigger file, smaller scissors, and is somewhat heavier and wider if you look closely at the two side-by-side.


Scissors with spring action are the wonderful surprise with this new model of the Squirt. Many people are raving about these highly-versatile scissors with quick action. They will cut and grip even materials that are fine with the serrated edges. If you do not need both the scissors and the pliers on the same tool, then the older version would be best for you to have. There is a straight edge on the blade of the knife, which is not serrated at all. You must remember that these small tools are to be used in a pinch when the regular larger tools are not near. They are functional to the point to be quite effective for emergencies and away from home occurrences when such tools are badly needed. Because they fit nicely into pockets, bags, purses, duffels, and backpacks and are so lightweight, they can go anywhere you do, to get the job done.

Key Features

Scissors have a spring action
Straight edge on the blade of the knife
Whole file surface has an abrasive exterior
Weighs 1.9 ounces
Closed length is 2.25 inches or 5.72cm
Blade length is 1.6 inches and stainless-steel
Nine tools of three screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, file, scissors, and bottle opener
The handle is made of anodized aluminum
Has a key ring for flexibility


Unlike some other multitool models, the Squirt PS4 tools can be accessed without having to open the tool. This makes it quick and easy to use when you need it most. It stores so easily into purses, pockets, and bags until you need it that it is easy to forget it is even there. With it close, you have all that you need for small jobs and emergencies to get the job done. One buyer noticed that an improvement over the previous version is that the complete file surface has the abrasive exterior wrapped around it. you can use any part of it to file something. The changes to this model may not be drastic, but they are steps that the company has made to give their loyal customers what they want most in such a fabulous little tool.


The Squirt PS4 weighs 1.9 ounces and has a knife blade length of 1.6 inches. Yes, this is tiny, but when you need a knife and do not have one, this little knife can save the day. The closed length of the whole mechanism is 2.25 inches or 5.72cm, so it is a good size to not be too conspicuous or seen by others when stored away. As one user said, the whole multitool is about as long and thick as an index finger. When you consider the size and the many tools that it contains, this is one incredible piece of marvelous gear.


Leatherman tools are dependable and reliable to work every time you need them. the Squirt is no different as it has aluminum handles and meets the high-quality standards of the company. A few people said in their feedback online that this Squirt version does not have the tweezers that are mentioned in the product description of the manufacturer. Also, some models use rivets to hold the product together and not Torx screws as some buyers received. You get with this incredible multitool one Phillips screwdriver, two standard screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, a fingernail file, a knife, scissors, and a bottle opener. It is surprising that Leatherman went with the bottle opener still since it is not a frequently-used item. Many people do not use this tool and find that another item could be substituted in its place, such as a miniature saw. The Phillips screwdriver was of some concern to a couple of customers as they noticed that the tip does not have a full cross. That makes tightening a screw well or removing one that it tight quite difficult.


Offered in the solid vivid colors of black, blue, and red for the handle colors, the Squirt PS4 includes nine tools in one multitool product. It comes with a 25-year warranty for service and is the first multitool with pliers that is strong enough to fit in with the other high-quality Leatherman products. The strong blades of the knife and scissors are made of stainless steel, and the durable handle is constructed of anodized aluminum. Buyers claim that you will use everything at least once in a while since it allows you to fix things when regular tools are not accessible. No one but carpenters or handymen carries around such tools frequent enough to be at the ready always with tools. With compact multitools, you can do something about a situation when a tool is needed. Children can even use such devices because of their size, and probably more efficiently since their hands are much smaller.


Best used for camping purposes, the Squirt PS4 is perfect for any place and time. All of the tools are eventually used with some, such as the pliers, knife, scissors, and screwdrivers being the most popular. This incredible multitool is perfect for gifts and for any type of snipping and cutting that needs to be done. We all need a tool for something at one time or another when we are not around any regular tools that are suitable for the task. These events are what makes multitools so wonderful to have. If you go backpacking, hunting, fishing, trekking, trail riding, kayaking, climbing, or exploring, you should have this handy tool with you always. Both men and women should carry one with them in their pockets or purses just to be at the ready for when such tools are needed.


In the Brand section, we compared and contrasted the Squirt PS4 with other Leatherman models to help sort out the differences. In this section, we will note how the Squirt PS4 stacks up (or not) to competing brands that are close to it in style and form. It is much smaller than the Gerber Dime Multi-Tool and has a much better approval rating. The Gerber Dime has twice as many reviews than the Squirt, and it physically opens up wider than the Squirt. Customers say that the Squirt PS4 has a much better bottle opener, knife blade, pliers, and scissors than the Gerber Dime. It opens quicker and easier with just a fingernail, unlike the Gerber product, has a better fit and finish, is smaller and more compact, and is more durable and versatile. Against the Style PS Keychain Multitool, the size of both are the same, but the Style PS has fewer reviews, a poorer rating from buyers, and is less expensive than the Squirt PS4. The tension on this Squirt model can be adjusted because the body screws are Torx-6 screws. Another improvement is a coating on the entire tool that makes it less slick when it is wet. This is good news for fisherman and campers alike.

Ease of Use

We don’t really need to tell you how easy this compact multitool is, but there might be some aspects that you are not thinking of when deciding to purchase it. we want to mention everything we find about an item to give you all the details needed for a smart purchase. The Squirt PS4 attaches to a zipper or a key ring easily, making it attachable to almost anything such as a duffel, backpack, or purse, too. A lanyard can be attached to this keyring also, so it is handy and noticeable. This ideal product is always ready to use and within reach, unlike the larger regular tools that each one of the mini tools represents. Being tough and convenient to have, it only needs one hand to operate any of the included tools. So, if you have to hold an item to work on, then this simple item is exactly what you need. Customers noted that the blades of the knife and scissors stay sharp a long time, so sharpening does not have to be performed any time soon after purchasing it.

Bottom Line

For some reason, this Squirt version of a multitool is a bit heavier and larger than the previous model. The overall quality of the product was disappointing to some people who are familiar with Leatherman items, too. The reasons were not really elaborated on, but it seems they feel that the company cut some important corners when crafting this product. The high-quality that they are used to from Leatherman was not up to standard in their eyes. Thousands of other people feel that this Squirt model is superb, and they are proud and happy to own it. being able to have nine miniature, effective tools in your pocket or bag in such a small space is no small feat. It will make you ready for anything you encounter that needs a tool to fix it (besides a hammer!). we are quite sure that many buyers have been helped in difficult situations with this unique compact tool in a pinch. That makes owning it so worthwhile and gratifying. We love the improved and advanced Squirt PS4 and so will you!