Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Snowboard

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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Snowboard Review Facts

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Pointy HP Snowboard for men is for the advanced or expert rider with its wide assortment of features and qualities. It is ideal for all terrain types and snow conditions. Even in powder, this excellent snowboard will amaze seasoned users with its float and slice abilities. It offers control and edge mastery with the ideal hybrid combination of the rocker and camber forms. As its name suggests, it has a pointy nose, plus a C2 directional freestyle and a medium flex. The directional twin shape blended with these features of the Rice Pro Pointy gives the intermediate rider many opportunities to build their skill level and try the more complicated moves and turns. As some of the well-satisfied customers of this Mervin masterpiece state, it is one of the best boards made by the impressive company. They are very pleased with this product’s performance level that even floats well on powder. It is contest proven and rugged, plus it comes in eight different board lengths from 150cm to 161.5 cm to suit all preferences. There is only one color and graphic design for this board, which was a disappointment for some people, but it is an image of a charging polar bear that is as rugged and fierce as the board itself. The most remarkable quality of this board is the firm stand that the outstanding manufacturer has taken on protecting the environment through their production processes and material selection. They claim to be the most environmentally-friendly board factory in the world, and that is probably very true. They choose only the best renewable woods and recycled plastics for their materials and use the natural energy of Washington State’s wind and water to operate their facility. The finishing touches on the terrific snowboards are non-toxic and water-based, and their wood waste products are returned to the soil to enrich it. You can do your part of going green when purchasing one of their magnificent snowboards, such as the Rice Pro Pointy. We will now take a closer look at the many ideal structures and characteristics of this board in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Made of environmentally-friendly materials and processes
  • Has a medium flex, directional twin shape, and freestyle pointy nose
  • Works well on all terrain types and snow conditions
  • Offered in eight different lengths
  • Gives you control and edge in all terrains
  • Is the ideal hybrid of rocker and camber forms
  • Best for advanced and intermediate riders
  • Is not a board for beginners or novices because of the advanced features
  • Only comes in one color and graphic design not allowing a choice


The Rice Pro Pointy Snowboard is made by the most environmentally-friendly board factory in the world. Every step of their processes, power, materials, and waste is done in a way that richly sustains the planet. By purchasing one of their boards rather than a competitor’s board, you will be doing your part too in consciously choosing to go green and save our environment. Their boards are built with generated power from water and wind in Washington State and not electricity. They use eco materials with an eco-process and eco power, then recycle the extra materials. The waste products such as sawdust are returned to the earth to enrich the soil. Bio top sheets, recycled sidewalls, recycled plastics, and renewable woods are the materials they use to create their excellent boards. All coatings, inks, and sublimation are water-based and non-toxic. Not only do these excellent materials and processes make a board that is far superior to other popular brands, but these impressive pieces of snowboarding equipment will also last longer, be more durable, and perform much better than any others.

Key Features

-Environmentally made and contest proven to be one of the best boards
-Includes freestyle pointy nose, medium flex, and C2 directional freestyle
-Performs well on all terrain types, is rugged, and floats well
-Hits the limits of snowboarding possibilities, yet it is playful and fun
-Offered in eight different lengths to suit most snowboarding preferences
-Made of end grain birch wood, aspen, and paulownia materials
-The ideal hybrid of rocker and camber for a perfectly smooth ride
-Directional twin shape that is rugged and excellently made
-For advanced and intermediate riders to build their skills and levels
-Perfect for resort riding and all terrains that you can encounter for the sport


The Lib Tech T Rice Pro Pointy has a C2 directional freestyle, a pointy nose, and a medium flex. Just these features give you a lightweight board that will not take on powder and is sturdier than most other boards of its type. It is contest proven and rugged on the slopes. The pointy nose helps with powder terrains, so the snow does not build up on the tip of the boards. With a medium flex, riders will experience a sounder board that has more stability for the rough terrains. Some would call it stiff because it does not have much give in it, but that is exactly what you need for a board with these intermediate and expert riding capability levels. Seasoned riders can expect and depend on a quality ride from this excellent board. It is responsive to the many terrains you can encounter in the parks and on the mountain slopes, as well as the various snow surfaces that are possible. You will not be caught off guard with an inappropriate board because the Rice Pro Pointy can handle them all.


Long-lasting, lightweight, and powerfully-thin tip construction is the build of the Rice Pro Pointy. Satisfied advanced and long-time snowboarding customers say this board is stable and steady, turns and carves well, and does well going through powder. It is one of the best Mervin boards made that works well on all terrain types and floats well according to happy buyers. We had a hard time finding any negative comments about this board. When we did, it was only about little detail comments about the color, style, graphics, and levels of the board. All of the positive feedback from online buyers shows how well advanced and expert riders love this board and all it can do. Some buyers that have over twenty years of snowboarding experience were well-pleased with the excellence of the Rice Pro Pointy and its superior features. The possibilities are endless as to what this ideal board can accomplish. Advanced riders will want to push their skills and this terrific board to the limit just to see what it can do.


This is a versatile board to hit the limits and still be playful and fun when you want it to be. With advanced features and qualities, you get more capabilities on the snow. It is more advanced than the beginner or novice can handle because of the increased flex and style of the board. The expert and seasoned rider will be able to perform well and increased his skill level with such a well-crafted piece of snowboarding equipment. The shapes are line ready, and this incredible board is offered in eight different board lengths from 150cm to 161.5cm. Any snowboarder should be able to find the perfect length that they like best. Even though only one color and graphic design are available, the Rice Pro Pointy does have a cool graphic of a charging polar bear and a man on a horse in the snow. The picture is as fierce as the board that can tear through the snow like a mad charging bear.

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There is much support for the advanced rider with this outstanding snowboard, including the sintered base and sublimated eco bio beans that are part of the build of the board. It has end grain birch wood on the internal sidewalls, sintered UHMWPE on the edge sidewalls, and a mix of aspen and paulownia for the board core. The UHMWPE tail and tip deflection along with the slim and lightweight spin tip and tail give the expert rider the swift handling capabilities for the most advanced moves. The sublimated eco sintered base and bio beans eco sublimated top give the Rice Pro Pointy the durability and stability that will make it last a long time in prime condition. Notice all of the natural woods and materials that the manufacturer uses in the crafting of these snowboards. Not only does the process help the environment, but it also allows you to help it too by purchasing such a health-conscious product. The longevity of the board is also increased because of the high-quality materials and natural processes of the manufacturing.


Great for all terrains, this outstanding snowboard lets you rip, float, and jib with confidence and precision. Wherever you want to ride and whatever the conditions, you will be able to handle it well and go where others only dream to go with the Rice Pro Pointy board. It has a freeride nose that is pointy and can perform well with freestyle, freeride, and all-mountain surfaces. It does not matter the snow conditions of any particular day because you will be able to ride whatever the day brings. This is a medium-flex board that allows you plenty of charges that is hard but not in a harsh way. You will seem to be working the board hard, but in reality, it will be an easy simple ride for you because of the terrific features of this amazing snowboard. The Rice Pro Pointy can be as serious as the rider on it but can also be playful and fun to show off the fun moves and turns that make snowboarding what it is.


With magnet-traction, you have control and unreal edge in all snow and terrain conditions. This model is the ideal hybrid of rocker and camber with a directional twin shape. Being a hybrid of these two board features gives the user additional flexibility in their moves and skills in handling rough territories and snow types. With the Rice Pro Pointy, you will be able to perform well on hard packed snow as well as powder because it sliced through both with precision and ease. No surface area will be out of your range with this well-balanced board with the traction needed to conquer any terrain and roughness of the surface.


Utilized best for advanced and intermediate riders, this snowboard is perfect for resort riding and rips all types of snow conditions including powder. While it is best suited for the advanced to expert ability level, it does not hurt for those with fewer abilities and experience to become familiar with such an excellent board. They should know the possibilities and capabilities of the sport of snowboarding if they are to become the future daredevils of the mountains and parks. Seeing such remarkable boards gives young and inexperienced riders the stamina to tough it out on lesser boards until they are ready for such an incredible ride.

The Bottom Line

We are just as pleased with the characteristics, performance level, and qualities of this incredible snowboard as the many happy buyers are with their purchase of it. Besides being a well-built board for the advanced or expert rider that has the needed features for all-terrain riding, it is a board that is excellently crafted with natural and sustainable processes and materials to keep our world green. Some manufacturers choose natural materials, but this one builds the whole board from start to finish in the most ecological way that they can. This is impressive to all of us who want to do our part in protecting the environment. With the Rice Pro Pointy, you get this incredible sound and stable board that will last a long time and performs very well on any snow surface and any terrain type. It has a medium flex for greater stability and a freestyle pointy nose to deal with powder surfaces well. This directional hybrid board is contest proven and rugged to be flexible to all environments you could possibly encounter in the parks and on the slopes. if you want to improve your skills and turns, then try out the exciting and fun capabilities of the excellent Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Pointy Hp Snowboard for men.