Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoes

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Editor’s Conclusion
How can you comfortably navigate the rough and muddy terrain that comes with hiking without a good-quality hiking shoe? You can’t, it’s that simple. Finding a shoe that holds up in hot and dirty conditions can be a pain. Trust me, I know. Problem solved with the Salomon X Ultra 3 hiking shoe. Genius engineering allows for maximum comfort, stability and ease of use in any season. Whether you’re headed for a summer day hike or a winter backpacking trip, this shoe should look after your feet.

Comfortable, light, agile and with good grip on tough trails and even tough descents; this low top hiking shoe provides ample support and protection on rocky trails and rough terrains. It’d be hard to beat the comfort and durability Salomon provides with their decades of experience crafting hiking shoes and gear.

If you’re looking for a walking shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy enough to endure frequent or daily use, carry on reading to find out more about the X Ultra 3.
Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoes Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons




Dries quickly

Good arch support

Designed for an easy descent


Not waterproof

Fit is a little big – might need a smaller size

Key Features

Ease of Use

Every hiker needs an all-rounder shoe, so it’s nice to recommend a versatile shoe that allows for flexibility of use. Sturdy and stable, the Salomon X Ultra 3 provides full protection and comfort on all kinds of terrain. Whether you’re into walking, hiking, backpacking, trail running, mountaineering, or just walking your dog through a muddy park, these shoes are suitable for all conditions.

Designed to provide a better way down, the descent control technology allows the user to efficiently tackle technical hikes and navigate tough descents with increased support, making it perfect for wet and rocky or hot and dirty conditions.

The shoes pull on and secure easily enough with the pull to tighten the lacing system, but these speed laces can take a little bit of getting used to. Once you are comfortable with them, it’s hard to imagine using any other laces. They secure your foot quickly and effortlessly, providing the perfect tension, fit and stops the laces from getting snagged in any undergrowth. The SensiFit Foothold also creates a snug fit that moulds to your foot, allowing for more comfort and security.


What stands out the most about this hiking shoe is the sheer effort that’s gone into designing a shoe where comfort and stability are key.

You’ll find plenty of room in the roomy toe box, perfect if you want to wear a thick pair of socks in the winter. However, the toe length could be considered a bit long and the shoe tends to be a bit on the big side. You may want to go down half a size or buy from an online store with a good exchange policy.

Speaking of toes, I love how Salomon has used the descent control technology to provide stability and cushioning, with a secure foothold that is engineered to prevent the foot from sliding forward during descent. This is essential to avoid those jammed toes. This makes more technical hikes and tough descents much more comfortable.


There is nothing worse than getting stones and dirt in your shoes when on the trail, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the special tongue design which stops debris from getting trapped between the foot and the footbed.


Long-distance hikes need extra comfort, and you’ll certainly get that with the EnergyCell midsole. A high-performance EVA foam reduces the shock impact to the base of your foot. The lightweight advanced chassis also makes sure you get flexibility in motion for a more comfortable, stable, and responsive movement.

Extra comfort and breathability also comes from the breathable mesh material and the lightweight design, making hiking in warm weather and dirty conditions all that bit easier. Strategically placed mesh panels provide extra ventilation and a cool environment for the foot as it allows cool air to flow into the shoe and warm air to flow out.

Every ounce matter on long hiking and camping trips; and a breathable, lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on endurance or comfort is essential for any hiking shoe.

Water Resistance

Unfortunately, this is not a waterproof shoe, so the X Ultra 3 is not suited for all conditions. But, and that’s a big but, they do take a while to get wet and dry quickly when wet, so this wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. You can also buy a water resistance coating spray which could solve this problem for you.

A shoe this breathable, stable, and comfortable could easily be worn on extensive days-long hikes or for daily use and still be comfortable at the end of the day.


The clever technology ensures you’ll get a comfortable fit that will also protect your feet and allow you to test your limits. The base and wider part of the toe box is made from a protective mudguard, which shields the sides from a muddy trail.

Additionally, you’ll find a cap across the heel and toe area that provides extra protection and durability for those areas most likely to be damaged by unforgiving terrain. Really, this hiking shoe should easily endure regular hikes, daily use, manual labour (such as construction sites) and even fair well in the wash.


The outsole is comprised of two different types of rubber which work in unison to create a more intense grip and maximum traction on various surfaces and terrains: whether wet or dry, snowy, or sandy.

The upper of the shoe makes use of Synthetic overlays which cleverly wrap the foot and hold it in place, providing extra comfort and stability. I like this material because it’s extremely durable and provides protection from loose dirt and debris that threaten to damage your shoe when on the trail.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

For all the reasons explained above, this shoe outshines the competition against other brands like Merrell and Keen. You might find the Salomon X Ultra a little thinner underfoot than the traditional hikers Merrell Moab 2 or Keen Targhee III, but the comfort the X Ultra 3 provides outweighs any desire to buy a shoe with a thicker sole, even over rocky terrains. I don’t feel that a bulkier sole will provide any more protection than what is provided with this Salomon show.

I should say though that this model of hiking shoe isn’t waterproof. Salomon does have a waterproof version in their line; check out their X Ultra 3 GTX hiking shoe.


Decades of experience have allowed Salomon to create the X Ultra 3, an agile and effective technical hiking shoe. A firm favorite for many as it can endure all kinds of hikes and challenges without compromising on stability and comfort.

Finally, an excellent hiking shoe that demonstrates superior performance, ultimate comfort and breathability at a reasonable price. I think this shoe really provides more than the cost warrants, and it will soon be one of your outdoor favorites.