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Leki Corklite Trekking Poles Review Facts

Still using a regular walking stick for your hikes? Time for a change. There is much better gear available for hiking and backpacking that you will absolutely love. For example, the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles are good for advanced and beginner-friendly. It helps the hips and knees with hikes that are strenuous and elevation changes in the mountains.

The Leki Corklite poles can take the pressure off the body, especially when going downhill as they are comfortable, stable, lightweight, and dependable. This outstanding product has aluminum shafts, hard cork grips, skin-like hand straps, adjustable clamps, and Flex Carbide tips.

There is also a locking mechanism that is non-slip and an Ultra-Sonic Finish on these superb trekking poles that simply twist to adjust. This Leki item has an adjustable range of 26.4 to 53.1 inches and an online approval rating of 4.5 from customers. Try the Corklite for your next outdoor excursion!

Our review will help you make the right and smart choice. It outlines the most prominent features of the Leki Corklite poles and their pros and cons.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Hand strap feels good - no blisters, less stress

Comfortable, stable, high-quality, and lightweight

Takes the pressure off when going downhill

Works well with all baskets of the Leki brand

Poles will not retract when locked

Adjustments are easy to perform in route

Helps the hips and knees during hikes

Terrific for plenty of elevation changes

For hikers, first-time users, and backpackers


Some people only received one pole and not two

Hand grips are smaller than a few other models

Key Features

-Hand straps are skin-like and secure
-Ultra-Sonic Finish; positive angle
-Has the tightening system of twisting the poles
-Measures 67 to 135cm; range is 26.4 to 53.1 inches
-Weight is 17.57 ounces
-Speedlock2 Lock System on aluminum shafts
-Grips are 20% latex and 80% cork material
-Dimpled rubberized tops have good grip points
-Flex Carbide tips deflect as much as 30 degrees


Besides giving you the stability and support you need for your hikes, trekking poles must be very comfortable for you to use. The grips and the hand straps are the parts that come in contact with your body and should be of the highest quality. On the Leki Corklite, the hand strap is made of a skin-like material to feel good on your hands and not result in blisters.

The grips, or handles as some people call them, are also comfortable, stable, and of high quality. These lightweight grips are made of cork, so they will not create blisters or chafing on the hands even for very long walks and hikes. Since you can depend so much on these comfort features of these trekking poles, you will feel less pressure when traversing either up or downhill on your excursions.


The Leki Corklite Trekking Poles are so sturdy and long-lasting that a few customers even called them “bomb-proof.” Well, they are designed to be tough for all of your trips. Even this gear has its limits. The aluminum shafts are lightweight, and the whole product holds up great and is solidly constructed.

As some delighted buyers have stated, they would purchase these again if they had to, but they know that they will never have to buy another pair. The Corklite Poles have an Ultra-Sonic Finish and compact grips of Aergon Cor-Tec. This natural cork material is a hard substance that is very sturdy and tough mile after mile.

The flexible skin straps did not last long for some people, but the company replaced them with sturdier straps quickly to ensure they were happy with their purchase. The superior durability of these incredible poles is the main reason they have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating online from users.


This Leki product is a trusted favorite of thru-hikers and backpackers of long distances because it adjusts quickly and naturally.The tightening system of twisting the poles is an improvement that the manufacturer has made to this pole model. You use the small knob on the poles to make them the length you need.

Contrary to what some customers are saying, this operation does not require any tools to accomplish. Nor is there any danger of this tiny protrusion getting hung up on vegetation or clothing as you go along the trail or through the mountain ranges. You have instant flexibility and control of changing the height of the poles as you see fit for the best performance and comfort.


Depending on where you will be using these excellent Corklite Trekking Poles, you may need to change out the baskets on them.

You can add these little plastic discs to the bottoms of the equipment to keep the tips from going into the ground surface too deeply. If you are new to hiking and trekking pole anatomy, just know that baskets can be changed for the various types of terrain that you will be encountering on your adventures.

Smaller ones are perfect for muddy conditions. Larger ones are made for snow. They keep the poles from becoming stuck in-between rocks and roots as you walk.

These are positioned at the bottom of the poles right above the tips. Trekking baskets of the standard kind are included with the Corklite Poles and can be swapped out by just unscrewing them. Other baskets, such as those for deep powder and snowflake that are bought separately, can be put on to make the poles more suitable for winter hiking. These Leki poles work well with all baskets of the Leki brand that are sold separately. Change these out as you need. That way, you'll be best prepared for any excursion.


Measuring 67 to 135cm with an adjustable range of 26.4 to 53.1 inches, these trekking poles weight just 17.57 ounces.The Usable length is 42 inches from top to bottom. The tube diameter for the upper section is 16mm.

If you will be traveling with these poles on a plane trip, one buyer says that they can go in your bags that are checked in a diagonal position. There are sharp tips on the Leki Corklite. Therefore, they will most likely not be allowed in a carry-on bag.


The Speedlock2 Lock System of the aluminum shafts does not slip and will not retract when locked. You can trust this reliable product with your weight when you need to for treacherous hiking conditions.The adjustment clamps have this speed lock that is easy to change in route for added versatility in their use.

The locking system is made of pressure plates of stainless steel to keep the sections of the pole from slipping and give you a lock that is secure. This mechanism is fiberglass-reinforced to retain its ability to lock over and over and resist stretching. Hikers must be able to count on their trekking equipment in that it works properly and can be trusted when they need it most.


The Corklite Trekking Poles in this review are the 2015 model that is a pair of poles. They are mainly used for hiking and backpacking, although buyers can be quite creative with what they do with these poles (tent stakes? Oh yeah!). The majority of customers are pleased with their purchase of the Leki Corklite Poles because it has a current 4.5 satisfaction rating online. This can be attributed to their durability, adjustability, and comfort for the user.

There is some confusion of potential buyers in whether this product is one pole or two because the photo only shows one pole. However, the name states the plural word of “poles.” Everyone answers that this is a pair of poles, which it is supposed to be.

However, there are a few customers who did indeed only receive one single pole in their order. We are not sure why this happened or what the company did to correct the situation. To be clear – there are two poles that you get with this product.


Not only will these fantastic trekking poles help your hips and knees during hikes that are strenuous, but they have incorporated features that will make your journeys so much more pleasurable too. The implemented wrist straps are designed for security to give you the comfort and stability needed for difficult terrains.

Stress is reduced on the wrists when using these poles because they are adjustable and ultra-lightweight.
The superb grips also help the user and support him or her for most types of surface areas. The lightweight and dynamic grips are designed with a shape that is ovoid to be held traditionally or palmed for comfort.

They are comprised of 20% latex and 80% cork material, so they are comfortable and strong. The dimpled rubberized tops give the user grip points that are textured for splendid traction to work well both dry and wet. As you see, you have all the support you need from these helpful walking aids for your backpacking and hiking needs.


Those that have been using a regular walking stick for adventures love these poles for covering other than flat surroundings, as they are terrific for plenty of elevation changes during hikes. You will need them for going up as well as down, depending on the environment. Ideal for hikers, first-time users, and backpackers, the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles can help you travel some tough mountainous and hilly terrain.

Some customers used them in the Canadian Rockies and Switzerland with great success. Another person said that the Corklite can handle rough hikes in the Sierra very well when other models could not take the punishment. Then there are the ingenious people who make use of their trekking poles when they camp as tent supports. Smart, right?


Flex Carbide tips adorn the bottoms of the Leki Corklite poles.They will deflect as much as thirty degrees and not damage the lower sections of the poles. This means that should one of the poles become trapped in tree roots or rocks along the trail, the chances of it breaking is greatly reduced.

Rubber tips can be put on instead for using on dirt paths or pavement. The Carbide tips are best for rocky terrain. That's because they are tougher than the rubber ones that must constantly deal with the harder surfaces.

Ease of Use

Just a few tidbits in this catchall section to let you know how others feel about the Leki Corklite product. The handgrip is smaller than a few other pole models, according to customers. Those with big hands might not prefer smaller supports.

The wrists straps could wear out fast, depending on how often the poles are used and the conditions, but they can be changed out after much use if you prefer. Several buyers have been using this trekking pole model for a while now and left comments that even after thousands of miles this amazing item is still going strong.

The fabulous quality feels indestructible to some people since the build is so strong. Another point of comfort that we have not mentioned yet is that the poles themselves have a positive angle, so the wrists are in a position that is natural. Sounds just perfect for a long comfortable adventure!

Bottom Line

The 4.5 out of 5-star rating really says it all. This excellent Leki Corklite product would most likely have a perfect rating had it not been for several people receiving only one of the two poles in this set. There just are not any bad things to say about these Leki Corklite poles that we can find in our research of buyer comments and feedback.

They are super comfortable, flexible, dependable, adjustable and tough to almost any hiking and backpacking use on most surface areas. The grips and hand straps are the best. The baskets and the tips can be changed out if needed.

They are specially angled for your comfort when walking and are practically indestructible for many years of enjoyable use. Toss out that trusted old walking stick that you have been using for years and get a pair of Leki Corklite Poles. You're likely to be happy with the investment.