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Patagonia Fitz Roy Crest LoPro Trucker Hat Review Facts

The Patagonia Fitz Roy Crest LoPro Trucker Hat has the popular logo emblem of the company that shows the favorite rock climbing region of the founder, the Fitzroy Massif (Mount Fitz Roy) of Patagonia. The bright colors of the logo resemble a beautiful sunset in this area, which is affixed to the front of this excellent unisex trucker’s hat. Offered in the two colors of filter blue or magenta, it is best for casual wear but is also suitable for any type of sport, activity, chore, task, or event that you enjoy. Also referred to as a baseball cap or gimme hat, this product is made with organic cotton material for the canvas and headband parts. There is good ventilation to keep the wearer from overheating and perspiring with the front aeration holes, mesh panels, and open space above the snap closure. The durable snap closure gives the user great flexibility in determining the correct fit, as it is adjustable to any head size. easy to wear with glasses, the LoPro Hat has a flat brim, good height, and high profile plus a comfortable fit. Whether you wear your hat forward or backward, you will look terrific wearing this Patagonia item any time of the year. We provide all of our accumulated research and the feature details of this Patagonia Hat in the full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable to fit any head size
  • Snapback hat with snap closure, high profile, and flat brim
  • Available in filter blue or magenta colors
  • Hat with six panels and a mesh backing
  • Made with canvas and headband that is organic cotton
  • Classic hat created by modern technology
  • Has the famous colorful logo of Patagonia on the front
  • Has two holes in the front for ventilation
  • Can be worn easily with eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Is a traditional ball cap that is unisex
  • The price is considered steep for a baseball cap with a logo
  • Colors are limited to just the two in blue and magenta


This American clothing line’s popular logo shows the Fitzroy Massif (Mount Fitz Roy) of Patagonia because it is one of the favorite places of the founder, Yvon Chouinard, who is an avid and accomplished rock climber. This mountainous region borders both Argentina and Chile. He loves to climb the Andes Mountains there and named his clothing business after the place. The colors of the logo resemble the gorgeous hues of the Patagonian sky at sunset. Founded in 1973 and located in Ventura, California, Patagonia first went by another name. The company was originally Chouinard Equipment but split into Patagonia and Black Diamond Equipment in 1989. Black Diamond sells climbing equipment and Patagonia markets soft goods. Both of these productive giants are known all over the world for their high-quality product lines, excellent craftsmanship, and modern technology. This is the terrific brief history and meaning of the famed Patagonia logo on this trucker’s cap.


The four mesh panels in the back, the two ventilation holes in the front, and the large open space above the snap closure in the back give plenty of aeration to the head during activities and sports. You should not break a sweat when wearing this trucker’s cap because the airflow is so amazing. If you do get so overheated that you do start to perspire, the soft headband on the interior will absorb the moisture, as it is made of organic cotton just like the canvas part of the hat. The marvelous breathability of this item makes it perfect for all of your outdoor activities, tasks, chores, and sports.


The flexible snap closure in the back of the LoPro Trucker Hat is adjustable to fit any head size. by just unsnapping the plastic pieces apart, you can snap it into place on the dot that best suits you. The fit of this product is really ideal and comfortable because of the good height for the profile and rise. You do not want a hat of this type that is too low or too high because then it will not fit the same. The used materials are soft because they are of high-quality organic cotton for the canvas part of the hat and the wicking headband. Part of the comfort of a trucker or baseball cap is the flexibility and versatility with which it can be worn. These hats are great with almost any type of outfit and look fine at any outdoor event or occasion. It will shade the eyes and part of the face from the glaring sun and even give some resistance to a light wind.


According to online customers who bought and love this beautiful Patagonia Trucker Hat, it is well-made and of good quality. Being durable and protective, it is an item that you can wear for many years without it showing any signs of wear. The well-known emblem of Patagonia on the front is durably stitched to the hat, so it is long-lasting and made to stand plenty of wear indoors and outdoors. This incredible hat can be spot cleaned if it should happen to get something dropped or spilled on it. it can even be machine washed and air dried to help protect the attachment of the logo if it needs a more thorough cleaning.


If more colors are offered in the future, loyal Patagonia customers will buy those as well. they are very happy with the ones that are offered but would like to see the product line expanded to afford a better selection of colors. This LoPro Hat has a low-fitting crown and a snapback closure in the rear to adjust for head size. This is the most flexible part of this item for the user to get a custom fit for their own head. Trucker hats or baseball caps are also known as a snapback hat because it has a back, snap closure, high profile, flat brim, and is adjustable. Some people like to make this strap tight on their heads to prevent them from falling off so easily, while others prefer a looser fit for comfort. If you will be out in a windy environment, it is best to have the strap as tight as possible to hold it securely. Being this is a unisex hat, women love to wear such hats, especially if they have long hair. A nice ponytail for a man or a woman can be put through the backspace above the snap closure to help hold the hat on the head.

Key Features

-Shows the Fitzroy Massif (Mount Fitz Roy) of Patagonia
-Back snap closure, high profile, flat brim, and is adjustable
-Available in the colors of filter blue or magenta
-Includes six panels and a mesh backing
-Made with organic cotton material
-Colorful logo of Patagonia on the front’
-Two holes for ventilation on the solid panels
-Can be worn easily with eyeglasses and sunglasses
-Is a traditional ball cap or trucker hat


When the big price of this Patagonia hat is considered, it can be a large deciding factor in purchasing the item. Some online customers said it costs too much for being just a regular baseball or trucker’s hat with a company logo on the front. Others love the company and their products, so they are proud to purchase the hat and wear it in public. Famous name brand products are not cheap because it costs the company plenty of money to maintain those popular logos that we love so much. The high-quality of this hat, the excellent construction, organic materials, and superior design make it very much worth the cost that is being asked of you online.


You will receive protection from the harsh sunlight and rays when wearing this trucker hat with the beautiful Patagonia emblem. Parts of your face and eyes will be shaded well to prevent skin problems that could occur. Some wind protection is given also, but in a high wind, it is more likely to blow off the head instead of protecting it. if the hat is worn backward, then the bib will protect the neck instead of the face and eyes. Most of the hat panels are mesh material, so the top of the head will be well aerated but not covered well for shade protection.


Available in the colors of filter blue or magenta for the front, the button on top, and rim of the hat, the Patagonia Trucker’s Hat has six panels in total and a breathable mesh backing. It is made with canvas and a headband that is organic cotton and is a classic hat generated by modern technology. This type of hat also goes by the popular names of a baseball cap or gimme hat, depending on the area location and activity. It is usually worn with the bib facing forward but is also popularly worn with it towards the back. In this position, it shades the back of the neck from the harsh rays of the sun instead of the front of the face and eyes.


With the famous colorful logo of Patagonia on the front, you will look great with this hat and any type of outfit except formal wear. Outdoor sports people will love and admire this hat when they see it because so many people adore the Patagonia company for its outstanding gear. The two front panels of this incredible trucker’s hat are of the blue or magenta color with the remaining four panels being the white mesh material. The top button at the center is of the blue or magenta color, and the solid-colored bib in the front is the blue or magenta color of your choice. It has two holes in the front for ventilation on the solid panels to give extra ventilation for those activities that make you perspire plenty. It is very important that your head does not overheat during sports and activities. This is why hats like this one are so aerated with tiny holes and mesh material.


The best use for the Patagonia Trucker Hat is casual wear, as it looks fantastic with anything other than formal attire. Even in some instances of formal wear, though, it could be seen as appropriate. This is a unisex hat to be worn by anyone who desires to wear it. When participating in sports, tasks, chores, shopping, and activities outdoors, it will look great with any kind of jacket, coat, sweater, or fleece that you choose to wear. The best aspect of such a hat is that it can be worn all year long. it is perfect for any season because it is so well ventilated. You will not become too hot in summer, but you may need added protection for the head in winter. This superb product can be worn easily with eyeglasses and sunglasses, as one does not get in the way of the other.


According to online buyers, the hat you receive when you purchase looks exactly like the one in the photo online. The artwork of the logo is by Neil Hubert, and it is a traditional ball cap or trucker’s hat. It is called a trucker hat because this type of headgear is known also as a “gimme” hat that was given away for promotions of businesses with their logos on them. It is a form of advertising for the business that not only gets their name brand out in the eye of the public but is also a form of a recommendation from devoted customers too. Patagonia certainly does not need you to advertise for them because they are a global company with millions of loyal customers, but it never hurts to advertise.

The Bottom Line

We love this excellent Patagonia Fitz Roy Crest LoPro Trucker Hat of the blue or magenta color and the organic cotton material. it is durable, long-lasting, and comfortable to provide enjoyment for many, many years of wear. The high price and the lack of colors to choose from are the main complaints from customers. We all know that considering the grand reputation of the Patagonia company that the price is just about right. Maybe they will enlighten us in the near future with some more exciting colors to purchase. We will wait and see.