Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
Having tried lots of outdoor boots, I can testify that no one boot does everything. But the Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX certainly does its best. These boots stand out for both performance and comfort. Lightweight yet fully supportive, this Scarpa boot handles massive mileage well, even on technical hikes, boulder scrambling and heavy backpacking trips.

Finding a lightweight mountain boot masquerading as a hiking boot is a pleasant surprise. It's just perfect for occasions when you need something sturdier than a low-top boot but versatile enough to handle mountaineering situations. The Zodiac Plus is suitably sturdy and flexible despite its lightweight nature, even on rocky alpines or moderate snow.

Superb technology like the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining, Pro-Fiber 20 Insole, EVA midsole and Vibram® outsole also provides outstanding performance and comfort.
Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons






Great traction



Narrow fit

GTX waterproof membrane potentially not durable

Key Features

Ease of Use

Although mountain boots are usually too rigid for hiking use, the Scarpa mountain boot is surprisingly comfortable and responsive on multi-use terrain. Built for the accurate footwork needed for technical and complex hikes, the Zodiac Plus can handle some extreme adventuring.

So, it doesn't matter if you're hiking, climbing through the alpines or tackling mountain terrain; the grip and stability of the Zodiac Plus work just as you need it.

The Vibram outsole, asymmetrical lacing system, and high cuff sides add to this superior performance and stability. Combining a Vibram rubber sole with well-placed, deep lugs means the Zodiac Plus grips can handle almost any terrain. I have not seen a single complaint online about the grip of this Scarpa boot.

Even though they have a crazy light design, the extra features like the Vibram rubber sole and EVA foam midsole mean that the Zodiac Plus GTX can handle most tasks. Boulder scrambling and challenging hikes due are possible due to its breathable support and super grippy design.

These Scarpa boots are even stiff enough to fit crampons in nearly all circumstances, except almost vertical terrain, but responsive enough to be used as a hiking boot.


One of the most notable things about the Zodiac Plus is how crazy comfortable they are. I challenge you to find a boot that can keep you more comfortable and stable over tremendous distances and various terrains.

The Zodiac Plus can handle extreme lengths with outstanding comfort and ankle support. In addition, the boot is generally sturdy enough to tackle steep and rocky trails.

Crossing streams, wading in wet mud, and withstanding rain is easy enough with the GTX membrane. This membrane also leaves your feet dry and breathable.

However, some users have noticed wet feet after a full day of snow walking, so it may be better to pair the Zodiac with gaiters or long pants for heavy snow use.

Scarpa ensures an advanced fit with the Sock-FT DV, meaning the tongue and flex point are made with breathable and water-resistant S-tech Shoeller® fabric. This generates extra comfort and fits due to bulk reduction and better midfoot wrap.

I also like how the tongue is connected to the main body of the boot. This connection nicely blocks out small rocks, dirt, and water.

Using rubber for the Vibram sole and rubber rand also means more comfort as protruding stones and rocks are banished, and toe injuries are reduced. However, it would be nice if Scarpa were to cover the whole outsole of the shoe with the rubber rand to protect the suede.

The Zodiac Plus does lose a few points due to its stiffness in general hiking terrain. As a result, you might notice your feet rather sore at the end of a very long hike. They also take a little longer to wear in, being quite stiff even after a few wears. But like I said, no boot does everything.


Scarpa doesn't skimp on materials with these high-end outdoor boots. A mixture of suede and leather, plus rubber in the sole and rand, are excellent choices for durability and style. Extra comfort also comes from the EVA midsole, breathable and dry GTX lining and Pro-Fiber insole.

As mentioned, the price is on the high side, but you're getting value for money with top-quality materials and technology.


A first glance gives the impression that the boot seems to be made of quality and well-constructed materials. Of course, for a boot priced on the higher side, you'd expect this. However, this extra cost is justified with the quality features, materials, and technology that the Zodiac Plus provides.

In addition, technologies like the Vibram rubber sole, Gore-Tex membrane, and Italian leather construction ensure higher durability than other, lower-priced boots.

However, there seems to be some comment on the hardiness of the GTX liner, with some wearers experiencing small leaks after one or more years. Small leaks don't usually cause too much of a problem, but you might not be able to hike in deep, deep snow.

Comparison to Similar Boots

Unfortunately, this Scarpa range seems better suited to those with narrower, slimmer feet. There have been multiple comments that wider feet can get comfortable in the Zodiac plus, sometimes resulting in blisters.

If you're after something that will fit wider feet more comfortably, you might want to try out the Hoka One One Sky Kaha Gore-Tex.

With a naturally wider fit, waterproof membrane and plush underfoot comfort, the Sky Kaha tackle a vast number of terrains with ease. However, although cheaper than the Zodiac Plus, they might not be as stable for mountaineering.

Although the Zodiac features excellent comfort, some think their rigidity means sore feet at the end of very long hikes. If you're looking for something with potentially more convenience, you could try out the Salomon Quest 4 GTX.

Standing above the crowd as a high-top hiking boot, it's an excellent option for anyone needing top-quality performance on and off the trail. However, the Quest 4 is a hiking boot, not a mountaineering boot. It's not easy to find a boot that does it all, so the Zodiac Plus still stands out for me as a top choice.


Scarpa has made a massive effort with the Zodiac Plus GTX to make it an all-around boot. With more comfort and usability than an old-fashioned leather hiking boot, more support and stability than trail runners and more flexibility and versatility than an approach shoe, the Zodiac Plus combines to be one of a kind.

If you keep the suede adequately protected and keep this mountain boot to suitable expeditions, you'll have a boot that stays comfortable, responsive and looking nice for years to come.