Klymit Static V2 Ultralight Sleeping Pad

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Klymit Static V2 Ultralight Sleeping Pad Review Facts

How would you like to purchase just one sleeping pad that will last you for the rest of your life? The Klymit Static V2 Ultralight Sleeping Pad is that very product.

It is a revised model of the previous Static V. It is now 12% lighter with a robust 30D polyester top instead of the 75D top. Economical, simple to use, and very comfortable, this model features V-Chamber ridges, side rails, a Twist-Pull secure valve, and Body Mapping to make you the most comforted for sleeping away from home. The sturdy bottom material is resistant to abrasions, punctures, and tears, but even if this happens to yours, the company provides a lifetime warranty for a free replacement product.

It compresses to the size of a soda can, weighs just one pound, and has an R-value of 1.3. Best used for backpacking because of the minimal weight, the Klymit Static V2 is also terrific to keep in a vehicle for emergencies, travel, car camping, tent camping, a hammock, or at the airport for flight delays. Included with the purchase are a stuff sack and a patch repair kit. This sleeping pad item has an approval rating of 4.4 online with customers who would mostly purchase it again if needed.

Editor's Pros & Cons

For side, back, and stomach sleepers

Resistant to abrasions, punctures, and tears

Ultra-comfortable, rugged, and lightweight

Compacts small; built tough

Economical, simple to use, and comfortable

Comes with a lifetime guarantee

All points of body contact are supported well

Use for travel, backpacking, and car camping

Good for emergencies, delayed flights, and hammocks

Takes just ten breaths to inflate


Higher ridges in the middle may be uncomfortable for a few people

Some experienced a loss of air during the night

Was noisy for several folks when they moved around

Key Features

V-Chamber and side rails technology
Weight is 16.3 ounces; R-value of 1.3
Compact size is 8 x 3 inches
Inflated dimensions are 72 x 23 x 2.5 inches
Bottom of 75D polyester and a 30D polyester top
12 % lighter than the original Static V model
Stuff sack for storage and a patch kit
Body Mapping aspect for body support
Twist-Pull secure valve with a secure seal
Rapid inflate and deflate


The Static V2 is all about comfort from the small size and weight to the incredible sleeping experience it provides the user.

This improved model has less weight than its predecessor, the Static V, so it is easier to carry and manage on trips. The best comfort feature, however, is the way it feels when you sleep on it. From the photos of this product, you can see the large ridges that fill up with air when it is inflated. They are higher in the middle to give the most support. The company calls this a V-chamber and side rails.

Air movement is minimized with this patented build, and the insulating performance is maintained in this way. The side rails and V-shape prevent shifting of air and keep the pad stable as you move on it. It is these rails that give you a comfortable and secure sleep with centering the body and controlling the movement of air when you turn and toss on the pad.

It works just as well for side sleepers as those that are comfy on their backs or stomachs. Some people may find the ridges in the middle to be hard or uncomfortable after a few hours, but the majority of users find this build quite comfortable.


The previous model of this wonderful sleeping pad was constructed completely of 75D polyester to be very sturdy and tough. To make the product lighter, but without taking away any of the durability, the top layer was changed to 30D polyester.

The bottom is still the 75D material to be rugged and long-lasting against the ground surfaces it will encounter during trips. The bottom is still resistant to abrasions, punctures, and tears, while at the same time its comfort and lightness have improved greatly.

As many customers have expressed in their feedback of this product online, it is so durable and long-lasting that it will most likely be the last pad for sleeping that you will ever need to purchase. Yes, the quality is that good. But even if it wasn’t, the company gives you another one free of charge and shipping expenses if something goes wrong. Incredible!


Not only will you be comfortable with the Klymit Static V2 Ultralight, but you will be warmer with it than without it too. The pad traps the sleeping bag warmth beneath you with this innovative design as it has an R-value of 1.3.

You need to look at reviews and testimonies online to verify that yes, this sleeping pad can make you warmer with it directly underneath you and your sleeping bag. Just by keeping you off the ground it makes you warmer, but even with no insulation, it has the design that helps trap body heat below you.

For those of you that are new to R-values and their measurement, R-values go from 1.0 to 9.5 with 1.0 being minimally insulated and 9.5 being well-insulated. So, without being insulated, the Static V2 does help capture some warmth in colder climates and winter conditions.


When inflated, the dimensions of this Klymit Sleeping Pad are 72 x 23 x 2.5 inches and when compressed it is 8 x 3 inches. No, that is not a misprint. This spectacular item goes from the size of the human body to the mere volume of a can of soda in just minutes.Not only that, but it weighs just 16.3 ounces or just a smidge over one pound! The top is made of a light material to help make the product lighter without taking away durability. It weighs much less than similar products in thickness, size, and R-value whether they are pads or air mattresses.


The Static V2 Ultralight is this year’s new model of sleeping pad from Klymit that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The previous version was the Static V, which was not light enough for some customers.

This one is 12% lighter than the original with an improved and lighter top of 30D polyester instead of the 75D that is still used for the bottom. It is economical, simple to use, and comfortable. Included with the purchase of this product are a stuff sack for storage and transport and a patch kit to make immediate emergency repairs

If tears or rips do occur, contact the manufacturer and take them up on their warranty of replacement. Several buyers have done this already with fabulous results. Within three weeks, they had new sleeping pads at no cost to them.

The glacier blue color is the one mostly seen online, but there are a horizon red and a more elusive green version as well. With all of its terrific features, this sleeping pad has an approval rating with users of 4.4, which is no surprise considering the high quality of the materials used, comfort level, and construction.


Because of the V-shape ridges that make up the thickness of the Static V2, you get the high amount of comfort that we have already discussed. Another quality that this superb pad has is a Body Mapping aspect.

The company uses the technology of body mapping and loft pockets to create their sleeping pads. The Body Mapping aspect concentrates on support and padding where it is needed for the body.All points of contact are supported well such as the head, shoulders, pelvis, knees, and ankle/heel areas.

These are the body areas that put the most pressure on the pad when you lie down and sleep. It does not matter which way you sleep (side, back, or stomach) since all of these points are covered with the Body Mapping design.

This is what eliminates the aches and pains you may be used to from other sleeping pads of lesser quality and comfort.


Best used for backpacking, the Klymit Static V2 can honestly fit in anywhere given its size, minimal weight, and comfort. It is perfect for men, women, and children to use with their capacity for one person only.

Travelers of the backcountry find this a terrific piece of gear to provide them a luxurious sleep along their routes. Use it for regular tent camping, travel, car camping, uninvited guests at home, and kept in a vehicle for emergencies.

Even in a hammock, this sleeping pad can add plenty of comfort to your relaxing and slumbering there. The company has its hammock product too if you are interested in a hammock item with their quality and designs.

Probably the best use that we read about from customers is for flight delays at the airport. If you have to stay over for canceled or delayed flights, then pull out your Static V2 to have an instant sleeping place.


When companies make revisions and upgrades to their product lines, it is hard for new customers to tell which is the best to buy. There are several sleeping pad products available that Klymit makes, so how do you choose?

The Static V2 looks like the Static V Luxe product but is 10 ounces lighter, takes half the amount of breaths to inflate it, has a lighter fabric top, and has a pack size that is 1.5 inches smaller. The overall dimensions of the Static V2 are smaller than the Static V Luxe by 4 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in thickness.

So, the Static V2 is lighter, smaller, and easier to use and pack. Along with the original Static V, it is compatible with the maker’s Quilted V Sheet item that you can purchase separately.


Included with the purchase of this wonderful sleeping pad are a stuff sack for packing it away and storing and a repair kit of patches. It arrives in the stuff sack, which upon first sight is shocking at how such a large item can compact down to such a tiny size. However, once you have inflated and deflated the item, you will see how this is possible. The patches are for emergency use to repair any holes that may occur. The company will pay for shipping to get you a new one quickly if you return it. The lifetime guarantee is real and has been used by several customers with amazing results.

Ease of Use

As we have mentioned, this manufacturer is great about returns, repairs, and replacements of their products, so no worries about durability there.

The Static V2 Ultralight takes just ten breaths to inflate with the Twist-Pull secure valve. This special valve opens wide to entirely and rapidly deflate the sleeping pad. It also prevents accidental openings and makes a secure seal. Even with such an outstanding valve, we saw some reviews of people that experienced a loss of air in the pad during the night when they used it.

A couple of others found that it made some noise when they moved on it at night. There were only a few of these remarks, as this is a reasonably quiet sleeping pad you can confidently use around others without disturbing their sleep.

Bottom Line

Sleeping pad technology has come a long way in just a few years, as this excellent Static V2 item shows us. There are a few minor complaints online from buyers who were not as comfortable as they expected or who had air loss during their sleep.

The 4.4 satisfaction rating gives you an accurate picture of how most people feel about the build, comfort, and ease of use of this beautiful item. It was created to be one of the most comfortable sleeping pads you will ever use with the V-shaped ridges and Body Mapping qualities.

The construction is durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. It is lightweight, compressible, and usable in many places where a sleeping pad will make the difference in a night of good sleep and a bad one. Give the Static V2 a try if you are not comfortable with your outdoor sleeping pad or mattress now.