New Home Innovations Cooling Vest

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Editor’s Conclusion
Summer is just around the corner. If you run hot, work outside (or in hot environments), or plan to continue exercising despite the weather, you would be smart to invest in a phase-changing cooling vest. This option from New Home Innovations is comparably affordable and efficient.

This vest includes four PCM gel packs that can stay cold for up to three hours. It is lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. Beat the heat this summer with this incredible option.
Editor's Pros & Cons



Easy to use

Very effective

Good customer service


Not reflective

One size fits all doesn’t always fit all

Price changes often

Key Features


Not only are these materials comfortable, but they are also functional. The majority of the vest is made from breathable mesh. So, not only does the vest cool you down with ice packs, but it also allows for great breathability.

There is a front zipper closure that creates a v-neck style. This is convenient for both men and women if you want to wear the vest underneath a work uniform. There are also multiple durable and reliable straps that adjust in the sizing.


Perhaps what makes this cooling vest stand out from the others is how comfortable it is. The average measurements are 21” long and 15” wide, and you can adjust it from there. As I mentioned earlier, there are velcro straps at the shoulders that allow you to alter the length. There are also straps on each side of the torso that allow you to adjust the size from a small to double extra large.

Unfortunately, this is a one-size-fits-all product. While it does claim to fit a wide array of sizes, it definitely would not fit a child or a very thin person. Alternatively, it would also be difficult to fit around a true double extra large wearer.

The weight of the NHI cooling vest is unbeatable. Each included gel cooling pack weighs 12.3 ounces. All four of these together weigh 49.2 ounces or 3.1 pounds. This means that the vest itself only weighs .1 pound- that’s next to nothing!

It is important to note that cold ice packs should not be worn directly on your skin. It is recommended to wear a thin shirt underneath to avoid discomfort. Like I mentioned earlier, you can easily wear a shirt over this also if you want.


In any situation that you want to cool your body temperature or reduce sweat, this is a great option. Because you will not be sweating as much, it will also help to delay dehydration.

If you work in construction, HVAC, gardening, or any other hot job, you could benefit from this. It’s also convenient for people who spend a lot of time outdoors practicing sports. Least common, but also a great idea, is to use this vest for cosplay events.

Ease of Use

Using this vest couldn’t be easier. Everything you need comes in your order. The only thing you may want to purchase separately is extra gel cooling packs. Of course, you need to freeze these gel packs ahead of time. When you are ready to go out, you simply place one pack in each of the four pockets. There are two front pockets and two pockets on the back, along the spine.

These gel packs have the ability to stay cold for up to three hours, but it really depends on the conditions. In truly hot, sweltering, sunny weather, you can expect them to last for about one hour. For most people, they last about two.

Comparison to Similar Cooling Vests

As you rummage through the reviews of this vest, you’ll notice that many people talk about the previous versions. In July of 2020, they revamped it and moved the production from China to the USA. The new version of the vest uses gel packs instead of water packs and they are slightly larger, making the refreshing chill last even longer.

One of the most popular cooling vests on the market is the Sport Vest Set from Glacier Tek. It is made from nylon and includes eight total cooling packs. Alone, the vest is very lightweight. When it is fully packed, it weighs 4.8 pounds. Of course, you can alter this weight by choosing how many cooling packs to use.

It is also only available in one size that claims to sit sizes small to triple extra-large. One major benefit of the Glacier Tek is that the packs are flexible and feature horizontal cells so that they move with you. This is another great option, but it is more than double the price of the NHI.


Even though the price seems to vary greatly, depending on when and where you buy it, the New Home Innovations cooling vest is priced much more affordably than its competition. It is easy to pack, easy to use, and comfortable.

The only thing we could possibly complain about is the lack of reflectiveness and the lack of sizing options. If you’re very small or very big, the one-size-fits-all may not work for you, but it’s definitely worth a try.