Igloo BMX 25 Cooler

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Editor’s Conclusion
These days, many people flock to trendy brands for their coolers or travel cups. However, it would be silly to forget about the classics. Igloo has been making coolers since 1947! They have mastered the art of keeping things cold and they do it at a reasonable price. The Igloo BMX cooler is a prime example.

Compared to other coolers of a similar size, it is lightweight. It is available in three different sizes ranging from 25 quarts to 75 quarts. Today, we will discuss the 25-quart cooler, which can fit approximately 37 cans with room for ice.

It’s a great option for casual use, but nothing too rugged. I only say this because there is no rubber seal along the top and if it is knocked over, it’s probably that water will leak out. On the other hand, there are many other redeeming features to this product.
Igloo BMX 25 Cooler Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable rubber grip

Keeps drinks cold for an extended period of time

Fits wine bottles or 2 liters upright

3-year warranty

Fish ruler on the lid

Insulated foam walls and lid


Liquid leaks if knocked over

Not lockable

No replacement parts sold

Can’t be opened when tied down

Key Features


There’s not much to complain about in terms of portability. Empty, the cooler weighs 11.29 pounds. Considering the 25-quart version can hold up to 37 cans with room for ice, it can become heavy, but that’s your choice. The exterior measurements are 19.59” by 13.25” by 15.7”.

There is a decently thick grab handle with a rubber grip and stainless steel reinforcements. As long as you are strong enough to carry the contents, it’s easy to carry. The handle generally stays in the position you leave it in and it’s simple to push it down and access the cooler. Unfortunately, there are no side grab handles or indentations on the 25-quart version.


Perhaps what you’re most interested in is how long the Igloo BMX 25 can keep your food and drinks cold. Igloo claims that your drinks will stay cold for up to four days. While this is possible, you need to pre-freeze the cooler. You can do this by adding a bag of ice to it a few hours before you plan to use it. Then discard this ice and pack it normally with decent ice to food/drink ratio.

To make it last for four days, you should also try to keep the cooler in the shade and limit opening the lid and be sure to close it quickly. Also, remember not to discard the melted ice until you can add new ice. This may not be an issue because it isn’t as easy as it sounds considering there is no drain plug.

The Cool Riser technology keeps the contents of the cooler elevated to avoid heat transfer. The walls are filled with foam and have about three inches of insulation. The lid is also insulated. Be careful not to over-extend or push on the lid when it’s open because the screws can come loose. But, the lid will stay open on its own while you dig around inside. Unfortunately, it is not possible to lock the cooler with padlocks. Unless you're camping in the wilderness with bears, this shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are a fisherman you will appreciate the fish ruler on the top of the lid. This makes it easy to measure your catch before keeping it or throwing it back. For the boat (or any other surface), there are four non-slip corners to keep the cooler in place. If needed, you can also tie it down in four places. However, the tie-down points are on the lid, meaning that you can’t open the cooler when you have it tied down.

One place for improvement is the small space between the lid and the cooler. There is no rubber seal. If the cooler is tipped over, it’s possible that the melted ice will leak out.


The Igloo BMX has nothing to do with biking and tricks. The acronym here stands for Blow Molded eXtreme. It refers to the way this cooler was built. This means the product is made from one single piece of strong plastic (aside from the lid, of course). It makes the item very durable and less likely to break or crack. There are stainless steel kick plates strategically placed on the cooler.

The latches are easy to undo with only one hand. They seem to keep the lid securely on but I have heard a few complaints about them breaking, but I haven’t experienced it myself. There are no replacement parts sold but Igloo does offer a three-year warranty.

Ease of Use

Do not forget to clean the cooler before you store it. Luckily, this is pretty simple! If you just want to wipe it down, use a towel with clean water and a mild detergent.

If there is a smelly or difficult stain, try a mixture of baking soda and water. Always remember to dry it afterward. Aside from this, the cooler is very simple to use.


Compared to similar products on the market, this item is quite affordable. It is about half the price of other 25 quart coolers. Perhaps it is cheaper because of a few missing features — the drain plug, the rubber seal, bottle opener, drink holder, and the fact that it can’t be locked.

Overall, I appreciate that Igloo adjusted the price and I still think it’s a good value.

Comparison to Similar Coolers

The Rtic 20 Quart Compact Hard Cooler is often compared to the BMX. It is slightly smaller, holding only approximately 24 cans. It is bear-resistant, lockable, and claims to keep drinks cold for up to ten days, but I don’t quite believe it.

If you are the more adventurous type, the Rtic is a better option for you. What you give up in space, you gain back in features and durability. The price of this cooler is almost twice the price of the BMX.

Another good option is DeWalt Roto-Molded Cooler. For a similar price, you would be stuck with only 10 quarts. The 25-quart version is more expensive than the BMX. As DeWalt is known for making tools, this cooler looks similar to a toolbox.

It is very durable but quite heavy. Empty, it weighs 18 pounds. There is a gasket to seal in the insulation and two cup holders on the lid. The handle is removable, allowing you to comfortably carry it with two arms, assuming you are strong enough.


The Igloo BMX doesn’t have many frills. It is missing a few features but the price reflects that fairly. If you pre-freeze the cooler, it keeps your drinks cold for multiple days. It is comfortable to carry and large enough to fit two liters, wine bottles, or up to 37 cans.

For a rugged outdoor adventurer, I advise you to look elsewhere. But if you are just looking for something reliable and affordable to keep in your car, bring to the beach or pool, or for a barbecue, the Igloo BMX is a strong contender.