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Ticket to the Moon Hammock Review Facts

Would you like to sleep outside in a comfortable hammock that will not burden you with extra weight? Perhaps the Ticket to the Moon Lightest Hammock is for you. It is a lightweight hammock, considering its larger size.

The hammock can hold a person of 330 pounds (150kg) with its elastic crinkle nylon fabric that is so breathable and cool. The Ticket to the Moon hammock is a roomy, ultra-light, and is perfect for many occasions. Use it to enjoy your own backyard, lounging at the park, traveling to other places, backpacking, camping, and hiking.

You can enjoy it for napping, lounging, or sleeping a full night outdoors to experience nature at its best. This product is so comfortable that you will think twice about sleeping in a tent again. The Ticket to the Moon Hammock is simple to pack and easy to be toted anywhere you go.

That is because it is compressed down to a tiny bundle. You get the mini carabiners to hang it up, a Square Bag to use as the stuff sack and a pocket, and another bag to use for stabilizing the hammock and a pillow when lying down. Not only does the special crinkle nylon fabric make this item as light as possible but also the core cords of Dyneema which decrease volume and weight. We discuss the many features of the Ticket to the Moon hammock below in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Simple to pack, durable, and lightweight

Can be toted everywhere

Compressed into a tiny package

Elastic fabric is breathable

The roomiest ultra-light hammock made

Great for many outdoor sleeping occasions

Use in the backyard, at the park, travelling

Good for all night long sleeping


Fabric color can be different than the photos

Material can be thinner than expected


This fantastic company helps support the East Indonesian Sumbanese Kodi tribe with part of their profits from sales with their The Ticket to the Moon Foundation. The hammock products are created in Indonesia and handmade from locally sourced fabrics. The Lightest hammock is the most technical product the company makes currently.

It engineers eco-friendly items from leftover fabrics and is a sustainably responsible organization dedicated to the community, the environment, and fair trade. When you purchase one of their fabulous hammocks, you are helping many people with the necessities they need for daily life.

Key Features

-Core cords of Dyneema to be lightweight
-Weight is 8 ounces (228g)
-Maximum weight load is 330 pounds (150kg)
-Size is 126 x 55.1 inches (320 x 140 cm)
-Made of durable crinkle nylon
-Mini carabiners for setting in place
-Square Bag is a pocket and a stuff sack for storing
-Express Setting Bag for a comfortable pillow


The Lightest Hammock from Moon is simple to pack and lightweight because of the particular fabric that is its essence. The elastic material is breathable to be the most comforting to you when you enjoy the product. It can be toted everywhere since it compressed so tiny and will stow away in even the smallest of places in backpacks, bags, duffels, and pockets.

You can travel quicker and farther with a lightweight hammock, such as this one to make all moving free and unburdened. It does not compromise comfort to be a lightweight item and is excellent for tall people too. It is not as wide, and the fabric is just half the weight of the others.


The individual loops that are used in the making of this incredible hammock are as much as fifteen times more durable than regular rope. These are the fantastic core cords of the Dyneema brand that are used to decrease volume and weight. This excellent hammock is only eight grams more in weight than the Mini Hammock from this company.

However, it is near twice its size too. This shows how incredibly lightweight the combined fabric and cords are that make up the bulk of the product. The ties of polyethylene have a high mass of molar fibers as the core, which is where the toughness and durability of the structure come from that you can depend on for longevity.


This is one of the most versatile hammocks that you will ever experience since it comes with its own stuff sack and bag that can be a pillow or a stabilizer under the hammock.

The carabiners are also given to you with the purchase, and the hammock can be placed almost anywhere there are two well-positioned spots to secure the ends. The possibilities are endless of where to use it, plus there are several accessories available to make it even more customized and comfortable than it already is.


The Lightest Hammock from Ticket to the Moon is longer than regular hammocks of its kind at 320cm long. It is the roomiest ultra-light hammock made as it only weighs just eight ounces (228g). This is just a half of a pound to carry with you for a very comfortable place to sleep when outdoors. The overall dimensions are 126 x 55.1 inches (320 x 140cm) with a maximum person weight load of 330 pounds (150kg).

Of the regular-sized hammocks this maker produces, the Lightest Hammock is indeed the lightest one of all. This is what makes it so perfect for hiking, backpacking, and camping adventures of all kinds to enjoy the great outdoors from a new perspective. It is just the right size in its tiny little stuff sack to fit into almost any pack or bag you bring along for the trip.

Sometimes the size is not a concern since this amazing hammock can also be enjoyed right at home in the backyard. Even then, you will appreciate how easy it packs up when it is not in use.


You get the mini carabiners for setting the hammock in place with the purchase of the product. You have to fasten the places where you want to connect the ends of the hammock using the carabiners and then put up the hammock piece. It is quite easy to do. The material that comprises the hammock piece is made of crinkle nylon of 34g/m2 fabric.

This TIcket to the Moon hammock is extremely lightweight, as you might have already guessed, and can be easily machine washed when needed. There are plenty of accessories that the manufacturer makes to customize your hammock item. It is compatible with its moon or rope strap, carabiner, and hammock sleeve to make you more comfortable when using the hammock.


A unique accessory that the Ticket to the Moon hammock includes is a beautiful moon bag that is bigger than the stuff sack bag. It has the specific purpose of keeping the hammock from coming into contact with the ground surface when you are in the hammock. This makes the material last longer and prevents you from having your bum on the ground.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to make sure that you hang the hammock high enough to keep it from sagging so much. If that is not possible, then this superb bag will help out. If it is not needed for that purpose, then you can use it for a pillow also in the hammock.

Both the hammock and the stuff sack can be placed in this bag for storage, or you can leave this bag out of the backpack if weight is an issue. Just having the stuff sack is enough for packing and carrying the hammock during trips. Plus, it gives you the permanent pocket on the side to put your small items in while lounging and sleeping.


There are a great many occasions when you can use this marvelous hammock for napping, sleeping and lounging purposes. Use it in the backyard, at the park, while traveling, or when backpacking, camping, and hiking. For the bolder person, it can be suitable for all night long sleeping in the wild.

Some adventurers use their hammocks just for this purpose as they love to enjoy nature to the fullest extent. They say that sleeping in a Ticket to the Moon Hammock makes you forget all about sleeping in a tent again. That is understandable, considering how refreshing it can be to breathe in the fresh air as you sleep.

On a clear night under a sky full of bright stars, nothing could be any more fulfilling than spending that time in a carefree lightweight hammock to take it all in. Plus, when you wake in the morning, there is not much to do to pack up your sleeping gear and carry it away in the tiny stuff sack.


Moon makes a Compact Hammock, an Original Hammock, a King Size Hammock, and a Mini Hammock besides this Lightest Hammock. The Ticket to the Moon hammock is one is the only ones with mini carabiner hooks. Others usually have S-hooks.

The fabric of the Lightest Hammock is half the weight of the others too. The others have a maximum weight load of 440 pounds (200kg) while the lightest Ticket to the Moon Hammock only supports 330 pounds (150kg). It is the same length as the Compact, the Original, and the King Size but not as wide.

The Mini is much smaller than any of the others as it should be because of its intended form. The Mini has the lowest weight even less than the Lightest Hammock by 8g but is smaller in size. This shows precisely how lightweight the materials and overall structure of the Lightweight Hammock are because it has the weight of the Mini but the size of the Compact, the Original, and the King Size versions.

Ease of Use

To make using this hammock even more comfortable and exciting, Ticket to the Moon has attached the stuff sack to the side of the hammock and included another one of a larger size too.The Square Bag comes with the hammock and stays permanently attached to the side when in use. It serves as the stuff sack for packing and storing the hammock when you are not using it.

Another bag that you get is the Express Setting Bag that keeps the hammock from the ground when you set it up or pack it away.Just place it under the hammock, and it will not be on the ground when you are in it. This bag can be taken off and used for a comfortable pillow too in the hammock.

There are not many other hammock models that will give you a pocket on the side, a stuff sack, a base cushion, and a pillow with the purchase. Ticket to the Moon does seem to give the buyer more than they ask for. Plus, everything that is promised is delivered.

Bottom Line

Yes, you may be surprised at first at how thin the crinkle nylon fabric can be, especially for a product that must support your full body weight. However, once you try it out, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised with the strength and durability of the material. This company uses its remaining fabrics and does not throw them out to be eco-friendly and earth-conscious.

Therefore, you may receive a hammock of a slightly different color than you expected. Just know that you are doing your part to help the environment, the planet, and the world community in purchasing this item. There is a particular tribe in Indonesia that greatly appreciates your buying a Ticket to the Moon Hammock, as they benefit from the manufacturer’s profits in such a great way.

If you desire a hammock for sleeping outdoors, then the lightest Ticket to the Moon Hammock is undoubtedly one of the best to get. It is reliable, light, easy to pack, takes up very little space in a backpack, and comes with two incredibly useful bags to help you enjoy the hammock. For the size and comfort, you would be hard-pressed to find a more stable and secure hammock for the price. Ticket to the Moon products are some of the most respected and loved among buyers because of the excellent craftsmanship, materials, design, and build of the product.