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Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody Review Facts

The Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody for men is a hooded, mid-layer jacket; it is form-fitting, and soft on the skin. It is a good weight for plenty of outdoor conditions and activities, such as hiking, climbing, and running. Made of durable and long-lasting polyester and spandex materials, it is breathable, stretchable, and compressible. When used as part of a layering system for warmth and body heat retention, it provides superior breathability, quick venting, and odor control. The permanent Polygiene odor control will wick away moisture before it builds up and keeps you dry and warm. This outstanding jacket will protect the body for any activity or sports that require clothes layering for warmth. When used alone, this excellent hoody gives the same amount of heat as a bulky fleece covering. For backpacks and duffels, the R1 Fleece packs easily, as it is compressible and lightweight. Because it is so versatile, it can be used instead of other similar fleece jackets that cannot double as both a mid-layer and a stand-alone jacket. To aid in dressing and layering comfortably, the sleeves have thumb holes to keep the sleeves straight and tight. For one of the best laying garments on the market currently, this Patagonia product is hard to beat for layering ability, weight, and breathability. We will look at each of these terrific qualities in greater detail now.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has permanent Polygiene odor control
  • Includes quick venting with the half-zip front zipper
  • Provides superior breathability and wicking control
  • Has thumb holes on the sleeves for warmth
  • Made of polyester and spandex materials that are stretchable
  • Is a terrific mid-layer that is hooded and versatile
  • Good to use for layering or alone
  • Use for any sport or activity that is aided with layering
  • Provides the same degree of warmth as a bulky fleece
  • Packs easily because it is compressible and lightweight
  • There are other models that are the same weight but warmer
  • Does not do a good job at weather or wind resistance
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  • This is a perfect gift and the perfect weather layer.
  • My son is an avid outdoorsman, he is a fisherman in Alaska. He asked for this hoody specifically for his birthday. He is very happy with his gift. I am even thinking about purchasing one for myself.
  • I like that this looks good but it is also very functional and great at keeping the skin dry. I can wear the hoody alone or layered.
  • This hoody is great for keeping me warm at climbing sites. I wish it had pockets but I like that I can barely feel that I have it on.
  • I love the thumb slots which creates a glove effect. I like that this hoody can be worn in different ways. Great to throw into my bag when the days warm up and great to pull out for chilly mornings. If you prefer a roomier fit order a size up because it is true to size and form fitting.
  • The Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody can do it all. It holds body heat in very well and also light enough when the weather is warmer. The hood is fitted so be prepared for that.
  • Climbing in the morning with this jacket has been nice and warm. Light and room to move. I couldn't be happier.
  • I love these R1s so much that this is my sixth one. It's my go-to piece for layering. It's always with me, either on my body or in my pack.
  • Got this jacket for my son who loves it. It fits him perfectly and he loves the color. Very comfortable. Thinking about getting him another one.
  • It's steller, all the reviews were correct. The fit may not be for everyone and it does get pretty warm. Awesome for climbing.
  • I am a tall guy so I love that this jacket is longer than most mid-layer jackets. Sometimes finding clothes that are the right length is difficult. Also, love that the zipper goes all the way up to my nose. Good ventilation.
  • This hoody fits and feels great. It's more fitted than I usually go for but it fits under other clothes as a layer nicely. Love the thumb holes. The Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody is helping grow my outerwear collection.
  • Got this hoody for a trip to Iceland and I wore it so many times. Awesome mid weight hoody and feels true to size. Fits nicely as a base layer.
  • My husband loves anything by Patagonia, so this made a great gift to him. Loves the thumb holes and the hood that fits snugly around his head.
  • This is the perfect layer because it is warm and not bulky. Great for all outside activities, such as backpacking, snowboarding, skiing, running etc. And it's long enough for us tall folk.
  • My go-to piece of clothing for high output activities. Perfect for layering and it not too cold or too hot. Do yourself a favor and purchase one for yourself. You just might find that it goes with you on every adventure.
  • Got this about a year ago and wear it all the time, for climbing, backpacking, or just around town. The shape is still in tack and it washing well. Still fits great.
  • This Patagonia piece is my must have on any trip backcountry. Love the zipper and how long it is. The hood fits great. This will get tons of wear.
  • This is my 2nd R1, got my first one a year ago and there wasn't anything I didn't love about it. At 5'2" and 130 lbs, the small fits me perfectly. A little long but the length is perfect for climbing, hiking, and skiing.
  • I am glad I finally got this. I've wanted one for a while. Breathable but yet warm and it flattering on. Wish the sleeves were a little longer when I want to use the thumb holes.
  • Too long if you are 5'4
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When compared to other leading brands of hoodies on the market currently, the R1 Fleece ranks very well in some categories and not so well in others. It is less in cost than the Arc’teryx Procline Hoody, the Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody, and the Marmot Preon Hoody. It outranks other models in warmth, layering ability, breathability, and weight. It is just as warm as the Crosstrek Hoody, the Procline Hoody, and the Marmot Preon Hoody if you are comparing the popular brands and styles. This terrific hoody could be improved in style, especially when it is worn alone. It does lack some of the modern attributes that others have. however, the advantages of this wonderful hoody outweigh its disadvantages for a major component of clothes layering for outdoor winter sports and activities.


The R1 Fleece Hoody provides superior breathability with the chosen fabrics and the front zipper. Quick venting is accessible with the center-front deep half zipper. The breathability of this model is one of its best features among other top brands. Another aspect of this hoody is the permanent Polygiene odor control of the material. this keeps your clothes from having a locker room smell and permanently stops the growth of bacteria that cause odors on fabrics. It will not prohibit the natural bacteria of the skin or perspiration. Fabrics that are Polygiene-treated have received in Europe the approval of Medical Class 1 which is the same group that comprises bandages. For a breathable part of your layering under heavier coats and outer shells, the R1 Fleece is ideal.


Form-fitting and soft for the skin, this impressive product from Patagonia is made for a comfortable layer piece or a cozy jacket by itself. As this garment keeps you warmer and drier you can maximize your comfort for a wider range of temperatures. To aid in tucking this garment under a pack waist belt or a harness the torso is longer than regular jackets of this type by one inch. It includes discreet thumb holes on-seam on the sleeves to cover this area in colder weather. The thumb holes also give you an easy way to keep the sleeve ends secure as you put heavier layers of clothing on top of it. you will not experience any bunching of the material because of this simple added feature.


The R1 Fleece is flexible with a good mobility range because of the raglan sleeves. The seams are made off the shoulder to aid in carrying a pack. You will not feel the seams pressed into the shoulder area because of this adaption. This wonderful item is made of Polartec recycled Power grid polyester and spandex material that is breathable, durable, and stretchable, and compressible. This aids in the layering of materials and also when packing the garment in a pack or duffel. The spandex permits this layer to conform and stretch over the base layer of clothing. Included is a pocket on the left chest that has a slim zipper garage, install, and mesh bag. In there you can carry small items that are necessary such as lip balm, keys, and ID. The greatest flexibility of this marvelous hoody is in the form of how you choose to use it. even though it is not as stylish as other brands, it can be worn alone over a thin shirt or sweater for milder weather.

Key Features

-Has permanent odor control to combat bacteria and smells
-Front center zipper allows quick venting and ease in dressing
-Has thumb holes on the sleeves to aid in layering
-Is versatile, soft for the skin, and breathable
-Serves as a mid-layer that is hooded
-Good used as a component of clothes layering or alone
-Great for all sorts of outdoor activities and sports
-Gives the same level of warmth as a bulky fleece covering
-Packs easily because it is compressible and lightweight
-Fits well under a ski helmet or other sport equipment


The only protective aspect of this Patagonia product is that it is a vital part of layering during colder days and nights. The highly breathable material keeps it from being a good barrier to wind, snow, rain, and sleet. It will not protect the body from any type of moisture because of the high breathability. This is why it is so prized as a mid-layer in dressing. You want this layer to be breathable. It is not an outer shell covering, so protection against the weather elements is not required of it. It gives a warmth that is lightweight and moisture transport, aiding in retaining your own body warmth. Regulator fleece fibers, such as these, are hollow-core and lofted to retain body heat and wick away moisture from the body. This is a splendid mid-layer that is hooded and good used as a component of a system of clothes layering or alone.


The style of this R1 Fleece is a hooded jacket with a half zipper for ventilation.
It has a slim zipper in the center front with a kissing-welt durable zipper garage at the top for comfort at the chin. The hood is balaclava-style and snug-fitting, plus it will fit wonderfully under the strap of a helmet. This wonderful garment is sewn Fair Trade Certified, and the fabric is approved as Bluesign certified for excellence. When layering clothes for the toughest outdoor weather, you will be glad for this terrific mid-layer of comfort and warmth retention.


Use this amazingly snug and versatile hoody for your alpine essentials and mountain activities. It is also good for any outdoor sport or activity you can think of participating in, such as hiking, climbing, running, jogging, trekking, and backpacking. Almost any time that you need a layer of clothes for warmth can be enjoyed better with this hoody for a mid-layer. It has the best fit for all of your active uses because it is form-fitting and comfortable. Because of the design, it is easy to fit over a base layer and be covered simply with an outer protective shell layer. You will find when you own one of these versatile jackets that you will use it more often that some of your other jackets and coats. This is because it can be paired with other layers to create a lightweight protective body covering that gives you plenty of free body movement for all you need to do.


The R1 Fleece is more comfortable than most hoodies on the market for its style and weight. It gives the same level of warmth as a bulky fleece covering and is also perfect for mild days. This is because the materials used in the construction are compressible and lighter than some others used for layering. It is perfect for mild days alone when a heavier jacket is too much, and you just need a lighter outer covering. The versatility of this hoody lies in its lighter weight and form-fitting design. There are other jackets of similar weight that do generate more warmth, but they do not have the breathability and layering abilities of this incredible garment. The R1 Fleece is better for the weight and the versatility of how it can be used for the person who gets to wear it.

Ease of Use

Most other jackets are not this simple to use for layering or wearing alone. It packs easily because it is compressible and lightweight and perfect for many types of weather conditions. This results in a reduction in bulk for the pack and makes it lighter. In addition, there are fewer layering changes to make during trips. It can be worn as an all-day and night garment that you will not want to go without. It conforms to the body over the base layer to give you the added body heat retention needed for those extreme weather conditions. It will not bunch when under layers of clothes and is not tightly uncomfortable. This terrific jacket will fit close to the body and provide the extra coverage you need to remain warm and comfortable. The R1 Fleece has the best layering ability among hoodies because of the thumb loops and a slim fit. When you use the thumb loops for layering, the material will not bunch up, making your layers comfortable and positioned correctly.

The Bottom Line

We really think that the Patagonia R1 Fleece Hoody should be a part of your wardrobe no matter where you live. Even those in milder climates can enjoy the warmth and layering abilities of this jacket. It is best used for winter outdoor activities and sports such as backpacking, skiing, climbing, running, and hiking. Use it as a mid-layer to control moisture and odor, as well as insulate the body against the cold temperatures. For the weight, it competes against similar bulkier models that cannot compare with its warmth, layering abilities, and breathability. It has quick venting when needed with the half-zipper in the front, plus the thumb holes on the sleeves make layering comfortable and easy. These can also be used when the R1 Fleece is used alone to prevent the cold and wind from entering in the sleeves. The compressible and lightweight attributes make this outstanding garment easy to pack and simple to use as part of a layering system. The spandex and polyester material combine to make a fabric that is stretchable, breathable, and comfortable.

Being form-fitting, it makes a middle layer in dressing for the bitter cold and snow. It will ensure that moisture does not build up in the layers with the odor control feature of the material. Even though it is not the best in protection for the weather or wind, it serves its purpose well as a mid-layer or a lighter jacket used alone over a base layer for milder weather. There are other jackets on the market that are of the same weight and warmer than the R1 Fleece, but its other beneficial qualities make it the best for its purpose. We think you will like this Patagonia item just as much as we do, so why not add it to your wardrobe for an excellent mid-layer for those colder days and nights? You will be glad you own one.