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Editor’s Conclusion
The Wildcat 2.0 GTX trail running shoe is another popular hit with regular and new customers, and I can see why. La Sportiva's clever new design provides their customers with a shoe that's super durable, comfortable, and extra responsive. Of course, a trail running shoe isn't much good if you can't get the push-off and grip you need, and this one does just that.

A clever new harness system provides a better fit and more security on uneven and muddy trails. What's more, the tough upper layer and firm middle ensure this trail running shoe does what it's supposed to; tackle mountainous terrains like a boss.

This model covers all your bases with a breathable mesh upper, premium waterproof membrane and a combination rubber sole for extra grip on snow or dirt.

Because of the superior features, the shoe can be a little on the heavy side, but that's expected with a trail running shoe. So carry on reading to find out how this trail running shoe stood up to the test.
La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Superb push-off

Sturdy & durable

Cool & breathable

Excellent on snow and dirt

Reduced impact from cushioning


A little tight-fitting

Slightly on the heavy side

Key Features

Ease of Use

Runners and hikers don't only hit the trail when the weather is good, so it's essential to find a running trail shoe that covers most or all-weather conditions. The Wildcat 2.0 CTX does just that as it handles rain, snow, and dry heat like a dream, keeping you dry even in snow. In addition, the Gore-Tex (GTX) waterproof membrane material keeps feet bone dry without overheating, which can be a problem with waterproof shoes.

One of the best new features belongs to the outsole, made of firm yet responsive pins that grab the trail and allow the runner or hiker to propel with all their might. This is especially suited to rugged, hilly terrain. The new Wildcat 2.0 GTX impact brake system also enables you to tackle tricky descents and downhill runs with wanton disregard.


Everyday runners or frequent hikers looking for a comfortable trail shoe can look no further with this new and improved version as it provides extra cushioning, stability, and durability. The Wildcat 2.0 GTX shoe is perfect for everyday use. The one-piece mesh upper is also an excellent addition in providing extra comfort and adaptability.

When choosing a trail running shoe, or any shoe, size is essential for comfort. Unfortunately, many customers seem to find that this shoe runs a little small as the extra layers make the fit a little on the tight side. Therefore, it might be beneficial to buy a half size to a full size bigger when purchasing.

When taking the Wildcat 2.0 GTX out of the box, they seem a bit stiff but loosen up quickly and are comfortable from the get-go. Dirt, grit, and small stones that usually find their way into your running or walking can be a massive pain. La Sportiva's new design seems to avoid this issue, which was a pleasant surprise.

All these extra features and layers leave the runner with a slightly heavy shoe, weighing 14 ounces. But remember, this is a mountainous trail running shoe, meaning it's not excessively heavy for its kind. Long runs or walks on rough or rugged terrain require stability and resilience. The Wildcat 2.0 GTX provides all that, and I'd rather sacrifice a little weight in exchange for convenience and premium shock absorption.


One of the biggest takeaways I found is the durable and long-lasting design. When researching this shoe for purchase, I noticed many reviewers commenting on its hardiness for everyday use. One review admitted to using the Wildcat 2.0 GTX for around 40 miles over the week. Another reviewer walked for eight days on various terrains in Camino de Santiago, with no discomfort or impact on the shoe. That's pretty convincing stuff.

The guards on the toe and heel provide protection from scuffs, wear, and tear, which is a handy addition. Of course, if you are planning on heavy use, they will eventually need replacing, as will all trail shoes. However, these shoes appear sturdy enough to withstand everyday use and extensive trail running.


The Wildcat 2.0 GTX rubber compound sole has received rave reviews. This thick rubber sole makes up the impact brake system. In addition, the outer sole's formidable lugs line the heel and deliver superior resistance and breaking when going downhill. These improvements make for a convenient run that offers an outstanding grip on technical and challenging outdoor trail runs and walks.

The AirMesh firm upper sole is an excellent addition and effectively keeps out rain and snow whilst still letting your feet breathe. This new toughness provides superior support and secure fit by connecting the overlays, laces, and mesh.

The robust and well-cushioned midsole is comprised of three different components.

1. A midsole foam made of 80% standard Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and 20% Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). EVA is a plastic-like rubber in its softness, elasticity, and flexibility. It's perfect for hiking and running as it provides superior shock-absorbing qualities. SBR is also an ideal choice for running shoes as its resistant to abrasion, is flexible, sturdy, hardy, and has good hardness and traction.

2. You'll get premium comfort, excellent shock absorption and responsiveness with the supreme cushioning from the 4mm-thick LaSpEVA foam.

3. The nylon Flex Transfer Shank provides extra stability and torsional rigour.

Comparison to Similar Hiking/Trail Shoes

With comfort, durability and running responsiveness that's hard to beat, I'm not sure that you need to look further. However, there are some considerations you might want to make when choosing a trail running shoe.

Technical footwear can't do the job properly if the fit is all wrong. As this shoe is of narrow construction, people with wide feet might want to look for a wider shoe. The arch is not the highest either for those needing a high arch. You can look for a shoe with a higher arch or buy an insole, which should do the trick. But for those of you with standard foot measurements, this shoe should be comfortable.

For a wider fit, you can try the very similar Inov8 X-TALON 210, which has the addition of the Inov8 Shoe Fit Scale. Inov8's new fit scale allows runners to find the correct size as shoes are graded from 1 to 5, with 5 being the widest fitting toe box. The lower the number on the scale, the narrower the fit, and vice versa.


Here you have a trail running shoe that is a complete all-rounder. It's ideally suited for wet or dry conditions, rugged terrain, rocky terrain, and most seasons. I believe the materials used do justify the cost when you take home a shoe that's sturdy, durable, responsive, and handles mountain trail running or walking like a dream.

If you buy this trail running shoe, remember to check your fitting and size or purchase from a location with a good exchange policy.