Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 Backpack

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Editor’s Conclusion
This pack has everything! Trialing a bag with the stability of a heavier pack but only weighing 2 pounds is a dream. The incredible ultralight experience that you get with this kit-lugging slogger is insane. Load lifters, removable internal frame, and seven built-in pockets are just some of the other reasons this pack is their bestseller.

Ten years of redesigns seemed to have left nothing but the best features in durability, load capacity, comfort, and quality for the Mariposa 60 backpack. A cavernous main compartment and multiple interior/exterior organizational pockets enable users to hold their complete kit for camping and weekend backpacking trips. Off-trail camping is easy due to the superior light frame and suspension that maintains the weight distribution easily.

Initially, I was a little put off by the high price, but the Mariposa pack is worth the money it demands. The hiking backpack manages to be sturdy and ultra-light and can have a massive 60-liter capacity, which makes packing all your essential gear for camping and travel a breeze. So, cast your eyes on the rest of this review to find out more.
Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 Backpack Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Very comfortable

Multiple belt sizes

Unisex ergonomic belt shape

Superb suspension and frame

Terrific max load of 35 pounds


Not waterproof

Slightly expensive

Key Features

Ease of Use

Long hikes and camping trips require lots of gear and a pack with enough space to easily organize all your gear in order of when you need it. Packing and reaching your equipment is super easy with the seven extra pockets. The front mesh pocket is perfect for wet stuff, and the two hip belt pockets are my favorite as they make reaching high-energy snacks, phones, compasses, etc., a breeze. I won’t buy a pack now without hip belt pockets. An over-the-top (OTT) closure system on the main compartment also allows effortless access and closure.

This pack has two unique and incredibly convenient side pockets; one long tent pocket and two right-side smaller bottle pockets. With these pockets, it’s easy to reach your most needed gear without stopping. This is a must for long hikes and days where you’re losing the light. Bulkier equipment can also be moved to the side pockets, saving room in the main compartment. A tent or jet boil is the perfect item to store here.

The Mariposa’s spacious main compartment is wondrously wide enough to fit a bear canister and all the gear you’d ever need to keep dry. Gossamer has upped their game by including an internal hydration sleeve and drinking tube with keeper loops on both shoulder straps. This is super convenient for keeping yourself hydrated on the move.

Other functional pockets are the extendable map pocket, located in the fold-over lid and the front stretch mesh pocket, perfect for wet items or jackets. The harness also has multiple attachment loops for holding extra gear that you can’t fit in your pack.

It would have been nice if Gossamer had included the option to have a secondary zipper along with the main compartment for easier access to the rest of your gear. Gossamer likely decided to avoid extra weight, and I don’t feel this is a big issue.


30 pounds is probably the optimal fill load, but Mariposa 60 should still feel balanced and easily distributed, even with the recommended max high load capacity of 35 pounds. This pack also utilises an internal aluminium, lightweight frame, and suspension system, so even a full bag can be comfortably distributed from the shoulders to the hips. To get the most from this, you need to properly adjust the load-lifter straps and hip belt, so you don’t feel your shoulders tugged down.

If you’re still looking to reduce the weight even further, Gossamer makes this easy with several removable components. Removing the stay will reduce the weight to 3.5 ounces, but the pack tends to lose its stability and comfort, leaving the hip belt to ride up your waist.

The ‘Sit Light’ back panel pad is prone to bunching, so I tend to remove it. Unless you have rugged gear that might dig in your back, it’s not an issue to leave it behind. The Mariposa 60 can weigh as little as 1 pound and 1.2 ounces when stripped down, but whether you do this will depend on your size and the features you need.

Carrying a pack that doesn’t fit properly is like wearing shoes that are too big or small. The Mariposa 60’s variety and adjustability in sizing are some of the clever ways the user gets a comfortable fit, regardless of size. It comes with a medium belt installed, but you can purchase a small or large separately to suit your frame.


The Mariposa’s materials are also essential in creating a stable, durable, and convenient pack. Gossamer utilizes the fine 100 and 200 deniers Robic tensile strength nylon and 70 deniers double ripstop nylon to create a long-lasting, rip and tear-resistant pack.

The front’s open mesh weave will drain water well and reinforced with 200D Robic nylon, so it won’t scuff when on the ground. In addition, the custom addition of the shoulder strap and hip belt’s air mesh fabric allows for less friction and more comfort.


One of the redesigns means that Gossamer has shifted from Dyneema fabric to the premium 100 and 200 deniers Robic tensile strength nylon, a far more durable and puncture-resistant material. It should serve you well for many, many years.

However, it has fewer waterproof properties than the Dyneema material, but you should find the Robic fabric good at shedding moisture. Your gear should remain dry even in heavy rain, but it’s probably best suited to light showers. You can buy an additional rain cover if needed.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

There’s no doubt this pack stacks up comfortably against the competition. If you’re after a pack with a large main compartment, then this is perfect as all models of bear canisters will fit vertically in the main compartment. For a smaller design, the Gossamer’s Bare Boxer and the Bear Vault 450 will fit horizontally in the main compartment.

As mentioned before, this pack is water-resistant to an extent but not waterproof and does not come with a rain cover. If you’re looking for something smaller with a rain cover included, the Osprey Manta 24 hydration backpack could be a good choice, especially as it’s water-resistant.


This pack has undoubtedly been designed and redesigned with practically in mind over the years, with trial and error creating a sleek, unique model aimed at the needs of backpackers and off-trail campers. It’s hard to find an ultra-light, comfortable, and convenient backpack, allowing you to pack and reach everything you need through the day easily.

Anyone keen on hiking, mountaineering, backpacking or travel, in general, won’t be disappointed with this pack.