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Osprey Talon 22 Backpack Review Facts

Osprey has done it again with another winning updated version of their Osprey Talon 22 Backpack! Plenty of online buyers are thrilled with this improved model so much that it has a 4.7 approval rating currently.

Osprey Talon 22 helps you achieve speed, so people often use it for multi-sport activities, and fast movers commonly use it. The Airscape panel in the back has been upgraded to have less glue and material for added breathability for the user’s back, also. The mesh material used for the exterior pockets and the hip belt has proven to be more flexible yet sturdier and longer lasting.

There is one main compartment with a small pocket inside for essentials and seven exterior pockets for quick access. Two of those are external sleeves for hydration that can accommodate large water bottles of the 24-ounce size.

Their positioning on the outside gives the person quick access and keeps spills from affecting the contents inside the pack. The uses of Osprey Talon 22 are many and include hiking, mountain biking, market trips, urban commutes, diaper bags, backpacking, travel, and sightseeing. Join the many people who are already enjoying this updated version and try it for your next adventure!


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Back panel improved for added breathability
  • Advanced for speed and stability
  • Large water bottles (24oz.) fit on both sides
  • Ideal for peak bagging, biking, and panel loading
  • Good for a diaper bag, walking at Disney, and day hiking
  • Use for market trips, backpacking, and urban commutes
  • Better for multi-sport activities and fast movers
  • Bungee tie-offs and a loop for an ice tool
  • Hip belt pockets will not fit a modern cellphone
  • For larger guys the hip belt can be too short; hip pockets can be inaccessible



Loyal fans of the Osprey brand and this Osprey Talon 22 model will notice some subtle improvements from previous models they may still have and use. One of those revisions is the Airscape panel for the back of the pack. It now has less glue and material, so it does not have as much surface area against the user’s back as before.

This panel has accordion spread foam ridges that are created of mesh to afford the most ventilation to keep you fresh on hot or warm days. Of course, this change does wonders for the comfort level when carrying your pack. Many people have noticed the difference already and are pleased with the advanced technology in the new design.


The Osprey Talon 22 Backpack has an approval rating online of 4.7, which is an incredible measurement of success for the company.

The main reason for such a high satisfaction number is the changes the manufacturer made for comfort. We did not see anyone comment even in negative reviews that this pack was anything but comfortable and versatile.

Part of the support comes from the flexibility with which you can use this item, but mostly it is for the alterations in the carry and compression straps, hip belt, and harness.

The carry/compression straps are Lower InsideOut and can be used even when you have things in the side pockets. Compression straps help stabilize the weight of the pack and keep it centered on your back for travel. If you are interested in backpacks for travel, take a look at this guide.

The carry system is quite stable with the surrounding wrap hip belt and the BioStretch harness. The hip belt not only supports some the pack weight on the hips but also stabilizes the bottom of it and gives you places in the pockets to put quick access items.


With all of the straps, harness, pockets, and compartments, you can truly make this pack very individualized for your taste and preference. Everything is so adjustable to make it feel as you wish on your back. The main compartment has panel access that is dual zippered, and the mesh pockets have side stretch. Store quick access essentials and snacks in the hip belt pockets.

These are zippered as well as the top panel slash pocket. One buyer mentioned that the thing he liked most about the Talon 22 pack is that it was simple to use with not an overabundance of pockets. Most of them are on the outside of the bag to give the user quick access to their essential gear faster. The main compartment has only one small zippered pouch inside. All of the other pockets are on the exterior.


Osprey Talon 22 comes in two sizes of small-medium or medium-large. The small-medium will fit waist sizes of 16 to 20 inches and has 31 liters of volume, and the medium-large is for 19 to 23 inches waist, with a capacity of 33 liters.

Even if the small fits the wearer, they could get the larger one for the added room and longer straps. This backpack model is surprisingly lightweight for its size and large capacity, as many customers have said in their online feedback.

The size is also the biggest problem of this product, unfortunately. It seems that more massive guys are having trouble with the hip belt and the straps fitting them adequately, much less comfortably. The only way some of them can get the straps to adjust to the body is if they wear only a thin shirt.

If they were to wear a jacket, coat, or thicker shirt over pants instead of thin shorts, then they would not be able to fasten the straps at all. Several of them even claimed that if they could get the straps and hip belt to close, then the hip belt pockets were not in the right place to be accessible. A backpack that is not comfortable or enjoyable to wear is not one that you are going to use often.


There is much talk online among buyers as to the improvements for this Osprey Talon 22 model and which one is the latest version.

Osprey keeps upgrading its products, which is a good thing to keep customers happy. Unfortunately, it is also confusing them with the numerous new models. If their buddies tell them to get the model they have, it could be daunting to find the exact one they mentioned.

This model improved for speed, is better for multi-sport activities and fast movers. The compression straps have a lot to do with this ability, as well as the changes for a lighter pack. This 22-liter capacity hiking backpack is still loved and preferred by many women, besides being designed for men.

Osprey Talon 22 comes in several solid vivid colors of black, blue, green, and red, and the overall online rating for satisfaction is 4.7. It is quite possible that choosing a favorite color will be the most challenging decision you have to make when purchasing this pack. They are all great!


We want to mention a bit of information concerning the hip belt, the hip belt pockets, and the hydration sleeve, which are some supportive features of the Osprey Talon 22 you will love. This item includes an outer sleeve for hydration that makes refilling simple and guards from spills in the pack. There is one on each side that can hold the larger size of water bottles, such as the 24-ounce size.

We noticed many happy comments concerning this small aspect of the pack. As one buyer stated, even if you do not want to carry that much water, you can not fill the bladder all the way full. At least you will have the capacity to take that amount of hydration with you.

The Osprey Talon 22 has two zippered hip belt pockets. These should be in a position to be easily accessible without removing the pack, as that is the whole point of having them there in the first place. However, if the belt does not fit correctly, then these pockets will be out of reach for the user. The pockets are what some customers complained about in their reviews.

For those with larger waists, these pockets are not in the best position for comfort and access. One user noted too that even with the pockets in the right place, they would not accommodate the typical size of cellphone that people have today. It is too small to fit in the provided space. Osprey, if you are listening, your loyal fans would like bigger hip belt pockets for their phones, please.


There are many unique and creative ways that people have come up with to enjoy and use this wonderful backpack. People use Osprey Talon 22 for backpacking, hiking, and biking, but it can also be used for peak bagging, panel loading, and mountain biking. As a day pack it is highly versatile and is used often for market trips, urban commutes.

It is even deal for day hiking, sightseeing while traveling, a diaper bag for all day, or even while roaming around Disney theme parks. Yes, isn’t that a terrific idea!

You can bring all of your necessary items, especially if you have kids or babies to tend to during the day, in this lightweight pack.
It can be worn all day for hiking or sightseeing, and you will not feel the bag digging into your back at all. If you have ever worn a pack that has caused this discomfort, you will love how this product feels after a long day out.


If you are on the fence as to which of the Osprey packs to get or which version to buy, we would like to shed some light on four of their similar bags available. The other products are the Talon 44, the Talon 33, and the Talon 11. The main difference is glaringly obvious, which is the capacity. The number in the name is how many liters they each hold.

Compared to these three packs, Osprey Talon 22 is similar in the pole attachment, compression straps, hydration sleeve on the outside, and the hip belt pockets that are zippered. It is just like the Talon 11 in having panel access with zipper, two top panel stash pockets that are zippered, and the LidLock attachment for a helmet.

Osprey Talon 22 is the only one of the four that has the single loop for an ice tool. The Talon 44 and 33 have access to loading the top and two loops for an ice tool.

So, in short, the Talon has only one loop for an ice tool, no top access for top loading, and is on the lower end of capacity with the others. Osprey has made changes to the Talon 22 model itself with a sturdier stretchy material for the pockets and hip belt. This new fabric makes it sturdier and longer lasting.

Ease of Use

We want to mention a few of the smaller extras that come with the Osprey Talon 22 that many will enjoy and appreciate. They are not main qualities but certainly do add to the value of this great product. It includes a LidLock brand helmet attachment so that biking helmets can be carried on the exterior with ease.

There is a trekking pole Stow-On-The-Go attachment for those that carry poles but do not need them in hand all the time. This model uses stretch mesh for the slash pockets for a harness, which is supposed to be more durable and sturdier than previous versions. Included are bungee tie-offs and a loop for an ice tool to give the user a more excellent range and flexibility of terrains and travel options.

Bottom Line

You really cannot go wrong with this latest version of the Osprey Talon 22 if you need a lightweight pack with exceptional versatility and comfort. The 4.7 approval rating from loads of customers tells the story in a nutshell of how great this product is.

The only concerns that we dug up in our research are that the hip belt straps can be too short for more massive guys making the pockets on the belt not accessible.

Also, modern phones may not fit in those hip pockets, and it is possible to have trouble with the zippers sticking. As you can see, these issues are minor and have nothing to do with any flaws or problems with the product itself. The Osprey Talon 22 is a great backpack genuinely worth considering for its lightweight and extensive capacity features.