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Scarpa Maestrale RS Review Facts

The Scarpa Maestrale RS is the next evolution in ski boots. This impressive boot is the newest model offered by Scarpa and is an upgrade from their previous version. This stiffer boot is intended to aid with climbing while remaining light on the feet. With this impressive new weight, this boot is not only ideal for skiing but makes the trek more enjoyable. With several features to catch the eye of any winter enthusiast, this unique boot offers everything and more. In this review, we will review and rate the features of this boot, providing the key information buyers need when deciding whether the Scarpa Maestrale RS is for them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible with a newly increased range of motion
  • Newly designed buckle system
  • Heat-trapping liner
  • Split design makes removal difficult
  • Ski/walk latch can become iced over causing issues with engaging


The amazing durability of the Grilamid shell outsole offers not only a lightweight feel but the flexibility needed for either ascending or descending the steepest of slopes. With an easy to transition buckle system, the outsole of this boot can be tightened or released to aid in comfort. The outsole of this shoe is made from Vibram soles which ensures slip-free traction on both rugged mountains and smooth surfaces. This is an amazing feature when considering the importance of having a strong outsole for durability and strength for standing up against the elements.


The midsole of the Scarpa Maestrale RS brings both flexibility and comfort together in one design. The moldable interior liner offers complete comfort while the secure foothold offers enough toe room for both average and wider than average feet to fit easily. This room provides a flexibility that cannot be matched while keeping the foot secure thanks in part to the buckles provided on the shell.


One of the most impressive features of this amazing ski boot is the unique buckle system that is part of the upper portion. This buckle system is part of both the outsole and upper sections, providing this ski boot with fully tightening buckles in several locations to aid in a snug fit. The buckle system helps keep feet secured whether traveling up or downhill. For those in need of more flexibility, these buckles can be loosened to allow freer movement and a more comfortable walking position.


Normally, ski boots are designed to be quite heavy. This is no longer the case, however. One of the most impressive aspects of the Scarpa Maestrale RS is the weight. With a lightweight feel, this boot is far lighter than most on the market. Combining all aspects, including the buckle system and the makeup of the outer shell, Scarpa has been able to reduce weight and make this shoe far superior when in use. This can be quite beneficial when out and about in the depths of the snow. A shoe that is light enough for walking and skiing is one that most sports lovers are in search of.


A shoe that allows your feet to breath and stays comfortable in any type of weather is the one you want to add to your collection. When looking closely at this unique boot, many would expect their feet to either stay too cold or too hot. With the design of this boot, this is not a problem. The interior boot’s design, feet remain comfortable while either skiing or walking. This breathability is a fresh, unique, addition when it comes to ski boots, helping keep hot spots and chilly feet at bay easily.


No one wants to walk around in an uncomfortable boot. In the past, ski shoes haven’t been associated with comfort. With this unique boot, you will find this is no longer the case. The Maestrale RS offers a wave of comfort that cannot be beaten. The unique inner boot allows for a cushion for the feet while ensuring all the necessary footholds are kept intact. Wear spots and other issues are a thing of the past, allowing skiers to experience a comfortable day of winter activities.


When buying a snowshoe, functionality, and comfort are important but it’s hard to ignore style when making any purchase. The look and design of this shoe are far beyond what others may imagine. The Scarpa Maestrale RS offers the comfort and durability of the best ski boot on the market while maintaining the style many ski lovers have been looking for. With a unique buckle system, this boot offers the accessories needed to keep it securely fastened in place, while still offering a look that will leave those who love cold weather accessories speechless.


When choosing boots for your feet, the protection they offer is an important aspect. With the superior outer shell of the Scarpa Maestrale RS, foot protection is far from being an issue. The Grilamid shell offers superior protection against the elements while staying strong and lasting ages. This shell provides your feet with the protective covering you need while keeping out the cold, snow, and wet of the mountain.

An extra layer of protection is offered with the Scarpa Maestrale RS. This book offers an extra liner inside that not only protects the foot but helps retain heat. This is a great way for skiers to protect themselves from not only hot spots or wear and tear against their foot, but also from the elements that could cause harm. A nice toasty shoe is a great addition when you’re facing the cold of winter activities.


Responsiveness can be a key aspect when on the snow-covered mountains. The flexibility of this boot allows skiers the opportunity to bounce back and forth between taking on the slopes and trudging the mountain. The range of motion increases from 37 to 67 degrees with this ski boot. This is of great benefit when touring the mountain. In many cases, the range of motion allows for more flex in the boot than one can have in their ankle. This is great for keeping up with touring partners and making the ascents and descents needed.


Support is often one of the deciding factors when choosing footwear. With the incredible design of the Scarpa Maestrale RS, support is one of the greatest attributes. This amazing snowshoe offers skiers the opportunity to enjoy the snow and take on the mountain while feeling their feet are completely supported. With the thick midsole and inner boot, both the feet and ankles can successfully be cared for while incorporating the comfort and style needed. With the addition of the superior outsole, the support offered by these shoes is hard to surpass.


When seeking the best ski boot, knowing their limitations or lack thereof when it comes to terrain is crucial. This ski shoe is quite versatile. Whether snow lovers are suited up for skiing or trekking the mountain for their next adrenaline rush, it is easy to see the Scarpa Maestrale RS is great for all terrains. These boots allow for easy ascent and descent of any size inclines. When strapped in, they are efficient and versatile enough to quickly adapt to whatever terrain snow lovers find themselves facing.


Price is one of the first things most people consider when buying any type of snow gear. That fact doesn’t change when purchasing the right ski boot for an outing. The Scarpa Maestrale RS offers a great deal of bang for the buck. This shoe combines all the best aspects of a ski boot in one stylish shell at a price any mountain lover can easily afford. With the comparable costs of ski equipment and other boots on the market, the price of this accessory is a cost most enthusiasts will gladly pay.


While these ski boots are great fitting, the traction is something that is hard to miss. Compared to other more expensive boots, the Scarpa Maestrale RS offer superior traction with retaining their functionality and appealing design. The traction of these shoes has been quality tested to ensure buyers are receiving only the best ski boot on the market. With these boots, the owners have the ability to grip to the slipperiest slopes whether they are on the incline or downslope.


Buyers in search of a great ski boot know the importance of great flexibility. Those who are ready to face off against the mountains they’ve dreamed about need shoes that are not only durable enough for the job but allow the flexibility to get it done. A shoe that moves with the foot is a climber or skiers dream. Having this additional function allows for easier walking while being able to adjust quickly when the time comes to don the needed equipment for hitting the slopes.

The Maestrale RS has gone above and beyond when ensuring the extra flexibility their customers have wanted. Increasing range of motion, ensuring the boot flexes with the foot and ankle, not against it, and the ease of function changing makes this ski boot one of the most flexible on the market.


The solid feel of these boots informs skiers they are receiving the highest stability available. This is an important factor when using these boots for their intended purpose. The sole and outer shell aid in the strong stability offered by the Scarpa Maestrale RS. This, in correlation with the flexibility of this shoe, make it a great choice for anyone in the market for a snow boot for all their winter sporting activities.

Key Features

Often when searching for the perfect winter sporting accessories, key features rank high on a shopper’s list. Looking at these features gives you a quick idea of whether a product is the one you’re looking for. The key features of this ski boot are enough to catch the eye of any enthusiast. The Scarpa Maestrale RS has many extras skiers will love. Here are a few that deserve an extra mention.

• Strong outer shell that offers not only protection but durability
• An increase in range of motion
• New flexibility not seen in other ski boots
• Inner liner that holds in heat
• New advanced buckle system that makes changing from skiing to walking easy
• Ski/walk latch intended for quick crossovers

The Bottom Line

When facing off with the slopes, having the right equipment is a necessity. One of the most important items is the best snow boot available. With all the features of the Scarpa Maestrale RS, you will find yourself with the boot you’ve hoped for. The serious upgrades given to the newest version allows buyers the opportunity to experience a lightweight, flexible, boot that has the ruggedness needed for the steepest mountain ranges while remaining lightweight and traction controlled enough to allow for easy maneuvering on any surface.

Skiers will find themselves able to take part in all the outdoor activities they love while staying sleek and stylish among their friends. The style and protection of the Maestrale RS offer a new level of play when taking part in winter activities. No longer are ski boots only for racing down the slopes. This newly redesigned boot offers an easy transition from skiing to walking or trudging through the snow. Now skiing enthusiasts have the opportunity to take part in the sport they love while knowing they have a great ski boot at an even better price.