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Deuter Futura 28 Backpack Review Facts

The Deuter Futura 28 Hiking Backpack is a day pack designed with the Aircomfort Sensic Backsystem technology making it the coolest pack available on the market today. The user’s back remains cool even in hot and humid environments, as it reduces perspiration by 25%. It also features Ergonomic Comfort Lock Fins, Agile Active-Fit Shoulder Straps, and lumbar pads on the hip belt. The ergonomic shoulder straps have an S-shape, and the simple compression straps keep the pack in a compressed form for the best weight balance. Best used for hiking, the Futura 28 is also great for travel, vacations, sightseeing, the office, school, trips, and urban excursions. It is a backpack for all seasons and weather types, as it comes with its own waterproof detachable rain cover to keep contents dry. Long-lasting, lightweight, versatile, and durable, this item has a capacity of 28 liters, weighs just 2 pounds 13 ounces, carries as much as twenty pounds, and fits torso lengths of 15 to 19 inches. It is perfect for both genders and has plenty of pockets. There are two pockets on the hip belt, three large middle compartments, an exterior front pocket, and two stretch pockets for water bottles on the sides. Plenty of customers are thrilled with the Futura 28 pack because of these features and the many places it can be used.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reduces perspiration on the back by 25%
  • Unisex, featherlight, versatile, durable, long-lasting
  • For all seasons and weather types
  • Compatible with hydration systems
  • Capacity of 28 liters; weight is 2 lbs 13 oz
  • Carry weight of as much as twenty pounds
  • Hip belt provides shoulder and back comfort
  • Fits torsos of 15 to 19 inches in length
  • Athletic daypack for city trips, school, office, and hiking
  • Designed by outdoor specialists
  • An additional small pocket for valuables on the exterior is needed
  • Does not hold as much content as some buyers expected


This terrific manufacturer invented the system of mesh backing on their packs in 1984. They have created a terrific design and genius innovation for the shoulder harness with an active fit and the padded air mesh belt. Many companies make backpacks for day use, but this maker addresses with this product the single most common complaint from customers that backpacks are not comfortable on the back and they make the user’s back sweat too much. With this incredible innovative design, you will sweat 25% less than with other packs, even with a heavy load.


Reducing perspiration on the back by 25%, the Aircomfort Sensic Backsystem allows a breeze of air between the user’s back and the pack. It has a spring frame that is flexible with airy mesh material to be completely supportive of the load and the wearer. At the same time, it gives the person’s back the freedom of receiving a good flow of air as they move. The technology puts this backpack ahead of competitor brands that do not allow a good circulation to be the most comfortable and breathable.


Featherlight, versatile, and durable, the Futura 28 allows a perfect fit and movement freedom, which in turn keeps you cooler than any other pack available. Users love the ventilation technology to keep their backs cool, as there are many positive comments from buyers who recommend this pack to others just because of the superb comfort level. You will not experience any rubbing or chafing while toting this product either, as the lightweight foam material protects the skin well. if you want to be the most comfortable while carrying a pack on your back, then give this superb item a try.


Made of polyester and nylon materials that are lightweight, durable, and tough, the Futura 28 is long-lasting to withstand years of rugged use and abuse. Several reports from buyers confirm that this pack will still be going strong in great condition after years of continuous wear and tear. Even the strong zippers will still be intact and functional, which are usually the first features of gear to stop working. It is a pack for all seasons and weather types that are made for urban excursions and hiking of advanced levels. It is perfect for travel, school, and work to bring along the items you need in a handy, comfortable pack.


Flexible to the needs of the user, the Futura 28 has outside pockets for easy access of important items and water bottles and loops on the exterior for hiking poles to attach. It is compatible with many types of hydration systems because the pockets stretch. You can regulate the volume of the pack with the simple compression straps on the sides. These also help with the load adjustment on the user’s back. It also has load, width, and height straps for adjusting at the shoulders and chest to give the most perfect fit for comfort and weight distribution.

Key Features

-Features an Aircomfort Sensic Backsystem
-Has simple compression straps
-Load, width, and height straps
-Well-positioned loops for hiking poles to attach
-Waterproof detachable rain cover
-Double hip belt pockets and three large sections
-Stretch pockets for water bottles
-Steel spring frame is flexible and lightweight
-S-shape straps align and pivot with neck and shoulders
-The hip belt has lumbar pads
-Ergonomic Comfort Lock fins with Pull-Forward adjust


The protective feature of the Futura 28 is for the entire pack itself to safeguard the contents from precipitation. It comes with a waterproof detachable rain cover that has a reflector logo for safety when used in dark areas or at night. The rain cover has its own pocket in the backpack and is a good snug fit when used. You can put a few other items in the pocket with the rain cover according to buyers, who utilize every inch of their pack space. Since this feature has its own pocket, it can be taken out quickly in an unexpected downpour or rain or alight drizzle that would make your belongings inside wet. You can keep moving freely without stopping or having to detour your path with your gear protected from moisture.


The main purpose of a backpack for any use is to hold your gear safely and securely as you travel and move about. With the compartments and pockets, it separates things nicely. Enjoy double hip belt pockets, pockets for water bottles that stretch, a front pocket, three large compartments, and a separate bottom section with the Futura 28. The pockets for the water bottles keep these away from other items you carry to prevent any leaks or spills from harming them. the front pocket is used for easy access of small urgent items that you need to grab in a hurry. A bottom separate compartment is ideal for such things as dirty clothes or shoes or anything you have that is wet. These items will not make the rest of the pack damp or smelly. A few comments about pockets and space from customers stated that an added small pocket would be nice to have for keys, ID, and such. Because of the space between the pack and the user’s back, some content area is eliminated to allow for the ventilation technology for the back. Some people complained that this loss of space made it where the pack did not hold as much content as they would like. However, given the choice between a pack that allows more aeration with less space versus a pack that has more space with less aeration, we think most people would choose the former selection every time for their own comfort.


The lightweight construction of the Deuter Futura 28 has a capacity of 28 liters and weighs just 2 pounds 13 ounces. It has a comfortable carry weight of as much as twenty pounds for anything that you would need to bring with you for a day’s worth of adventure. Other sizes for day hiking are 24, 26, and 30 liters, so this one is one of the larger capacity packs that the company makes and offers. Since there are some complaints about how little this pack holds compared to other similar models, we want to remind readers that this is a day pack to hold gear for one day. It is not meant to hold everything you would need for a two-week trip, although some people did just that with this Futura model. For the size and the capacity, it holds as much as it possibly can considering the comfort and support of the special ventilation technology incorporated into it.


You get great carrying comfort with the Futura 28’s enhanced load transfer and stable construction, as it includes a steel spring frame that is flexible and lightweight. This terrific frame gives stable tension for the mesh in the back and is quite durable. The flexible geometry also transfers to the hip belt the load of the pack for shoulder and back comfort. It fits lengths of the torso of 15 to 19 inches to be one of the bigger packs offered currently.


This incredible day pack comes with a limited warranty for a lifetime from the manufacturer. They back up their product and great construction to ensure that you are satisfied with their high-quality item. The offered color choices are quite unique and eye-catching. They include besides the solid black color denim/maroon, denim/arctic, granite/black/spring green, and midnight blue/cool blue/silver. This is an backpack to use for almost any type of excursion or adventure that you need to bring along some gear in a comfortable way. it is modern, comfortable, roomy, and trendy for all sorts of uses.


Support of the Futura 28 is provided with not only the durable frame but also the strong shoulder straps and the comfortable hip belt. It has a pivoting ActiveFit shoulder harness that is adjustable for each user with its mesh 3D lining and soft edge. The straps are fit for the ideal angle and width of the shoulder section with an S-shape that is ergonomic. It aligns with the neck and shoulder contours exactly. There are hip fins that are ergonomic with Pull-Forward adjustment. These fins hug the hips allowing more weight to be carried more comfortably. They are constructed of double-density foam material to give movement freedom and optimal stabilization. The hip belt has lumbar pads with three-dimensional analogous modeling for carrying comfort. The Futura 28 pack moves with you with the pivoting harness and dual-density belt. To bring everything together, the chest strap is adjustable for width and height to position the load well on the body core.


Best used for hiking, this unisex day pack was designed by outdoor specialists to be athletic and highly functional. It is perfect for city trips, vacations, camping, travel, school, and the office. It is one of the larger day packs offered by this manufacturer and has the incredible design and features that users crave. One of the splendid features that it has if you are using it for hiking purposes is the attachment loops for hiking poles. One customer mentioned these in their review, saying that these loops are perfectly positioned on the pack and they hold the poles well. when they are attached to the product, the poles will not poke you or other people around you. The many uses for this pack are endless because of the many adventures and places that you can travel and explore.

Bottom Line

Since it is a day pack that is meant to hold the items a person would need for a single day, the Deuter Futura 28 is disappointing to some buyers because it does not hold enough items. A needed small pocket on the outside is another suggestion from customers. What the Futura 28 does have is an Aircomfort Sensic Backsystem, compression straps, a strong steel spring frame, padded ergonomic S-shape shoulder straps, a hip belt with lumbar pads and pockets, Ergonomic Comfort Lock fins, and many places for gear. The design, craftsmanship, materials, and technology used to create this backpack are quite evident to users who are completely satisfied with its high level of comfort and terrific features. These happy buyers are the majority who recommend this pack to others because of its superiority. We think it is awesome too!