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Oboz Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe Review Facts

Are you looking for a beautiful low hiking or backpacking shoe that has outstanding traction for outdoor surfaces? Look no further because the Oboz Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe for men has it all. It features a design that is trail-ready, tough, and agile.

This is an active boot-style piece of footwear. It allows ankle freedom that high-ankle shoes cannot give but with the protection and flexibility of a low-ankle model. It has an O FIT insole and an EVA high-density sculpted arch for excellent foot positioning and support.

The upper and lining of nylon mesh and leather are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep the foot comfortable from body heat and sweat. Removable insoles and a well-padded heel and tongue add to the comfort of the Oboz Sawtooth.

There are excellent traction and lugs on the bottom and side of the outsoles that are quite apparent even in the online photos. This sticky and durable rubber on the outsoles is fantastic for both dry and wet outdoor environment surfaces. The majority of buyers are very pleased with the Oboz Sawtooth model.

If you are in search of low hiking breathable shoe and want to learn more, make sure you read our in-depth review on Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Shoe.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Upper top layer is comfortable and moisture wicking
  • Heel and tongue are well-padded for comfort
  • Insoles can be removed
  • Offered in a black or brown version
  • Sizes are true according to customers
  • Active boot-style that is trail-ready, tough, and agile
  • Ankle height with a lace-up closure
  • Lining and upper is made of nylon mesh and leather
  • Best used for hiking and backpacking
  • Heels can wear down quickly within months on concrete and pavement
  • Does not have the best texture for smooth surfaces
  • Could be more ventilated says a few buyers

Key Features

-The insole is O FIT for a natural position
-EVA high-density sculpted arch
-A roomy toe box that is not too large
-Excellent traction and lugs on bottom and sides
-Shank improves surefootedness and decreases rock bruising
-Good solid toe protector of rubber
-Upper is a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh material
-Sticky and durable rubber on the outsoles
-Two loop grips on the tongue and the heel


Several people that have had the Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe model awhile still enjoy the incredible support that they like from the shoe. It has a design that is trail-ready, tough, and agile to be long-lasting and durable for years to come. The rubber on the soles will not peel even after years of use, and the seams will hold well unlike most other types of hiking shoes that you may be used to wearing.

This information is what the manufacturer boasts about the Sawtooth, but many customers are experiencing something entirely different when it comes to durability. It is also the reason for the 3.9 rating online that this product has. Buyers say that the heels can wear down quickly within months when worn regularly on concrete or pavement.

The sole is usually the first thing to wear through with regular and continued use after years of wear. If you use it outdoors in wooded or grassy areas, the shoe sole will not wear out as quickly.

Ground Feel

The insole of the Sawtooth from Oboz is O FIT, which creates a natural position for the foot. You get superior support with the EVA high-density sculpted arch and the deep cup heel of EVA and high-density for the best support and stability. It provides rebound and absorption with the EVA pods of the insole.

The insole has EVA of medium density on the other parts of the insole for terrific underfoot support. Insoles can be removed, and the heel and tongue are well-padded for comfort. The top layer is comfortable and moisture wicking, and there is a roomy toe box that is not too large but quite comfortable.


The lightweight and firm midsole of this low hiking shoe permits an outsole that is streamlined. Even though it has a narrower outsole, there are plenty of sizes accommodated with this model. It also delivers protection and excellent torsional stability.

The midsole is Bfit Deluxe and has a nylon shank that gives additional support from the forefront to the heel. You get balanced cushioning that is supportive from the EVA dual-density midsole.

The motive for the creation of this hiking product was to engineer a shoe that is perfect for the rough terrain you find in any natural outdoor environment, as it will grip to any surfaces you will encounter in the wild.


The Oboz Sawtooth shoe for men has a Shank Outsole of nylon that is EVA and dual density. There are excellent traction and lugs on the bottom and side of the outsoles. It uniquely has a map of the Sun Valley Sawtooth Mountain Range of Idaho molded on the bottom.

This excellent model offers plenty of traction for any surface area but can be a problem on wet smooth surfaces according to customers. Since it is designed for use in the outdoors in rugged environments, this shoe does not have a traction texture for not slipping on smooth surfaces.

If you plan on using it indoors on cement or concrete, then be wary of the outsole texture. Some people find this footwear to be so comfortable when they purchase it for outdoor use that they eventually wear it to work, home, or for around town too. That is when the issue of the traction comes into play.


Offered in a black or brown version to match most hiking and backpacking clothing, the Oboz Sawtooth model is made of synthetic material and leather. It is an active boot-style shoe of ankle height with a lace-up closure. Sizes are accurate according to customers who were delighted that they received an excellent fit for their regular shoe size.

Since the toe box is larger than most other hiking shoes and there are wide sizes offered, sizing is not a problem of this product. The current satisfaction rating is mostly because of the traction, or lack of traction, that this footwear has on smooth or wet surfaces. It is not versatile in that respect, which disappointed buyers.

If the shoe is regularly used on concrete or pavement, then the rubber sole wears down quickly. The comfort is outstanding, as some prefer this model over other mid-high boots for hiking.


As one user noticed, the support for the foot is wrapped around the heel for added stability. The nylon shanks improve the user’s surefootedness on different terrains and decrease rock bruising of the foot. There is even a good solid toe protector of rubber to guard the toes against stubbing on rocks, branches, and debris encountered.

The outsole is supportive, flexible, and versatile with its thru-hiker classic Oboz build. It has been described as being soft and flexible, but not to the point that you will feel items such as rocks underfoot.

We noticed many comments of the terrific support and comfort of this product online even from buyers that have issues with the soles. It is certainly built for giving the user the best comfort with the arch, heel, and insole stability that is needed for long periods of standing and walking.


The upper of this incredible model is a breathable mesh material that releases body heat and sweat with its properties of moisture-wicking. Moisture is taken away from your skin and released to the surfaces on the exterior to evaporate. The foot stays dry with this technology of moisture release.

The lining and the upper are constructed of a ventilated mesh material and Nubuck leather. It is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. If you are caught in a rain shower, then your feet should remain dry inside.

However, walking through streams or puddles will most likely not be the best practice. It is hard for manufacturers to make footwear that is both well ventilated and waterproof because these are opposite ends of the spectrum for foot comfort. Even with the excellent ventilation of the mesh material that this shoe has, a few buyers did comment that it could be more aerated than it is.


The Oboz Sawtooth for men was designed to be a hiking shoe that can conquer any outdoor rugged terrain. It is also a great backpacking or camping piece of footwear that has fabulous traction in the wild. Other sports and activities such as fishing and hunting are also perfect for this product.

Many buyers use this shoe for office work and warehouse work because of the superior support for standing all day long. Some find it very versatile for uses at work, home, and even walking the dog where they live. The manufacturer claims that it has a sticky and durable rubber on the outsoles with aggressive lugs that is fantastic for both dry and wet surfaces.

On the other hand, customers say that wet hard surfaces can be a problem for the type of traction this shoe has since it does not grip well on smooth surfaces. If you purchase it for hiking or backpacking and can incorporate it into your daily life, then that is all the better!


When compared to the several similar shoe models the company makes, at first glance, they all look alike. There are about six models of low hiking footwear that can be hard to choose from when selecting a pair. Hopefully, we can summarize their features for you and show you how this Sawtooth version is different than the rest.

They all have the O FIT insole, and all but the Bridger Low Waterproof model has an upper of synthetic and leather. All of them are ideal for backpacking and hiking, and the only two shoes that are not waterproof is this one and the Traverse Low.

The Sawtooth outsole is on this version, the Firebrand II Low Waterproof, and the Sawtooth Low Waterproof. The other models have an outsole of Granite Peak instead of the Sawtooth outsole. Full sizes are offered for this model, the Firebrand II Low Waterproof, and the Tamarack Low Waterproof. So, on the plus side, the Sawtooth has the Sawtooth outsole and a more extensive selection of sizes, but on the downside, it is not one of the waterproof models that are offered.

Ease of Use

A couple of implemented aspects of this footwear make it easy for buyers to use. There are two loop grips to aid with putting the shoe on and taking it off on the tongue and the heel back. These will assist with proper placement of the shoe on foot so that you can take full advantage of its comfort level.

It uses strong loops for the laces instead of eyelets for added durability and longevity of both the laces and the holding placement on the shoe. One terrific quality that several customers noticed when they put their shoe on for the first time was that this model is ready to wear comfortably when received but will loosen somewhat after wearing awhile.

Not all shoes are so comfortable immediately when you receive them, as they must be worked in with use. This is not a problem with the Oboz Sawtooth for men.

Bottom Line

The Oboz Sawtooth footwear model for men has a few issues that customers have encountered, which warrant the decent but not excellent satisfaction rating it currently has. The reasons for this poor rating are mostly related to the rubber outsoles. Since this model was created for the outdoor environment, it is not ideal for concrete or pavement.

Since some buyers have used it exclusively for their jobs or around the city, it has come to light that the soles wear down quickly on such surfaces. On smooth or wet surfaces, the traction is not the best either. Being that the Oboz Sawtooth is a hiking shoe, the traction is engineered for the common surface types that one would come across in the wild, which does not include pavement or concrete.

Adapting the footwear to something other than it was initially designed is not a good reason to fault the shoe. It works perfectly for where it is supposed to be used. For comfort and support, the Oboz Sawtooth is a viable option.