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Teva Arrowood Utility Review Facts

When looking for a new pair of boots, have you ever considered Teva. A lot of people associate the name with summer footwear, but we got our hands on a new pair of boots from the brand to try out. Teva’s Arrowood Utility Mid shoes are made to offer ample stability and support while you are outside and on-the-go. They feature a high level of waterproof protection that do a great job with keeping your feet dry. Plus, they are immensely comfortable and lightweight.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Overall construction is durably put together

The grip is overall great

The midsole is quite comfortable and supportive

Nice stability and support


You probably wouldn’t want to wear these for hardcore adventures, but they’re great for a nice hike or outing to the countryside.


Teva’s Arrowood Utility mid Hiking Boots feature a rubber outsole that is designed to provide extra stability and support. The rubber material is designed by Vibram, which is well-known for making reliable rubber outsoles to give solid traction over various types of moderate terrain. There’s a lot of comfort with these outsoles, which should help give you extra confidence and support.


These hikers are designed with their float-lite midsole. This type of midsole provides a decent amount of cushioning help reduce foot fatigue and also help to absorb shock. They’re quite comfortable overall, and since the midsole is not only well cushioned but also very lightweight, it doesn’t obstruct your movement and makes you feel great as you move around.


The upper on these shoes are made out of premium leather which is also full grain. They’re put together really well, making the durable upper strong enough to be worn day in and day out without experiencing excessive wear and tear. You’ll notice that even if you wear them often, they’ll still look very new for quite a while. These really seem like they will last for quite a while. You’ll wind up having these boots for a good while.


The boots are built with a lining made out of breathable material. They offer fairly decent ventilation and do a pretty good job with moisture. You certainly won’t have to worry about feeling as if your foot are cooking in your own sweat, since the breathable fabric lining does a decent job at wicking away the moisture. That extra ventilation makes these shoes pretty comfortable, compared to some other leather boots. Plus, the PU sockliner with these shoes is removable, just in case you decide to add your own custom orthotic insert.


You get a lot of comfort with the Arrowoods, since they feel great on your feet. The cushioning you get is also pretty responsive, allowing decent movement over the trails. Plus, these are much more lightweight than they appear, so that’s something you don’t always get with leather boots. They can be worn easily for an entire day, without the risk of fatigue or overheating. Even if you wear them daily, or for several days in a row, you shouldn’t have much of an issue. Obviously comfort always depends of the persons feet, so some might want to change with their own insole if needed.


These Teva boots are a little sporty looking, and they are fitting for a variety of uses. These don’t necessarily need to stick to the trails, as these look just fine with some jeans. They have an overall pleasing design to them that makes them better appearance-wise than some other more rugged looking hiking boots. These are a good mix of style and function.


These shoes are designed to not only be highly functional, but they will also last. Their materials and the way they are put together seem to be very durable, and while you might feel these shoes have a higher price tag, you’ll wind up having them for a while if you don’t abuse them. You’ll get a lot of use out of them.


These are designed with waterproof properties, and work great if you out on a hike when it starts to rain. Walking through puddles didn’t really make any difference, as the water stayed where it belonged, outside of the shoes. The rubber goes a little higher in front of the toe, but these don’t have a heavy duty toe cap, as they really aren’t intended for heavy duty use in extreme environments.


The Arrowood actually offers a decent amount of responsiveness, since they conform well to your foot and are designed to move with you as you move. Since they are so lightweight, they won’t hold back your movements, and you also won’t feel like you have something bulky on your feet holding you back. Their ability to match up effectively with your walking motion makes them a very nice shoe.


The support offered is pretty good, and they come with a nice, simple lacing system that helps with stability and comfort. The laces feature webbing loops so you won’t feel the laces on the top of your foot, and that way, the top of your foot as well as the tongue area on the shoes are able to provide the support you need without rubbing.


These are designed to handle types of moderate terrain. They are waterproof, so you can take them out in the snow and rain, and don’t have to worry much about that aspect. However, they are not built with some of the attributes which would make them a choice for extreme conditions like rocky terrain where a lot of general climbing is necessary. You would probably reduce the life of the boots by putting through that abuse. With that said, they perform very well in most other conditions. These did have some trouble on the ice, but that’s pretty normal.


These hiking boots are not in the cheap range, but I wouldn’t call them super expensive either. You do wind up getting an excellent amount of durability with this product. So, you’ll have them for a long time, and that should help you balance out your purchase price and your decision. If you want a very good pair of long-lasting boots, then these boots are a great option.


You get great traction with these hiking boots and they’ll give you that reliable traction. They do a great job of keeping you upright on uphill climbs, and they handle both street terrains as well as hiking terrains quite well. You get nice, grippy soles with these boots. You won’t be able to use them well on ice or for going up very steep hills, but otherwise, they are a great pick.


Teva did a good job of designing these boots to have excellent flexibility, and these shoes move with you as you move. They are designed to be very lightweight, and responsive to your movements, so you won’t ever feel weighed down or like you don’t have the flexibility you need when you wear these boots.


The cushioning and overall support system that Teva manufactured into these shoes gives them a lot of stability when you are moving. The stability seems to be in all the right places, and the boots are also made to fit your feet very well so you feel the support when you are on the go.

The Bottom Line

These shoes are great for basic trail walking as well as street walking. You can hike in them, but you should avoid icy terrain and steep hills, since these shoes aren’t really designed for either one of those things. Otherwise, this is a very versatile shoe.