Salomon XA PRO 3D V8

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Editor’s Conclusion
Titled the athletic outdoor essential, Salomon is confident with their latest and most popular hybrid. So speedy, steady, and comfy, it's obvious Salomon is so confident.

Salomon's newest crossover design gives its customer a stable yet light show with some great features. The newest version of the XA PRO 3D V8 shoe is a lighter and softer version than its predecessors, allowing for better-balanced wear. To top it off, introducing a new Contagrip® premium wet compound and an improved 3D chassis means an effortless ride.

Engineered for technical trail running and speedy hikes, this hiker works exceptionally well with fast-and-light hiking. In addition, I found the XA Pro 3D to be protective and well-cushioned when carrying a pack over long distances, with a couple of caveats. Want to know more? Carry on, ready to learn all about the XA Pro 3D V8 features.
Salomon XA PRO 3D V8 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons




Great traction

Perfect balance


Not waterproof

Quick laces are fiddly

Key Features

Ease of Use

The new and exciting 3D Chassis construction provides an ultra-grippy outsole that allows for superior traction and grip on all kinds of terrain. Although many prefer to use the XA Pro 3D V8 as a trail runner, there are lots of reasons it stands up against both trail running and hiking,

For example, you immediately get plenty of support and security with the well-padded tongue and collar which hugs your foot for a more secure fit. In addition, the SensiFit system reaches from the midsole to the mesh upper and means a closes hold for extra security when traveling over uneven surfaces.

The quick lace system is also perfect for easy removal of these low-tops for breaks and desperate end-of-day shoe flinging. The short laces are also efficient and provide a secure fit, but some find them fiddly to tuck away.

Although perhaps not as wholly flexible as other, less rigid brands, I was pleasantly surprised to find the XA Pro 3D has plenty of flexibility in its sole. You shouldn't have trouble running or navigating technical terrain in a frantic hurry with this kind of responsiveness.

Overall, Salomon's new XA Pro version provides optimum stability on mixed and rocky terrain, with extra strength from the slightly more expansive, flatter base. The superb Contagrip® traction and low-profile chassis combined provide rugged stability and durability. As a result, there should be no trips and slips even on the most varied of landscapes. The XA Pro 3D V8 barely broke a sweat when tackling wet, dry, rigid, or lose surfaces and offer long-term durability. Even claggy and muddy surfaces were easy to battle.

Although already light for a hiker, some may find this trail runner a little on the heavy side. However, for hikers looking for light and balanced rock protection, this is the shoe for you. If you're a backpacking adventurer, you'll also be happy to know this hiker will keep you nicely balanced if you don't pack a load over 30 pounds.


Now on the eighth version, it's no surprise this shoe is so comfortable. Firstly, the fit and width seem no smaller or larger than average, so the fit should be fine for most people of the average foot size. I'm not too fond of shoes where the sizing is all off, so this was an excellent find.

The protective rubber toe cap is also vital in keeping your toes bash-free on loose rocky trails. However, as the XA Pro 3D V8 is not waterproof, I wasn't surprised to find that the ultra-breathable mesh on the upper sole did let in water. But that's to be expected running or hiking in the British winter. Salomon would probably struggle to create a shoe this cool and breathable for athletic summer adventures with the addition of a GTX waterproof membrane.

For a shoe that's not all that bulky, I can't believe the bean bag comfort and stability you'll get. This newest Salomon holds up very comfortably over long distances, having no problems with 8 to 10-mile runs and hikes over varied terrain straight out of the box. It didn't matter if the landscape was packed hard with mud, stones, wet grass, uneven terrain, or large puddles; my feet felt immediately well-cushioned and stayed that way.

This Salomon hybrid is an absolute beast when confronting long day hikes and climbing hills. The cushioned stability comes from the new low-profile 3D chassis placed between the outsole and midsole, which gives the wearer the perfect amount of cushioning and stability to allow for a safe and steady ride. You'll also get more responsive motion control and extra protection for more precision, stability, and energy management.

Maximum shock absorption comes from the high-performance EVA foam. You'll also get a super comfortable feel with the OrthoLite® insole, which molds to match the contours of your foot. Not only does this provide extra cushioning, but it allows for extra breathability and durability.

You really shouldn't have any trouble completing long and challenging hikes in these babies. So, I was interested in finding reviewers efficiently completing challenging hikes over rocky and rough terrain of over 1000km, with plenty of light left in their feet.


Salomon clearly puts colossal money and effort into their materials to create comfortable, stability and durability. I particularly like the super breathable 3D open mesh textile upper, which is essential for allowing your feet to breathe in hot, dry weather. A rubber bottom sole is also a perfect choice for stability, extra traction and grippiness.

Perhaps most essentially, Salomon has gone for optimum comfort with the midsole's EnergyCell, a flagship Salomon engineered foam that lets the wearer experience beyond necessary comfort and springiness. You'll also get perfect step-in comfort from the Ortholite removable insole.


Known for their quality and durable hiking shoes, Salomon is usually head and shoulders over the competition with quality and durability. Some of the Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 most durable aspects come from the Contagrip MA, a blown rubber that's lightweight and soft but resistant to the elements and wear and tear. Furthermore, rubber is a sturdy, reliable choice to ensure the shoes lasts for years. The toe cap also protects the shoe from excess wear and tear.

However, some customers did seem to have issues with the speed laces, with some breaking after 5 to 6 years. However, Salomon provides excellent customer service and seems more than happy to resolve any issues customers have.

Comparison to Similar Shoes

The XA PRO 3D V8 is a non-waterproof hiker, so your feet are likely to get wet when caught in the rain but will dry quickly in dry weather. I always tend to check the weather and wouldn't step foot out the door unless there was next to no chance of rain, so this isn't a problem for me.

However, if you'd prefer the security of a waterproof low-top shoe, why not try the Salomon Speedcross 4. Although waterproof, the Speedcross 4s may lead your feet to overheat in scorching weather. Swapping between shoes based on the weather should fix this.


The price might be a little steep for a shoe that's not waterproof, but bear in mind you're paying for a superbly designed and engineered shoe that will suit the needs of many adventurers.

The XA PRO 3D 8 is an absolute workhorse that bashes through technical terrain without losing stability, traction, or comfort. With all these fantastic features, there's no surprise that the XA Pro 3D is one of the most popular Salomon shoes.