Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag

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Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag Review Facts

The Kelty Cosmic 20-Degree Down DriDown Sleeping Bag is an outstanding mummy-style bag that weighs only 3.7 pounds and protects the user to 19-degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used ideally in three seasons and can take sunshine, rain, and snow environments. Used mainly for camping and backpacking outdoors, it is the best down-filled bag for the moderate price that is asked. Included is a cozy taffeta 50D liner and 600-fill power DriDown insulation that is water resistant. It features quilt-through construction, a dual-slider locking zipper, and a draft top collar for the shoulders and neck. It compresses well for storing and transport and comes with its very own stuff sack to hold in. There are lighter models with better fill power than the Cosmic 20 on the market, but when the price is a consideration, it is one of the best choices you can make for your outdoor sleeping needs. We provide all of the details of these features and qualities in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes a hood with thermal comfort
  • Footbox is a natural fit to prevent tightness
  • Lofts better stay drier and dry faster
  • Versatile to be usable in three seasons
  • Best down-filled bag for the price
  • Ideal for sunshine, rain, or snow
  • Construction is quilt-through
  • Protects to 19-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mummy-style bag that weighs only 3.7 pounds
  • Fluffs up great and is very soft inside
  • Compresses and packs very easy
  • Comes with a stuff sack for transport and storage
  • Was too small for a few buyers - they felt confined in this bag
  • Did not keep some customer warm even in 40 and 50-degree temperatures


With a taffeta 50D polyester liner that is soft and comfortable, the Cosmic 20 is one of the most incredible sleeping bags on the market currently. It includes a hood with thermal comfort to bundle you in the warmth of the excellent construction of this product. Regular sleeping equipment cannot compare to the form and warmth of a mummy-style bag, such as this one, to keep you warm in the coldest outdoor temperatures. The Cosmic 20 does not have cold spots because of the off-set construction. This keeps the fill in the places it should be. You can move them down yourself, if you desire, to make one side cooler or the top or the bottom. This is done by opening the bag all the way and moving the fill with your hand in the baffles. The foot box is a natural fit to avoid tightness and constriction in that area. If the temperatures are really cold, there is enough room in the bottom to put a set of clothes to warm up for the morning chill.


The Kelty Cosmic 20 has a down-proof 50D ripstop polyester shell, so the down will not come out of the durable stitching and be a problem. This tough outer shell can take rough treatment from outdoor camping and backpacking because of this excellent material. Included is 600-fill power, water-resistant, outstanding DriDown insulation that lofts better, stays drier, and dries faster than competitor models of this same style and price level. Yes, there are other models that are lighter with better fill power, but when the price is considered, the Cosmic 20 is the better buy. The insulation itself is water-resistant, so even if it did become moist or wet, you would still remain dry and warm. You can feel confident going on your outdoor excursions in the coldest of weather with this terrific bag, as the majority of users love it and are very satisfied with their purchase.


Besides the usual mummy-type flexible aspects of having a bottom opening to ventilate the bag and the choice to use the hood completely or not, you have two other versatile aspects of the Cosmic 20 bag. There are two different cords at the neck and the head of the hood with varying lengths and thicknesses. The purpose of this is so you can tell them apart and use them efficiently in the dark if you need to do so. Identifying them will be easy without a light because of their differences. They are known as Ribbon and FatMan drawcords. They should be quite easy to tell apart. The Cosmic 20 is also versatile in when it is perfect to use it. In three seasons it is great to use, leaving out, of course, the summer months when it would be too hot to sleep in this incredibly warm bag. You will most appreciate it in winter when the temperature can drop close to zero for some areas. If you are out in the woods or mountains, you will love the versatility of this sleeping bag to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry all night long.

Key Features

-Taffeta 50D polyester liner that is soft
-Warm and comfortable hood with thermal comfort
-600-fill power water-resistant DriDown insulation
-Has Ribbon and FatMan drawcords
-Versatile to be usable in three seasons
-Construction is quilt-through
-Draft top collar over the shoulders and neck
-Dual-slider 60-inch locking zipper
-Stuff sack for transport and storage


For the moderate price, the Cosmic 20 has excellent fill power and good quality, plus is very effective. It is not the cheapest, the lightest, or the best down-filled sleeping bag on the market, but it will keep the user warm in the temperatures that it states. Sleeping bags of excellent quality can cost some fairly steep prices, but if you just want a mummy-type bag to snuggle in dependably for those camping and backpacking trips, then this model is ideal. We don’t always need the best product on the market to be happy and satisfied with our purchase. If it does the job that the manufacturer says it can do, then it is a terrific product. From our research of customer reviews, the overwhelming consensus is that the Cosmic 20 does exactly what it claims and is a good bargain for the cost.


Ideal for sunshine, rain, or snow, this mummy bag has a construction that is quilt-through to hold the down fill in place and ensure your warmth. Protecting to 19-degrees Fahrenheit, the warmth that it can generate using your own body heat is marvelous. Many users were very warm in 20 and 30-degree weather in mountains and wooded areas. It only takes a basic layer of clothing to remain warm in this bag, as many customers can attest to online. Some people overdressed and were immediately hot and sweating because of the superb performance of the Cosmic 20. It is just important to not wear too many layers as it is to wear enough. On the other hand, we also noticed buyer comments that claimed they were not warm at all in 40 and 50-degree outdoor weather with this model. There are many reasons why someone would be warm, and another would be cold in the same place with the same bag. We all have different body types and tolerances to cold temperatures. No product will be perfect for every single person who purchases it – to be fair and impartial.


Super-light with fluffy fill and a soft lining, the Cosmic 20 is very responsive to the outdoor temperatures in combination with your own body heat. You will experience a very warm environment wrapped inside this bag and remain warm throughout the night as so many online customers have stated. It is sturdy with a good weight and a hood that allows you to bundle up nicely for total comfort and warmth. The excellent fill, durable outer shell, and amazing construction work in unison to keep you safe from the bitter cold on your outdoor trips and excursions.


The Kelty Cosmic 20 comes as a long-sized bag for taller people or a regular-sized bag for regular heights. There is even a short version from the manufacturer for those that feel a regular bag would be too long for them. we would like to mention that even short online buyers were quite comfortable with the regular-sized bag. They did not think they would be happy with the length but were surprised at how snug they felt. This mummy-style bag weighs only 3.7 pounds and compresses into an unbelievably small package that will fit in any backpack or duffel. First-time users of down-filled items are always amazed at how small these items can become when they are compressed. Even something as large as a sleeping bag, such as this one, becomes very small and stuffs well into the stuff sack that comes with it. We did see that the regular size was too small for some online buyers, and they were not happy with this product. That is to be expected with products that involve size for the body.


The Cosmic 20 is great for people who are always cold using a sleeping bag outdoors. Several customers that were previously always cold when sleeping on camping or backpacking trips in other brands of sleeping bags were very pleased with this model. They expected to be cold and dressed accordingly with several layers of clothes before getting in. most of them quickly found out that they were overdressed for the warmth of the Cosmic 20. Part of the reason for this incredible warmth is the draft top collar that goes over the shoulder and neck. This aids in sealing out the cold, wet, and drafts during the night that would normally make you cold. When you are in this sleeping bag, everything is covered, when used all the way, except for your face, which can be tucked underneath the layers if you desire. This ensures that all of your own body heat is contained to keep you the warmest you can be. Another stable feature of the Cosmic 20 is the down fill. It fluffs up great when taken out of decompression and packing by unfolding it and letting it sit for a few minutes to puff up. It is wonderful how it does this time and time again reliably.


Whether you camp or backpack in the mountains of California or Utah or in the woods of Minnesota, this incredible bag will keep you toasty warm and comfortable all night long. With just a basic layer of clothing most of the time, depending on the conditions, you will be so happy inside knowing how cold it is right outside that bag. Many users have tried and tested the Cosmic 20 and posted their remarks of joy online. They use this sleeping bag with confidence and depend on it to keep them warm and cozy in the rough weather that they will encounter. You can too because the majority of people love this splendid bag for their outdoor trips and adventures. It packs easy and is so lightweight to carry because of the featherlight fill. If you have never tried a mummy-type bag, maybe now is the time.

Ease of Use

With a dual-slider 60-inch locking zipper and a draft tube with a durable design, you will not experience snags when getting in and out of the Cosmic 20. It is easy to use by unfolding it and getting in, and then compressing it for the included stuff sack to transport or store away. The stuff sack it comes with will keep it in great condition when you are not using it and maintain its small compressed shape. When your trip is over and you are home, it is best to remove the sleeping bag from the sack to air it out and dry properly. Then you can put it back in the stuff sack for storage until the next camping or backpacking trip comes along. We want to mention that a few buyers experienced some trouble with their zippers, but this was only a few cases.

The Bottom Line

Just like clothing items that deal with the body size of people, a sleeping bag will not be perfect for everyone that buys one. Some comments online about the Cosmic 20 concerned the size and the warmth of the item, making some buyers very unhappy with their purchase. The majority of customers are pleased with this sleeping bag model and are recommending it to others. It serves their basic outdoor sleeping needs and is a great product for the moderate cost. We agree and also recommend the Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag for your adventures and trips in the great outdoors.