The Perception Sports Striker 11.5 Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • While the Perception Sports Striker 11.5 is not the most glamorous fishing kayak on the market today, it’s not without merit either. For instance, with no seat pad or back band, there is nothing to forget to detach before transporting the kayak or to have mysteriously disappear the way that socks in the dryer do.
  • Because it lacks mechanically adjustable foot braces, there are no moving parts to corrode and/or jam.
  • Wide “standing platform” molded into the bilge which provides plenty of room for standing in the kayak when fishing.
  • Without dedicated pre-outfitting from the manufacturer, you are free to customize the kayak to suite your individual needs. Plus, the relatively wide beam makes the kayak very stable and the short length makes it highly maneuverable.
  • Last, with an MSRP of about $600, it is rather inexpensive as fishing kayaks go.
  • Upon looking at this kayak, two glaring cons immediately come to mind in the form of the lack of a seat cushion and backrest and the lack of adjustable foot braces.
  • The lack of dedicated pre-outfitting means that any fishing accessories that you would like to add will require customization of the kayak yourself. In addition, with a length of only 11’6 and a beam of 33”, this kayak is somewhat slow compared to some of the longer fishing kayaks on the market today.
  • If you are looking for a fast fishing kayak for punching through the surf zone or fishing distant locations, then the Sriker 11.5 then I would suggest that you choose a different kayak and reserve this one for fishing on ponds, small lakes, and mild streams and rivers.


Designed specifically as an entry-level kayaks for novice and intermediate paddlers who are looking for a stable and yet, reasonably fast kayak for fishing on farm ponds, small lakes, and class 1 and class 11 streams and rivers, the Striker 11.5 features the bare minimum necessary to make it a dedicated fishing kayak but, with an MSRP of only $605.00, it is well within the budget of most avid anglers. Plus, it’s available in several different colors to suit your individual taste. Of course, since you sit in the cockpit all day, that is one of the first things I notice on a fishing kayak and I am not at all certain that I like the dual level molded seat on this kayak. While having both a high and low seating position is definitely an excellent idea, the way the seat is designed on the Striker 11.5 leaves your back unsupported unless you retrofit it with an aftermarket backband.


Also, there is no cushion for your buttocks to rest on and thus, it can get a little uncomfortable after a while. However, there are numerous sit-on-top kayak seat pads available with excellent designs and I am certain that the Striker 11.5 could be retrofitted with one of them which would make it far more comfortable.

Foot braces

The second thing I noticed about the Striker 11.5’s cockpit is the molded foot braces instead of adjustable foot braces. While the molded cavities do get the job done, I personally am not a big fan of them because I can’t seem to get as good a grip on them as I can a good set of adjustable foot braces. Plus, I can’t help but think that all of that extra plastic adds unnecessary weight.

Additional features

Furthermore, while the center console hatch is within easy reach when seated, I also like the fact that it is tucked up against the seat which leaves plenty of foot room for standing in the space between the day hatch and the center console.

Furthermore, I like the stand-assist strap because it defiantly makes standing up in the kayak easier and there is a space just in front of the stand assist strap that looks like it would be the perfect place to mount a fish finder.


Also, the tri-hull design does provide a very stable platform once you are standing and there seems to be plenty of freeboard for a relatively dry ride. Plus, it is both reasonably fast and for a sit-on-top and rather nimble due to its short length. Last, the bow hatch does provide a considerable amount of dry storage space and the tank well in the stern is perfect for carrying a small cooler or live bait well.

Bottom line

Personally, this kayak is a bit too basic for my taste and thus, I would not purchase one. On the other hand, Perception Sports has a solid reputation for producing quality products and in fact, while this kayak may not be as technically advanced as others I like better, I cannot actually point to any glaring design flaws either.

Therefore, when you consider the relatively inexpensive MSRP and the fact that kayaks made from polyethylene plastic are virtually indestructible, as long as the meager outfitting meets your needs, I cannot honestly recommend that you not purchase one.