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Icebreaker Tech Lite Review Facts

The Icebreaker Tech Lite is an odor-free, comfortable, and lightweight Merino wool t-shirt. Terrific for hiking, backpacking, camping, running, trekking, traveling, and the gym, this insulating garment works well in a layering system of clothing for cooler temperatures. It comes to the waist, has short sleeves and a crew neck, and extra sewing in the shoulder section.

This t-shirt can be worn for days; meaning that you do not need to wash it due to its core-spun fabric.  Additionally, the sweat dries quickly either on or off the body, and there is no smell. To accommodate backpacks without rubbing the material, the shoulder seams are offset.

Also, the Icebreaker Tech Lite that protects from ultraviolet rays with a UPF rating of 30. Snags from thick brush or wooded areas is not a problem with this shirt. Start building your collection of the Icebreaker shirt today! It comes in a fantastic set of solid colors to blend in with any wardrobe style.

If this raised your interest make sure you keep reading! This detailed review will give you an outline of the best features and reasons why to buy or not to buy this cloth ware. And, if you want to check other options out there on the list of the best hiking shirts, check this guide.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable, odor-resistant, and lightweight

Perfect for hot and warm weather

Made of merino wool

Holds up well to snags in thick brush

Can be worn without washing for days

Washing does not shrink the fabric much

Good for the gym and long workouts

Dries quickly on you; nice athletic look

For trekking, running, hiking, backpacking, and traveling

Can be machine washed; true to size


Knockoffs are being sold to people

The high price is a deterrent to purchasing

Key Features

-Extra sewing in the shoulder area
-Quality is almost indestructible
-Seams on the shoulder are offset for a backpack
-Core spun 13% nylon and 87% merino wool Jersey Wool
-Antimicrobial to keep smells down
-Sun protective with UPF rating is 30
-Sweat dries quickly without a smell
-No odor stains in the armpits
-Wicks and insulates
-Waist in length; crew neck; short sleeves


The Icebreaker Shirt is available in a colorful array of hues sure to please anyone. Some colors options include black, Capri, Awesome, Balsam, Cricket, Cobalt, and many more. Some of the colors can show sweat salt stains according to buyers, such as a couple of blue shades.

One issue that is sensitive to men is whether or not the material is so thin that it is see-through. Several users commented about this online and said that this is not an issue with this t-shirt. The fabric is thin but not overly thin.

A few people stated that the colors could fade easily. This did not appear to be widespread with a majority of the customers. Therefore, it should not be much of an issue.


The Icebreaker Tech Lite is perfect for any weather whether it is hot and warm or cold and chilly.Since it is made of wool, you would think that wearing this garment on sunny days would make you hot, but it does not. It is quite cooling and even more refreshing on the skin than regular synthetic material commonly used in t-shirts.

If you are hiking these summer days make sure you read our blog Hiking in Hot Weather and learn more about the essentials of these hikes and if looking for some practical clothing items click here for the guide on hiking clothes for hot weather.

The soft wool Merino fibers encase the nylon core to provide great comfort. When dry, the shirt feels like cotton, and when it is wet, it feels like synthetic. With the extra stitching on the shoulders, the shirt has a beautiful athletic appearance.

A few wearers claimed that the fabric was itchy and not very breathable, especially when the user becomes warm. The wool material is very different on the skin than the synthetic of regular t-shirts that you may be used to wearing.


Made of Merino wool blend of 13% nylon and 87% Merino wool, the Icebreaker shirt holds up well to snags when in thick brush or heavily wooded areas. This very durable item with fabric that is core spun is of high quality that is almost indestructible. If it does get holes in the material from rough use, then they will not run or spread and become larger. Merino Wool is also used for making of quality socks. We have made a great selection in our guide on the best merino-wool socks.

A few people said that their shirts acquired holes fast after wearing a few times. There is extra sewing in the shoulder area. Plus, the seams on the shoulder are offset to be more comfortable for a backpack to not rub on the material. Long-lasting and durable, this Tech Lite garment is not see-through as some similar t-shirts can be.


The high price of the Icebreaker Tech Lite prevents many people from buying plenty of them. Customers purchase one at first to see how they like it and then buy more in various colors to have a small collection of them. Most people will tell you though that the cost is worth the feel, comfort, and performance you receive.

Some people bought this item on sale at prices too reasonable to be accurate and were sent cotton t-shirts instead. You must be careful that you are ordering the Merino Wool shirts when placing your order to get the authentic Tech Lite product.


The true attraction of the Icebreaker Tech Lite is its ability to not have an odor even after being worn and not washed for days or even a few weeks at a time. The odor-resistant merino wool material makes this possible. Being naturally resistant to odors, the antimicrobial fabric is also sun protective against ultraviolet rays with a UPF rating of 30.

A couple of buyers did not like the smell of the fabric after wearing it for a short period. The wool had an unpleasant odor to them. One person tested the ability of the shirt to go without washing for a time. The salt build-up from sweat made the shirt stiff, but it did not smell. You can combine it well while running or walking with one of the best workout headbands.

Washing it made it soft again. This ability to be worn so long without smelling and washing make it perfect for those who are traveling light and want to bring one or two shirts along with them.


Not only will you not smell of sweat with this product after wearing it for a while, but the sweat will dry quickly too. If there is a breeze or wind as you travel along, the shirt can dry entirely within 20 minutes. It wicks moisture away as a synthetic material would.

There are no worries of odor stains in the pits of the shirts as is usual practice with nylon t-shirts. In the winter or colder regions, you can depend on the Icebreaker Tech Lite to insulate you too. When worn as part of a layering system, it will do its share in keeping you warm. Some of the selection of the best mid-layers can be seen here.

Several customers who have worn this shirt model for years stated that the material used to be 100% wool and thicker than what is being sold now. One buyer commented that it wicks good but gets very moist with just minimal exertions. Even so, many people are delighted with this product and continue to add different colors of them to their wardrobe collections.


The sizes offered include small, medium, large, 1X, 2X, and 3X, which are all true to size according to users. Washing does not shrink the fabric much, as it can be machine washed. Air drying is the best method of preventing shrinkage of the material.

This is a waist-length garment. Sizes are a problem with most clothing items sold online, so it is to be expected that not everyone will be pleased with the extent they receive. The fit of the shirt was too big and loose for some and too small for others.

Since it only comes to the waist, several tall people found that the Tech Lite is not long enough to tuck into the hiking pants. It has a regular fit, so it should not fit on you tightly or too loose. In the online photos, it looks form-fitting.

However, customers say that it is not that snug on the body in real. If you put it in the dryer, which is not recommended, then it will shrink some. A good bit of stretching will be needed to get it back to the original size if you do that.


The Icebreaker Tech Lite is a short-sleeved, crew neck t-shirt that comes in a splendid assortment of solid colors to please everyone. It is constructed of a Jersey Wool Blend material to be moisture-wicking, soft, comfortable, odor-free, and durable. The wool weight is 150 and superfine, so it is quite smooth on the skin and cozy.

Icebreaker Tech Lite can be used alone in warmer weather or with other garments to keep the body warm in colder climates. Check our choice on some other winter gear here! There are so many times and instances when such a shirt is perfect for wearing because of its odor-resistant abilities. The wool fabric makes it much more comfortable than regular t-shirts so that many guys are swapping them out for the Tech Lite that they prefer.


Although this Tech Lite shirt is best used for hiking, trekking, backpacking, and campingwere washing a shirt regularly is impossible or hardship, it has much everyday uses too. It makes a beautiful undershirt for general use and can be part of a layering system of clothing in winter. With its insulating properties, you will be warmer at night for sleeping than with regular t-shirts.

It is terrific for wearing to the gym for long workouts and particularly for hiking because it dries so quickly on the body. Just put it in the gym backpack and you are ready to go! It also makes it ideal and reliable for running and traveling in the mountains and hill country. Almost anywhere and any circumstance that you need a thin shirt to wear that is comfortable wicking, and odor-free is the best time to wear this short-sleeved garment.

Ease of Use

The response of customers to the Icebreaker has been so positive that buyers are throwing out or donating their regular shirts and replacing them with this Tech Lite model. They receive a few for birthdays or Christmas presents from family members that know they love the shirts. This helps build their collection of these rather expensive t-shirts. They are long-lasting, so people can maintain quite a few in their wardrobes to wear for many types of occasions.

Caring for the Icebreaker is not hard since it can be machine washed. The extra care comes when drying it. This product needs to be air-dried for the best longevity, so hanging it up after washing is your best bet. Regular t-shirts must be washed daily to prevent odors and sweat stain build-up, but this garment does not. Proper washing is enough just once in a while to maintain its excellent form and material properties.

Bottom Line

If something is too good to be true, then it usually is, as experience has taught us. Some cotton material knockoffs are being sold to buyers that are masquerading as this merino wool blend product. Of course, it cannot perform as the original item, so customers are dissatisfied with their purchase.

One good way to tell if you are ordering the real thing or the fake is to check the price. The fake item costs much less than the real one. this issue has caused the rating of the Icebreaker to be lower than it should. The high price is the other concern.

The going rate is much more than one would pay for a regular t-shirt, but you have to realize that this is not an ordinary t-shirt. The extra stitching in the shoulders and the placement of the seams to work well with backpacks is terrific for the backpacker and hiker. The wool fabric is moisture-wicking and odor-resistant, so it does not have to be washed for days at a time if it is not possible.

Most people purchase the Icebreaker Tech Lite for this single reason, as it is ideal for those that are out of range of any kind of washing facilities. Help friends and family who travel and adventure outdoors a lot build their wardrobe collection of the Icebreaker Tech Lite and get them one or two for Christmas or a birthday present. They will love you so much for the thoughtful gift.