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Benchmade Mini Griptilian Review Facts

The Benchmade Mini Griptilian knife is best used for camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities, but is equally at home with detailed work, whittling, slicing, and for gift giving. This is an updated model that has an improved blade and a new G10 handle for increased longevity and a better grip. Offered with a plain or serrated edge, the blade is less than three inches long, and the whole knife weighs just 2.88 ounces.

It is rust-resistant and made of tough stainless-steel with a hole in the blade for great thumb leverage. When slicing or pulling the blade from the handle, this simple hole makes using the knife much safer and easier. The strong handle is made of G10 fiberglass material and is contoured to provide the user with good control. The flipping mechanism is reliable and smooth, and the AXIS lock is completely ambidextrous to be flexible to any user. With a high online rating and many positive reviews from buyers, the Mini Griptilian is an excellent knife to own.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lighter and smaller than competitor models

Highly-accessible with the pocket clip

Maintains a good edge that is tough

One hand needed to open or close

The AXIS lock is ambidextrous and strong

Hole in the blade gives good thumb leverage

Flipping mechanism is reliable and smooth

For detailed work, slicing, and large cuts

Great for everyday use, camping, and outdoors

Handle is shaped well and light to hold


The plastic handle was not liked by some buyers

There can be some play in the fitting of the blade


Started in 1988, the well-known company of Benchmade had a goal to make the most excellent knives worldwide. Since then, it has expanded that idea to include many products for survival, hunting, outdoors, everyday use, rescue, and tactical. It still has the same goal to be the best knife-makers ever, as it invents and crafts new items each year to please its wide and loyal customer base. Collectors, first responders, and even tactical elite operators depend on their outstanding creations for their livelihood and trusted gear. Many people collect this type of knife to always have a favored knife in their pocket for emergencies and general use each day.


Comfortable to use, hold, and bring anywhere since it has good handle grips, the Mini Griptilian has a design that is lighter and smaller than most other knives of the same type. However, do not underestimate its power because of the small and compact size. Both men and women love to have the security and comfort of always carrying a sharp knife ready to cut whatever they need. To make it even more enjoyable, it is highly-accessible with the pocket clip that is reversible. This way, the knife does not have to show to others if you do not want it to. The clip will show but not the knife that will be on the inside of the pocket.


This is certainly one gear product that will not concern you about longevity and durability. The Mini Griptilian is made to last for many years of regular and rough use to satisfy any user. The rust-resistant and tough blade of stainless steel maintains a good edge always and comes to you very sharp and ready to go. The strong and colorful nylon handle is glass-filled to be attractive and unlike any other type of pocket knife that you may have had in the past because of the eye-pleasing appearance. It is the plastic-like handle that is the most controversial aspect of this product online. Many people say that they like the unique handle, but others were disappointed with it as soon as they saw it first-hand in person. No matter what it looks like, the manufacturer assures its loyal fan base that the handle is perfectly matched with the strength and endurance of the sharp and dependable blade.


Used by left-handed and right-handed people equally well, the Mini Griptilian is an ambidextrous product that can be used terrifically by anyone. You just need one hand to open or close this manual knife that locks into place once the blade it extended. It does not lock shut, so it can be opened easily and quickly with just one hand. The axis lock was not easy to operate for a few buyers, but the majority of folks were quite happy with the mechanics of this wonderful item. One buyer noted that his particular knife was somewhat stiff in the beginning, but after opening and closing it about twenty times, it worked beautifully. The operation is as smooth as butter some customers stated. A couple of people experienced a good bit of play with the blade even after tightening the pivot screw as much as they could. This was mentioned by several buyers online with it being okay with some and not with others. we cannot think of a good reason why the blade would be so flexible in the handle shaft, as it would surely cause some problems when trying to cut something. No responses were given by the maker concerning this issue.

Key Features

Nylon handle is glass-filled to be attractive
The AXIS lock is ambidextrous and strong
The dimensions are 2 x 5.8 x 0.2 inches
The blade is less than three inches long
Weighs just 2.88 ounces
Plain or serrated edge and satin or coated finish
The handle of G10 fiberglass material
Manual operation and good handle grips
Thumbhole in the blade for grip
Improved blade and a new G10 handle
Lanyard ring for easy access attachments


A nice pocket knife must be responsive to the needs of the user and be ready to use at the ready for emergencies and tasks daily. The Mini Griptilian has a very good sharpened blade when you get it, plus the hole in the blade is quite useful. It gives you great thumb leverage when used for slicing and also gives the thumb a wonderful grip when the blade is pulled from the handle. The AXIS lock is completely ambidextrous and exceptionally strong, so there are no hand preferences in using this incredible little knife. You would not think that such a small blade could do so much as this terrific item can, but we have found so many uses and tasks that it is perfect for doing in our regular lives. It is a wonder that we don’t all have one tucked in our pockets or purses just to have a reliable way to cut something when we need it.


The dimensions of the Mini Griptilian are 2 x 5.8 x 0.2 inches, and it weighs just 2.88 ounces in total. The small blade is less than three inches long, but it is very sharp to do almost any type of cutting, whittling, or slicing that you need to do wherever you go. The size and the capabilities of this fantastic product amaze those who see and experience it first-hand. It is quite the little dynamo knife that you want to have with you always.


Available in several solid colors for the handle, including a gorgeous light blue and delicate pastel pink, you can choose a non-traditional color for your personal knife. These superb solid colors allow the user to have a pocket knife that is not so tactical or survival-looking in appearance. We all know that most gear and outdoor equipment are in the colors that are best for camouflage or blending in when outside. The usual colors for knife blade handles are black, camo, or even dark brown. Even men are purchasing the light blue and pink colors of the Mini Griptilian just to have something other than the regular colors they are used to getting. This fabulous handle is made of G10 fiberglass material to be sturdy, long-lasting, and eye-appealing to the user and others. Offered with a plain or serrated edge and satin or coated finish, the blade is locking when it is open but not when it is closed.


The Mini Griptilian comes with a warranty for the life of the product and LifeSharp Service from the manufacturer. Anytime there is a problem that is covered under the warranty, the company will fix it or send you another one at no charge. This amazing knife has a manual operation to be the most basic of knives for the pocket and small tasks, so it can be easily opened with just one hand. The flipping mechanism is reliable and smooth, according to buyers who love this compact knife and are gifting others they know with it. The question has been posted online concerning the hole in the blade. This is to make opening the knife easier and quicker, plus to provide some added grip when slicing something. Even a small knife such as this one has several outstanding qualities to make it easier to use and more comfortable to hold.


For the hundreds of tasks that you do on a daily basis that require a knife, the Mini Griptilian can tackle them all. The short and compact blade should not be underestimated because it is powerful and strong. It is a general purpose, sheepsfoot blade type that is perfect for slicing, everyday use, hard jobs, whittling of large cuts, and detailed work. Outdoor activities, backpacking, and camping purposes are the most ideal settings for using such a knife that is compact and does not add hardly any weight to the backpack that must be carried on foot. It makes an ideal gift for friends and relatives when you want to get them something meaningful for holidays or birthdays that they can definitely use. The robust edge and small belly of this marvelous item make it perfect for cutting, shaving wood, and cutting cardboard quickly and efficiently. We noticed many customer remarks about how they use this terrific knife very often for opening and cutting boxes and packages they receive. It is also fantastic for opening letters, cutting string or cord, and slicing fresh fruit, such as apples or pears. The uses are endless for such a splendid compact knife that can fit anywhere and cut almost anything well.


The Mini Griptilian has more reviews than the Griptilian 551 Knife, the Spyderco Black/Camo, and the Spyderco Dragonfly models. The rating for this version is almost the same for all products, but the Mini Griptilian is more expensive than the Dragonfly. It is more economical than the other two items, however. This upgraded version has an improved blade and a new G10 handle for an edge that is long-lasting with a better handle grip. Most people love the advances of the new model and are pleased that the company is constantly trying to improve their products to be the best available.

Ease of Use

As pocket knives go, most of them are simple to operate and use, however, just a few aspects added in can make the difference between a knife you like and one you do not. The sturdy handle of this terrific item is shaped well for the hand to grip and hold, plus it is hard and light. You will see many comments from customers online concerning the handle, as it is different than most knife handles you will encounter. Plenty of people like it, but many also do not. It has a plastic feel to it, so buyers tend to think that it cheapens the overall appearance and quality of the knife. The contoured feel and grip are one of the special highlights of the Mini Griptilian as it fits the hand almost perfectly. You get good control when using it because of this remarkable grip. It comes with a lanyard ring for easy access attachments to be clipped anywhere you put your keys or other small items for everyday use.

Bottom Line

The fiberglass handle is plastic-like and there could be some play in the movement of the blade. These are the repeated negative comments online from several buyers who were not pleased with this pocketknife model. For its compact size, this little knife is long-lasting, durable, strong, flexible, easy to use, purposeful, and comfortable to hold. This version is an improvement to a previous model to better please customers with the greater materials and technology that this well-known company possesses. The majority of consumers have given this terrific knife a wonderful rating and glowing reviews. We think it is very worth purchasing, enjoying for yourself, and giving to others as a gift.