Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot

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Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot Review Facts

The Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot for men is an excellent revised model for intermediate or seasoned skiers that participate in downhill skiing. This is the 2018-2019 version of this popular model that has improvements for fit, durability, style, and support. it is a medium-flex boot of 100, which leans more to the stiff side of the stiffness range in flexing. There are several features that the X Pro 100 sports to add to the comfort and performance level of the user, such as a 24mm pivot and the performance liner of a 3D custom fit. Regular boots have an 8mm pivot, but this model adds the flexibility and versatility needed for the quick sharp movements of an advanced user. With the custom-fit pre-shaped 3D liners, twin frame 2, and DIN pads, the user is perfectly fitted for one incredibly comfortable boot for his favorite sport. The DIN pads can be removed for simplicity, and the fit is customized with the twin frame 2 technology. Even the shell is custom made with great rigidity over the instep, shell backbone, and the flexing cuffs. A sturdy power strap and micro aluminum buckles are attached to the boot for custom fastening and tightening for the ideal fit. There is much cushion foam in the X Pro 100 to support and comfort the foot shape, shins, and instep. This is important for those long hours of activity on the slopes. as with most models of sportswear and gear, this revised ski boot model is perfect for the user with regular-shaped feet and calves of medium volume. Those with feet other than this description will have to look for other models to suit them best. We discuss all of these qualities and features of the 2018-2019 model of the X Pro 100 completely in the full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has 24mm pivot that is oversized
  • Suitable for most foot shapes
  • Has a calf of medium volume
  • Fit is customized with this technology
  • The DIN pads are removable
  • Is a medium flex boot of 100
  • Lightweight buckles for superior comfort
  • Best use is for downhill skiing
  • For the intermediate level
  • Does not fit wide calves or wide feet
  • A choice of colors is not offered


With custom-fit pre-shaped 3D liners, the X Pro 100 will grip the heels and ankles without any pressure, so you feel nothing but comfort. The most important aspect of ski boots is that they are comfortable. If they are not, it is worse than not having any at all. These 3D liners go a long way in increasing the level of pleasure your feet will feel when you are on the slopes. The strong foam that conforms to the foot shape is under the foot, along the shins, and over the insteps for an overall grip of firm comfort. This superb foam helps with the outstanding foothold grip and gives you the stability needed for longer wear and usage of the boots.


The 24mm pivot that is oversized gives more power to the user than the typical pivots of 8mm. when your flexibility is increased, your moves are enhanced, and your performance level gets much better. The pivot gives efficient transmission during downhill performances. You will have more control over the movement of the skis and how you handle tough situations as they arise. The performance liner is My 3D Custom Fit for the best level of comfort that you will experience with a ski boot. The X Pro 100 was created for an enhanced performance level by means of increasing the fit and feel of the boot. Made just for calves of regular size and regular foot shapes, it will accommodate most users.

Key Features

-Has custom-fit pre-shaped 3D liners
-Foam that conforms to the foot shape
-24mm pivot that is oversized
-Has a 360-degree shell that is custom made
-Twin frame 2 for flex and rebound
-Is a medium flex boot of 100
-Includes four buckles of micro aluminum
-Buckles are lighter than regular buckles
-Rigid upper shell for conforming


The liner of the X Pro 100 is made of a thermal-formable foam material to not only be very comfortable and relaxing on the feet, ankles, and shins, but to also give an adequate level of protection for the feet and leg bottoms. These areas of the body need extra foam protection because there is little cushioning naturally in these sections of the body. Some warmth is also provided with this foam material in retaining the body heat in the boot area. The moldable liner is mostly for comfort but can also add an additional layer of protection for the foot and leg.


The X Pro 100 has power transmission with the lower rigid shell in the sturdy heels, the binding areas of contact, and along the foot sides. It is built to withstand the swift movements and tough treatment that ski boots are subjected to often on the slopes. the durable heels are made tougher than previous models because of the extreme punishment they must endure. With stronger binding in the most used areas of the boot, this Salomon model will last for many years of rugged use. the side of the foot in ski boots take more punishment than is realized from the weight of the body and the quick moves while skiing. Having the toughest construction in these foot areas results in a boot that will be able to see you through the most rigorous workouts. The upper shell gives just the right amount of rigidity over the instep, the flexing and supportive shell backbone, and in the flexing cuffs. This area must not only give with your movements but also be supportive in holding the foot steady and secure during your activities.


Size is the only aspect that we found to be a concerning issue for this Salomon model. Manufacturers are making their general wear activity and sports models to be more suitable for the athletic build with regular-sized calves and foot shapes. This is understandable because this one model must satisfy the general sports population, which has regular-sized features. It is not as common for those with wide feet or extremely muscular calves to be in the majority for the sport and activity of skiing. The skier is commonly the athletic thin build with regular leg and foot aspects, so manufacturers such as Salomon must gear their products in the direction and comfort zone of these users. Specialty equipment can be obtained online also with a bit of researching for the desired characteristics. The calf size is of medium volume for the X Pro 100 with most shapes of the foot being the best fit with the molding process. This great model has a 360-degree shell that is custom made and a twin frame 2 for dynamic flex and improved rebound. The fit is customized with this technology to give you the most comfort during skiing.


With a power strap of 35mm, the X Pro 100 has added performance and transmission of direct energy. It allows the stability needed for the sharp turns and swift movements required of great skiers. It is not just a coincidence that as your sports equipment improves, so does your overall performance level. This is also true of the comfort of the equipment. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you become. Once your confidence rises, then you start to perform better because you are willing to risk the more advanced moves that you would not have taken with lesser gear. The DIN pads for the toe and heel are removable for cleaning and flexibility in using the ski boots. You may not always need them, but they are great to have for the extra comfort they provide.


The X Pro 100 for men is a medium-flex boot of 100 according to the manufacturer with flex adjustment. As most of you already know, the flex of a ski boot refers to how hard it is to forward flex the boot. The range of ski boot flex is generally from 50 to 130, with the lower numbers being the softest and the higher numbers being the stiffest. Because this Solomon product is in the middle of the range, it is considered as medium-flex. It does tend to be stiff, which is what is needed and desired for skiers that are more extreme and faster than regular skiers. This extra stiffness maintains the stability of the boot better for the more difficult moves and speeds that advanced and seasoned skiers need. This particular model does not have a walk mode, which means that the cuff does not have a switch to make hiking or walking easier by loosening it. this can be considered a drawback for this model, especially if you appreciate this feature for your comfort. Having this quality in a ski boot can also add to the longevity and durability of the equipment.


Besides the extra support from the foam materials and power strap, this Salomon boot model includes four buckles of micro aluminum for fastening and tightening on the foot. These sturdy buckles are lighter than regular buckles and designed for superior comfort. When combined with the medium flex of the boot, the user has a supportive and stable boot for the foot and the shin to depend on for all of the advanced and difficult moves on the slopes. because they are lightweight, they will not add to the bulk of the equipment needed for the sport of skiing or take away unnecessary energy in lugging them on the boots. Solomon seems to have thought out even the tiniest little detail on these boots to give you the best ski experience and performance level.


The best use for this revised model of the X Pro 100 boot for men is downhill skiing. All of the features and qualities are designed to aid with the pressure and force of the activity that the skier will experience in the downhill activity. This is why the flex is a medium stiffness that tends more toward the stiffer end of the spectrum. It aids with keeping the boot straight and unyielding with the gravitational and movement force that would pull it forward when going at high speeds down the slopes. Without this strong flex, durable buckles, and heavy-duty power strap, the user would not have as much control or support to handle the more experienced routes on hills and mountains. These excellent boots are certainly for the intermediate level of skiers that have some experience on the slopes and require the stiffness and stability that the X Pro 100 provides.

Ease of Use

As with most other ski boots for men, this revised Salomon model is very similar to most popular models with the ease of using them. They are as simple to put on and take off like other brands with the buckles, power strap, and the flexing cuffs. It does take a bit more work to get into these than a regular boot, but the added fasteners help with the strength, durability, and support to the user when skiing. As the expertise of the skier advances from beginner to advanced or from soft flex to medium flex, he will be able to feel the difference that this type of high-quality boot can make in performance. It is then that he will appreciate the many features that contribute to the well-being and sturdiness of this item. The X Pro 100 is built to last for many years of exciting skiing on the slopes.

Bottom Line

Being that the only negative features of the Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot for men is that it does not have a walk mode, selection of colors, and the fit is for regular sized feet and calves, it is considered by customers as one of the best currently on the market. Made precisely for intermediate and advanced skiers, it has the flex, support, and comfort that such seasoned users need and desire. We recommend it for those of you who enjoy the thrilling and exhilarating downhill winter experiences of a lifetime.