The Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a hull length of 14’ and a beam of only 28”, the Wilderness Systems Pungo 14 Angler is an exceptionally fast fishing kayak that is perfect for those who prefer speed over maneuverability.
  • Also, with a weight of only 60 pounds, it one of the lightest fishing kayaks on the market today. Thus, it is within the capability of the average angler to load and unload the kayak from a vehicle unassisted. In addition, Phase3 AirPro seat is exceptionally comfortable and the adjustable foot braces allow it to accommodate different sized paddlers.
  • There is unobstructed standing room molded into the bilge and the fishing console both provides a place to store your small items as well as a place to mount your fishing electronics.
  • Lastly, there is dry storage space in the both the bow and the stern.
  • With a hull length of 14’, some anglers will likely find this kayak to be less maneuverable than they would prefer.
  • Also, with a beam of only 28”, some anglers will definitely feel that this kayak is not stable enough to suite them.
  • Furthermore, it lacks a stand-assist strap and, last but not least, there is neither a paddle keeper nor an anchor trolley.
  • But, at least the lack of an anchor trolley is easily remedied if you are inclined to do so and adding an aftermarket paddle holder is also a good idea.


Now this is my kind of fishing kayak!!! With a length of 14 feet and a beam of only 28”, this is one fast kayak as fishing kayaks go. However, with a beam that is decidedly narrow by fishing kayak standards, it may not be everyone’s favorite cup of tea. In fact I would suggest that this kayak is best reserved for more experienced paddlers who are familiar with kayak fishing and who are specifically looking for a very fast fishing kayak.


However, if it does suit you, then you will love the Phase 3 AirPro seat because it provides ergonomic comfort and easy adjustability along with a contoured seat cushion and backrest that incorporates multiple-sized holes in the special foam padding that produce varying densities to provide extra cushioning along the spine and under the legs while comfortably supporting your butt.


Also, there is an oversized cockpit opening with a rim for attaching a spray skirt but which also accepts a removable Kayak Konsole that easily attaches to the forward cockpit rim for convenient access to your gear while fishing and which features a universal cup holder, a mesh pocket, gear trays that can hold a Scotty rod mount, and dry storage space for tackle boxes, sun glasses, cell phones, wallets, and other important gear.


In addition, it also features sealed bulkheads in both the bow and the stern which creates dry storage space that can be easily accessed via Orbix hatches. Last, at only 60 lbs., this is one of the lightest fishing kayaks I have reviewed and thus, it is also one of the easiest to load and unload without assistance. So, with what seems to me to be the best of both worlds, this is my favorite fishing kayak out of all of the fishing kayaks I have reviewed so far.


However, even so, I would still like to see an additional Slide Trax mount on the starboard side forward of the seat to match the one on the port side and I would like to see the ones on the stern moved closer to the cockpit because they strike me as being too far from the cockpit to be reached easily when seated.

Bottom line

Out of all of the fishing kayaks I have reviewed so far, this is the one that I would purchase over any of the others because it has all of the features that I look for a in a fishing kayak. For instance, it is a sit-inside hull design that is long, slim, and fast.

Yet, it is outfitted as a dedicated fishing kayak. Thus, it has the enclosed cockpit that I like along with the standing room that I like along with the Kayak Konsole to provide easy access to small items and mounting space for rod holders and electronics.

Plus, it has bulkheads in the bow and the stern which create holds for dry storage space and you could easily attach both an anchor trolley and a paddle holder if you wanted to. So, what’s not to love about it?