LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Poles

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LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Poles Review Facts

Comfort is key for hiking gear, and these poles have several comfortable features just for you. The Leki Micro Vario Carbon Pole Pair is 100% carbon. Its hollow-core construction makes it stiff and lightweight. The grip is rounded, edgeless, and insulated with thermo-grip foam to help moving in the cold. The Leki Micro Vario Carbon is for hiking, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. Both women and men like these poles for their outdoor stability needs. If you need to check other models of poles make sure you read our guide.

These feature the technology aspects of Flextips, ELD (External Locking Device) for pole assembly, and Speedlock 2 Lever mechanism. The shaft sections are High Modulus Carbon with reinforced Kevlar tension cord. The pack size is the smallest and the lightest available currently with an assembly that is snag-free and quick. Users appreciate the eight-degree angle for wrists and the security straps. There is a trekking basket, but it is interchangeable for other Leki options. Included is a storage bag for travel, so packing and carrying are even simpler.

If you are interested in purchasing a new pair of poles Leki is definitely the brand to look at. Let’s look at all of these features in greater detail below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Rounded, edgeless grip

Comfortable, adjustable, and lightweight

Basket system is interchangeable

Pack size is the smallest

Strap secures without the use of buckles

For trail running, climbing, hiking, and small tours

Usable by both women and men


Included basket is not for all types of terrain

Making the adjustments takes practice and possibly video instructions


Leki is the only manufacturer of poles that pre-grinds its shafts for optimal pretreatment for processing machine steps in the making process. With this treatment, every step of making the poles after that is much more comfortable. It also helps with the sturdiness and excellent structure of the product.

This is also an eco-conscious company that protects the environment by using a paint system that is water-based and utilizing technology of powder varnishing that is emission-free. Nothing harmful is released into the atmosphere from their production line of creating these terrific poles.

All printing inks and coatings used in its processes do not have compounds that have toxic AZO dyes or heavy metals. When you purchase a Leki product, you are in turn, also helping the environment by supporting its green manufacturing processes.

Key Features

-Aergon grip, Flextips, Kevlar tension cord
-Insulation of thermo-grip foam
-The positive angle of 8 degrees
-Foam extended grip and a lightweight hollow core
-Shaft sections of High Modulus Carbon
-Pure 100% carbon - stiff and super thin
-Maximum length is 54 inches (130 cm)
-Collapsed length is 15 inches (38 cm)
-Speedlock 2 lever mechanism
-ELD (External Locking Device) for pole tension
-Security strap is “no bulk,” efficient-wicking, and air-textured
-Storage bag for travel and a trekking basket


Several comfort features are implemented for the user of the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon.The Aergon grip provides a rounded, edgeless grip that is comfortable for all angles particularly for steep terrain palming.They are created from a positive angle of eight degrees to maintain a neutral position for the wrist and give increased efficiency in pole plants.

This is especially important for rocky terrain and hikes that involve different elevations of covered surface. Your wrists can become quite tired and achy without such comforting grips because they take a lot of punishment in managing the poles and their placement on the ground.

Included is a foam extended grip for climbing and traversing comfort. For colder weather, this insulation of thermo-grip foam material is comfortable and lightweight for your hands.


Lightweight with the construction of a hollow core, the Micro Vario Carbon Poles have a flex that is stiff and sturdy even with full body weight on them.Many customers have been supported by them in some very treacherous predicaments along their trail adventures. Use them to lean on and help you up steep inclines or descents.

The LEKI Micro Vario Carbon is made of pure 100% carbon that is durable and super lightweight for the best swing action. Aluminum machined sleeves protect the sectioned ends of carbon for extended wear.

You can confidently place them on any type of surface hard or soft without causing any damage to the tips. These fabulous poles include shaft sections of High Modulus Carbon for performance that is lightweight and reliable in any conditions. Reinforced, PE coated Kevlar tension cord gives long-term reliability.


The most flexible or versatile components of the Micro Vario Carbon Poles from Leki are the flex tips and the basket. The Carbide Flextips can be replaced even while using these poles during your outings. These Flextips of Leki’s give you many years of adventure with the stable hold on any surface and terrain.

You may encounter many various surface types in your travels. This item comes with baskets that are best for trekking. However, they can be changed out for others that you may prefer.

The conversion is a snap and can be done wherever you are. This versatility allows many various sizes of Leki baskets to be put on for any season. In a way, it is like having more than one pair of poles in just one single pair for all trips and excursions.


The unique size and minimal weight of this Leki product are the most splendid aspects for some buyers. When hiking and backpacking, the carrying weight of a pack and gear is very crucial to keep to a minimum. With poles such as these, the pack weight can be as light as possible.

The LEKI Micro Vario Carbon has a pack size that is the smallest available on the market currently with a combined weight of one pound nine ounces.The maximum length is 54 inches (130 cm). The minimum length is 44 inches (110 cm).

When you collapse the poles for storage or carrying, they pack down to the size of 15 inches (38 cm). This Leki set of poles not only give you the lightest and most comfortable gear for stability in walking but also the smallest too.


Being adjustable and lightweight, these great poles are also quite sturdy and stable. Two locking mechanisms that are implemented on this product give it this enhanced stability that you need in the field that is so dependable. Included is the strongest external system of locking worldwide with the Speedlock 2 lever mechanism.

It is the only system for locking that meets the recommended minimum holding force by TUV. It has an adjustment range of 20cm and includes holding forces of 25% lighter, 30% smaller, and 20% higher. These terrific poles also feature an ELD (External Locking Device) for a single release of the pole tension assembly for fast packing and knockdown. Your set up and pack times are decreased by merely using these efficient carbon poles.


For added support in using the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon, the user has a marvelous security strap and a unique shaft assembly. There is excellent tension between the sections of the shaft from the serviceable internal spring that is in the lowest shaft.

This gives you the security you need for going up steep hills and mountainous regions and down hills and rock formations easily.

Assembly is snag-free and quick with the connectors of machined aluminum that aid shaft centering.Putting the pieces together of trekking poles can often be troublesome. With these poles, you can quickly get them assembled.

The provided security strap is “no bulk” and air-textured to maintain the grip design dimensions. It is also fast-drying and efficient wicking. Plus, it secures without the use of problematic buckles.


Although they are mostly used for trekking, these fabulous poles have many uses for the outdoor person. They are perfect for any outdoor adventures but are best for hiking. Use them for trail running, climbing, and small tours.

Even if you just take daily walks in wooded areas or along trails, these amazing poles can give you the confidence to possibly tackle terrain you normally would not try. You can lean on them and use them to keep you stable on all sorts of surface areas. Both men and women use these carbon poles for their many excursions in the great outdoors.

The included basket type is for trekking. However, you are not limited to just that one basket form. Leki makes many other baskets that you can use for various seasons, weather conditions, and surface areas that may suit your outdoor situations much better.


Compared to other models from this company, the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon weighs more than the model of the same name but of the Black Series. This model also has an external device for locking, whereas the Black Series version has a core locking mechanism. The manufacturer thought enough of these two different systems and the people who prefer them to create two completely similar products that only differ in the locking system.

Everything else about the two products is the same. The women’s version of these poles is the same except that they are a bit shorter, have a smaller packed size, and are a bit lighter in weight. It is to give women an easier time in not only using these poles but also in the carrying and handling of them too.

Ease of Use

Providing help with tricky footing situations on descents and ascents, these Leki Micro Vario Carbon Poles will become a trusted part of your gear once you try them. Not only are they easy to put together and pack away when not in use, but they come with a nifty storage bag for travel.

To help with the changing of the basket if needed, there are offset threads to maintain the baskets in place securely. You can change these about even while you are out in the wild along your hike or walk. The included basket provides adequate protection to eliminate sinking in-ground surfaces, but you may need others for the types of outdoor surfaces you have in your area.

The basket that you get will not be sufficient for all types of terrain or weather conditions that you may have in the places you want to explore. We noticed a few comments online from buyers concerning the assembly and dismantling of these poles. A few people used the help of videos to understand completely how this works.

You will need to practice a few times to get it right. After that, the assembly and break-down are simple.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing poles for hiking, trekking, and backpacking, you have many models to choose from that are available today. You will have to decide which of the features are the most ideal or essential to you as the user. If you choose these Leki Micro Vario Carbon Poles, then you find a lightweight, flexibility in basket type, and comfort with grip the most important.

Most people will use only the included basket for trekking that comes with the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon as it is appropriate for most outdoor surface areas. It will keep the pole from sinking into soft ground and not be damaged easily by rocks or hard surfaces along the way. Other Leki baskets might be needed for different climates and weather conditions.

Some users found that the instructions for this product were not adequate for easy understanding of how to put the poles together and take them apart. Watch the provided videos online for a better comprehension of how this is done for a more straightforward experience. They are durable, reliable, robust, comfortable, flexible, and versatile in their use. Make your next adventure even more pleasurable with a set of these carbon poles to rely on.