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Coleman Pop-Up Tent For 4 -Persons Review Facts
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Have you ever seen a camping tent go up by itself? Well, get this Coleman Pop-Up Tent to see it live up to its name. The poles come pre-assembled. So, when you open the storage bag, it comes in and let it go! The structure unfolds quickly into the tent form – without your help. Incredible as it may sound, it is true. This set-up takes seconds, making it terrific for car camping, festivals, and family outings. It has room for four sleeping pads for four people. However, many people use it for just one or two people and their gear inside.

The several features include welding of the floors to make them durable and waterproof.  There is a sturdy frame for the wind, and one can observe floor seams that are taped to keep it dry. Suitable for all seasons, the Coleman pop-up tent is waterproof even in hard rain and has guy-out triangles and redesigned poles to make it more durable for strong winds. The rainfly is attached when you receive the tent as well as two interior gear pockets on the walls.

If this intro raised your interest, keep reading and you will find out the details of the features in our full review of the Coleman Pop-Up Tent below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fits a queen-sized mattress inside easily for four people

Stays dry inside when the ground is wet outside

Waterproof and good for all seasons

Good for car camping, festivals, and family outings

Poles come pre-assembled; set-up is instant

Easy enough for a child to set up alone

Packs up flat for storage and transport


Adults cannot stand up in it; crowded for four adults

Stakes and zippers are not the best

Fabric is thin, see-through, and tears easily

Videos needed for closing; quick opening can scare people


This 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is from the trusted people at Coleman. This company is known all over the world for its Coleman outstanding products of camping tools, sleeping bags, coolers, tents, lighting, and stoves plus much more. It makes the necessary gear you need to enjoy the outdoors even more.

Coleman has its loyal fan base of buyers that will purchase anything with this name brand on it. It is because it is famous for the high-quality materials used, the sturdy build of the products, and the designs it comes up with to fill our outdoor needs.

Key Features

Technology of welding to waterproof and strengthen floors
Floor seams are taped for dThe frames
Frame is strong against the wind
Guy-out triangles and redesigned poles
Rainfly has several positions
Zipper cuff on the door of weather-resistant material
Stakes for the rainfly and the tent for securing
Dimensions are 9 feet 2 inches x 6 feet 6 inches
Weight is 7.07 pounds
Two interior pockets for storage of gear


The comfort of this beautiful tent comes from how well it can protect the people and gear inside and how cozy you can sleep in it. Some users claim that a queen-sized air mattress fits inside easily for four people to use.

However, there are plenty of others that feel that this tent is too small for four adults to use comfortably. For fewer people, it is ideal. Two adults with their gear have plenty of room and are comfortable inside.It is not tall enough for people to stand up in it, but you can sit up well.

This model has a light gray body with a green top and door. The door is easy to find even in low light because it is a different color than the body.

It may not seem too important now, but wait until you are trying to make your way back before sunup from the potty. You will be glad you can find that door easily. On the negative side, the screen door must be zipped entirely, or it droops in the tent middle. One person mentioned this when he was commenting on the use of the double doors.


Needle holes are eliminated in the Coleman 4-Person Tent floor with the technology of welding to waterproof the floors and strengthen them. Some people felt the need to use a tarp underneath the tent before they erected it, but there really is no need.

You can do it to protect the tent fabric, but for weather protection, it is not needed. Many people had complaints about the tent’s durability, particularly some of the features.

The stakes for the rainfly and the tent are not the best. They are somewhat flimsy and unreliable. Be careful with the zippers that you do not tear the thin fabric. The zippers gave many people trouble, so you have to treat them gently, or they will break or tear the material.

It is because the fabric is thin and tears easily, according to customers. The fabric is even see-through to the extent that bright materials on the inside can be seen on the outside without the help of lights. People were surprised that Coleman did not have better quality characteristics on this tent that it does.


Good for all seasons, the floor seams are taped to maintain dryness inside, and the frame is strong against the wind.We did not find many remarks about customers getting wet in this tent, as they remained dry and comfy throughout rainstorms and even several inches of snow.

Waterproof even in a hard rain, the Coleman Pop-Up Tent keeps you dry inside also if the ground is wet outside.There are guy-out triangles and redesigned poles to be more responsive to the stronger winds you may experience when using this product.

Users say that it holds up in snow too. Just get the snow off and it pops back up again.


The rainfly is already attached to the tent when you get it, plus it has several positions to keep you ventilated and protected. The rainfly gives you the best chance for ventilation, especially when the weather is nice. For more info on the best collection of summer tents, read here.

You can have the whole top open to experience a wonderful breeze from above. Remove it to stargaze at night upon clear skies full of stars for a truly lovely and breathtaking sight. You get the stakes to hold down the rainfly and the tent to keep it stable in high winds. Also included is a zipper cuff for the door of weather-resistant material. This aids with protecting the door from the elements.


Coleman says that this 4-Person Pop-Up Tent will comfortably sleep for four people, but realistically, it is perfectly good for fewer people. From the customer feedback that we researched online, hardly anyone used it for four people.

Most buyers purchased this more massive tent for themselves and their gear, or two people and gear. With four adults in it, there is no room to move about. The product information technically states that there is space for four sleeping pads inside. It was a tight fit for four nine-year-old kids for a sleepover, so four adults would be a bit too much.

The overall dimensions are 9 feet 2 inches by 6 feet 6 inches with a center height of 3 feet 4 inches. That is right, you cannot stand up inside, but you can sit up. It weighs just 7.07 pounds and comes with a storage bag for transporting and storing the tent. Packed in the storage bag, it is about 3 feet in diameter.


There were not many comments online concerning this issue we want to mention but future buyers of this product should know this information. One customer posted a picture of the warning tag that was on their tent product from Coleman. It is from the State of California to warn users of the chemicals it contains that could cause problems of cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects. Nothing of this is said in the product information, but we did see the warning in very small print at the bottom of one seller’s product page of this tent.


Storage is easy since this tent packs up flat. That makes it ideal for car camping, family outings, and festivals. Backpacking is not one of the better choices for using this pop-up tent because it is still too heavy and large to be one of the many backpack items you need.

Someone said that the handle on the bag could be more massive to carry the tent over the shoulder. It is much like the strap on a purse that is not backpack-like. You get two interior pockets on the interior walls for storing small gear items.This is good for those hard-to-find but easy-to-lose things we always seem to need so desperately on trips.

Online videos are necessary for learning how to close the tent and pack it back in the storage bag.The printed instructions were not good enough for most people because they are just some simple diagrams. It is better to see the packing of the tent in action with a video.

Do yourself a favor on the advice of many who have this tent already – practice at home for setting up the tent and taking it down. You do not want to ruin your camping trip with the frustration of beginner problems with a new tent. Watch the videos and practice.You will thank us.

Ease of Use

If you have never had a pop-up tent, then this will be an exhilarating experience you will not soon forget. Just be ready when you let this product out of the bag. Warn the people nearby because once it gets out, it goes up on its own fast. Yes, we said on its own. Don’t believe us – watch the videos.

It just springs into action for the set-up and is so easy that a child could do it by themselves.The poles come pre-assembled, which makes this possible. Set-Up only takes seconds to complete. It has an instant set-up unlike fastpitch and conventional tents that can take 10 to 20 minutes to put up. Just a few adjustments are needed from you, such as tying it down, when the pop-up has occurred.

Several online videos are posted to show buyers how to set this tent up and how to pack and fold when taking it down. You will need to see this in action at least once and practice it a few times to make it simple for you to do each time. With practice, it is easy and fun. Just one person can handle this Coleman tent quite well. Some toss it on the ground where they want it because the frame pops up quickly to erect the tent. Be warned though; it can scare people nearby with how fast it goes up when released from the bag.

Bottom Line

Many people were not too happy with the quality of this Coleman Tent product because of the variety of the materials used in its construction.

The stakes for the tent and the rainfly could be much stronger, as well as the zippers and the material used for the tent. The fabric is thin, can tear easily, and is even see-through in some instances.

The negative reviews for this product are almost all concerning the material and the zippers. A problem with one can cause a problem with the other. If you tug on the zippers too hard or use them too fast, they could tear the material.

The zippers become often stuck, which aggravated several buyers. You have to be careful not to scare people with this pop-up item because those caught unaware of how fast this tent goes up will be shocked and surprised.

Other than these issues, the 4-Person Tent from Coleman is terrific for the price for those willing to treat it gently and learn from the videos how to take it down properly.

For two or even three people, it is roomy and comfortable with sleeping pads. It will keep you dry in rainy weather, and it can stand a substantial wind. This product is meant to be a very fast set-up tent that is easy and simple to use – which it is. With care, you should get quite a bit of use from it for your outdoor camping and sleeping needs.