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Editor’s Conclusion
Looking for a great value, reasonably priced and comfortable open-toe hiking sandal? Look no further than the classic and well-respected Hurricane XLT2. Version 2 keeps all its core qualities, with some extra comfort thrown in for good measure. Let the new, softer heel strap and improved traction protect your feet this summer.

The newest version of this Teva classic is perfect for sightseeing, day hikes, wading through streams and rivers, or just walking the dog. Comfortable, grippy and surprisingly lightweight, the Hurricane XLT comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

You usually get what you pay for, so it's a surprise that this Teva sandal comes with comfy EVA-foam midsoles, sturdy Durabrasion Rubber outsoles, cushioned heels, and quick-dry webbing. Whether wet or dry terrain, Hurricane XLT2 stood up to the test nicely. Carry on reading to find out more.
Teva Hurricane XLT2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy fitting



Reasonably priced

Lots of bright colours

Perfect for everyday wear

Women's and men's versions


No half sizes available

Limited strapping sizes

Lacks support for demanding hikes

Key Features


The Hurricane XLT 2 is not only colorful and stylish but incredibly functional. The partially sporty tread grips well on loose, moderately technical trails and wet conditions. Digging your feet into loose dirt and rough terrain shouldn't be an issue with a deep tread set in a sturdy yet light rubber sole.

Best suited to day hikes, light hikes, and everyday use, wearing the Hurricane XLT2 open-toed walking sandals for practical activities means you get the best use out of them.

However, there is slightly less than optimum traction for wet conditions, potentially due to the somewhat less than sticky non-marking rubber soles. But if you don't plan any swashbuckling or any horrifically difficult water trails, you should be ok. On the plus side, the secure fit through the three adjustment points and water-friendly webbing stays even when wet.

Perfect for camping, these open-toed sandals are so easy to take on and off with injection-molded strap ends and an easy hook-and-loop closure, which allows means for a more personalized fit. You don't have to worry about muddy trails either; simply handwash by soaking in some detergent, and they'll come up good as new.

Even in demanding, rocky terrain, the Hurricane XLT2 provides an incredible amount of stability and security. Pleasantly, the foam midsole is more flexible than other, stiffer, and rugged open-toe sandals. But with plenty of support and rigidity for more brutal foot strikes and downward descents. Lastly, the neoprene heel cushion also provides an enhanced grip for heel lock, especially in water.


Sandals need to feel and look nice, and the Hurricane XLT2 certainly feel as good as they look, allowing for extended, all-day use without discomfort.

The firm EVA footbed means extra support even on uneven terrain as the Nylon shank stabilizes your foot. The rubber outsole also means you get more durability and traction on those rough landscapes, resulting in more comfort.

The super-duper cushioning makes the Hurricane XLT2 perfect for full-day wear, with reviewers experiencing no pain or blisters. None to little break-in time is needed with the EVA-foam insole, and super soft footbeds allow for extra comfortable trail walks with a personalized fit and some arch support. Including adjustable cushioned heel straps and more supportive, spongy soles ensure much comfier wear.

What's very clever is the added neoprene cushion in the heel strap, causing more security for climbs and less chafing when wet. Even though they are only really meant for day hikes, many reviewers seem to rack up some serious miles quite comfortably.

Of course, there is nothing worse than hot, blistery feet on scorching summer walks, but this isn't an issue with this Teva range.


The Hurricane XLT2 runs a little large, which many with wide feet appreciate. However, you may want to downsize by half if you have narrower feet. But with adjustable straps, Teva allows for extra comfort for differences in sizes and swelling feet.


It's the materials of this shoe that make them outstanding. Even if your feet do get wet, the quick-dry webbing will dry nice and quickly. In addition, this webbing is sustainably made from recycled plastic using traceable, verifiable REPREVE® polyester yarn by Unifi®; see how eco-conscious Teva are.

Comfort and durability also come from using sturdy nylon, and a neoprene cushioned heel pad, ensuring you don't get any hot spots.


Despite the lightweight design, this shoe is surprisingly sturdy, maintaining the same tough and rugged design as the original. With a high-quality look and feel, I'm sure this Teva sandal will last for years.

But looking deeper, it's evident that the central durability of this Hurricane shoe comes from the rugged Durabrasion Rubber outer sole, allowing for an extended chance of durability and long-lasting wear. In addition, the webbing and straps are equally durable and long-lasting.

However, a one-year warranty comes with Teva shoes, so you shouldn't have any issues if you're worried about its longevity.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Sandals

For wider feet with higher arches, these hiking sandals should provide more than enough comfort. In contrast, if you need extra comfort for high arches, you may prefer to try the Chacos Z/Cloud, with their shoes being very supportive for high arches.

The tread and security of this Teva shoe are entirely suited to their purpose, light day hikes, but potentially not sturdy enough for demanding hikes. In that instance, you may want to try the Bedrock Cairn Adventure shoe. This Bedrock shoe allows for higher performance with a lower profile, allowing for transition between trail and tarmac more convincingly, but at a luxury price.

As mentioned previously, for a shoe destined for water sports, it's a surprise that the grip is not optimal. This wasn't a massive issue for me with the beautiful waterproof webbing and secure fit, but if you need more stability and traction, why not look at the Chaco Z/1 Classic.

However, I love the newest Teva sandal as they're insanely comfortable and so striking. I dare you to find a more stylish and bright hiking sandal on the market now.


Finding a sandal that perfectly suits the trail and everyday life can be difficult, with some being too stiff or having no design qualities. However, this shoe is ideal for working or mountain walking with its colorful, attractive design, slim straps, and comfortable wear.

It's always better to buy from a sustainable brand where possible, and I like how this shoe style is recyclable. So when you've done more miles than this shoe can handle, you can participate in the TevaForever recycling program, ensuring your Teva sandal is never destined for the landfill.

If you're looking for a permanent staple for this month's summer wardrobe, the Hurricane XLT2 are most definitely worth a go. With an unparalleled level of comfort and bright design, they'll brighten up your wardrobe.