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Canada Goose Expedition Parka Review Facts

If you are a lover of adventuring in frigid weather or find yourself living in an area where the winter months bring below 0 temperatures you must face daily, then the Canada Goose Expedition Parka may be an addition you should make to your winter wardrobe. This parka offers its owners the warmth Canada Goose is known for while also providing a bit of versatility and breathability that makes for a comfortable experience when wearing it.

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is intended for those who want to face the cold. If you live in an area where winters are harsh, you’ll find yourself staying warm and comfortable while out working or enjoying the beauty of the winter. For adventurers who find themselves with a yearning to camp, hike, or ski out in the coldest recess of the world, this parka will offer you the warmth you need while you enjoy yourself. It is important, however, to keep in mind, that this parka isn’t intended for use in moderate temperatures. The sheer bulk and weight can hinder many activities no matter the weather outside. In this review, we will discuss both the pros and cons of owning this beast of a parka, which will help you decide whether it is the winter warrior you want in your cold-weather arsenal.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extreme Warmth
  • Versatility
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Features several pockets
  • Can be considered bulky
  • May be too warm for some users
  • Can be considered heavy


When discussing the Canada Goose Expedition Parka, warmth is the first thing that comes to mind. This is easily considered one of the warmest parkas on the market today. This parka is filled with 625-fill-duck down to keep those who choose to wear it warm and toasty. This is great for those who live in areas where winter weather can be brutal. For those who enjoy being out in the cold weather ice fishing, taking a snow mobile ride, or maybe enjoying a bit of skiing, they will find this parka is wonderful at keeping the cold out and the warmth of the body in. For some, this extreme warmth and insulation can be an issue. When exerting themselves, some reviewers feel this parka may be too warm and bulky. Of course, as with any purchase, the intended use of this jacket must be kept in mind. It is also important to remember the weather in your area before taking the leap to include this parka in your wardrobe. If temperatures in your area don’t reach what is considered frigid conditions, the Expedition may be a bit too much for your needs.


When choosing a winter jacket or parka no one wants to completely give up being comfortable to stay warm. This is a hit or miss situation with the Canada Goose Expedition Parka. To have the warmth this parka provides, mobility and comfort do suffer somewhat but not as much as one may think. This parka is still considered quite comfortable to wear and be active in. The bulkiness that comes from the amount of filling used to provide the warmth can become a bit awkward at times, however. Sitting, bending, and other movements can feel a bit difficult while bundled in this parka but when facing a harsh winter, the trade-off can easily be considered worth it. For those who may find themselves lounging around in the cold, the comfort provided by this parka is top notch. The warmth and softness of the filling make for a snug retreat from the weather. The added breathability also aids in offering users a bit of comfort. This breathability is ideal when in extreme cold conditions but may not offer what wearers expect when temperatures begin to rise.


As one may expect out of a parka designed to face the frigid temperatures of a harsh winter, the Canada Goose Expedition is a bit heavy. This is due to the materials used to keep you warm and toasty whether you’ve decided to venture out on a winter’s hike or perhaps are facing a camp out in the bitterness of the night. For some, this type of weight may be a bit extreme. In most cases, reviewers have quickly realized this parka is not intended for milder cold weather. As advertised, it is extremely warm, which means it takes quite a bit of material to provide that warmth. This bulkiness can hinder certain activities, making movements harder, and the chance of feeling a bit too warm to increase. Once again, one of the main things to keep in mind when purchasing the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is its intended purpose. If you are facing off against normal, winter temperatures, where you’ll be doing activities like snowboarding or types of work outside, this parka may be too much to handle.

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Water Resistance

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is intended for certain uses, battling snow and sleet are at the top of this list. This parka is coated with DWR treatment that enables the Arctic Tech fabric to hold up well against the snow. However, when the temperatures warm and the snow and sleet begin to turn to rain, it’s time to shed this parka. The Canada Goose does show issues with being moisture resistant when the rain comes in to play. Considering this parka is far too warm to wear other than in frigid, snowy, conditions it makes sense that when the rain comes out to play, this parka should be packed away.


Despite the fact it is available in many colors, the style of the Canada Goose Expedition Parka wasn’t intended for those wanting to make a fashion statement. On the contrary, this parka is fully intended to be functional, not stylish. Sporting a boxy look, this parka allows for several layers to be added underneath to help with warmth. The real coyote fur lining of the hood can also be considered an issue to anyone who doesn’t wish to wear real fur. If choosing a fashionable parka for frigid temperatures is your goal, then choosing one other than the Canada Goose may be your best option.


When it comes to choosing a durable parka that allows you to function out in the wilderness, whether you are on a camping expedition, hike, or other mountain activity, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is the one you want. The design of this parka makes it tough against the elements, ensuring that it will last you a lifetime. Made from quality materials and developed for the harshest environments around means this winter parka will keep you warm without leaving you with the worry of issues arising in the manufacturing.


Features is another area in which the Canada Goose Expedition Parka excels. Compared to other parkas of its kind on the market, the Canada Goose is loaded with all the features a person needs in a jacket. Here we will discuss a few of those features to give you a look at what you are getting with a purchase of this parka. The hood of the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is lined with real coyote fur to allow for extra warmth and protection. This fur is also reinforced by a three-way adjustable hood drawcord that allows you to tighten it or loosen it as the weather calls for. This is an excellent way of keeping icy winds out of your face when out in the cold.

The Canada Goose Expedition also features a Velcro snow skirt that allows you the opportunity to keep frigid air out and the warmth of this parka in. When venturing around in arctic weather this is a must have to stay warm and toasty no matter the temperature. Like the hood, the waist of this parka also features a drawcord. This cord is used for tightening the parka around you, but as mentioned above, the bulkiness of The Canada Goose makes doing this without issue a bit problematic.

The Canada Goose Expedition also comes with an overabundance of pockets. Featuring an astounding ten exterior pockets, normal day by day users may find themselves trying to come up with a use for this abundance of pockets, but those who use this Parka in arctic regions may find a use for each one. One downside of the pockets of this parka is the outer pockets. Unfortunately, these pockets don’t offer insulation to keep hands warm when using them. Another feature of this parka that aids in keeping out the cold air one may experience when using it is the long, rib knit cuffs. While being an excellent tool for keeping out the cold, these cuffs also make it possible for users to wear gloves on top when needed.


The price of the Canada Goose Expedition Parka can be considered quite steep. This price can be expected when you consider the quality of materials used to make this parka and the intense warmth it provides to users. The Expedition Parka is quite durable, which means it could last for quite a few years. Not having to run out and buy a new parka every winter can be considered a sizable advantage to spending the money for this parka. The Canada Goose Expedition also offers people a lot of features when it comes to battling the cold weather. When debating on whether the price of this parka is worth the features, consider why you’ll be using it. If you face arctic temperatures in the winter, daily, then perhaps the money you’d spend is worth it. This parka is intended to keep a person warm. Although some may find themselves able to handle activities in this jacket, many feel this parka is a bit too much. Keep this in mind before making this steep of a purchase.


Unfortunately, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka isn’t exactly what users would consider versatile. This parka is intended for one purpose, and one purpose only, warmth. With the issues in comfort and weight, using this parka for a long list of activities isn’t practical. In most instances, those who use this parka will realize it is what many would consider a one trick pony. The features added are a nice addition but not enough to offer those who purchase this parka more in the way of performance opportunities.


With the extensive lining used to make the Canada Goose Expedition Parka one of the warmest available on the market, the intended terrain is quite easy to ascertain. It is intended to be used in arctic regions or in areas where those types of temperatures may be experienced. Those who choose to keep active and partake in cold weather activities, this parka may not be ideal when it comes to comfort and style, but it will keep you warm no matter what temperatures you find yourself facing. If these terrains are the ones you intend to face, this parka is the one for you.

Best Applications

There are quite a few applications for the Canada Goose Expedition Parka. Whether you find yourself out in the brutal temperatures one can find themselves facing for amusement or work, this parka will ensure your warmth. Although activities may be limited due to the bulkiness of this parka, you can still find yourself enjoying a long hike, ride on a snowmobile, or even a campout in extreme weather conditions. Keep in mind, however, some strenuous activities like bike riding, shoveling snow, or even climbing aren’t ideal with the weight and heat that can be trapped inside this well-insulated parka.

The Bottom Line

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is ideal for anyone who wants to face the brutal winter months. It is for those who need warmth. Those who are seeking a flexible, lightweight, parka would be best suited choosing one of the others on the market. This jacket is quite weighty due to the large amounts of filling used to provide the warmth needed. If you are in search of a parka that will keep you extremely warm no matter the weather outside, don’t mind the slight loss of comfort and versatility, or the high price tag associated, then perhaps this is the parka you need.