Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

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Editor’s Conclusion
Here’s something different for you. This is a softshell cooler (with a removable hard liner) that doesn’t have a zipper. This makes it incredibly easy to grab something out of it and close it quickly - all with one hand.

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze is affordably priced and comes in a wide array of sizes. These coolers are measured by how many cans can fit inside, not by quarts. In this review, we are focusing on the 30-can version. It is easy to clean, easy to carry, and keeps your drinks cold for up to three days.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Available in many different sizes

Easy to use

Water and stain-resistant


Great color options

Keeps drinks cold for about 2 days

Comparatively affordable


Likely to leak if knocked over

Mainly designed for cans and/or food

Can’t be carried easily with one hand

Difficult to move shelf if cooler is full

Key Features


The Deep Freeze 30 is very easy to travel with. It weighs only 3.64 pounds when empty. It measures 16.50” by 11” by 12.75”. You have the option to carry it with two hands, using the small handles on the sides, or over your shoulder.

The BackSaver shoulder strap is adjustable and anti-slip. It is flexible and molds to your body, allowing you to carry the cooler without having to lean to one side. It distributes the weight evenly and is quite comfortable.

Unfortunately, the two handles are not long enough to come together - meaning you can’t carry this cooler with just one hand. You could adjust the strap to make it shorter but it doesn’t provide the same stability.


Many people order more than one of these coolers. Why, you ask? Because it is dependable and available in so many different sizes. Arctic Zone measures these in terms of can capacity, not quarts. You can choose from 9, 12, 16, 24, 30, or 48-can capacity.

As I said, today we are discussing the features of the 30-can version. The interior of this cooler measures 12.75” by 7.60” by 10.25”. The interior liner is FDA compliant and is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalate.

One of the most notable features is the closure. This cooler does not have a zipper. Instead, there is a sturdy piece of velcro that holds down the almost magnetic-feeling lid. This makes grabbing a drink or food out very easy and able to be done with one hand. It does seem to have a good seal and keeps in the cold.

However, you need to be cautious that you don’t overfill it. If you over-pack the cooler, you might be able to force the velcro to touch but the seal around the top will not be airtight and your ice will melt quickly. Additionally, sitting up, this cooler won’t spill from a few jolts, bumps, or waves. But if it is knocked over, your melted ice will likely seep out and leave a large puddle.

Moving on to the insulation. Along the bottom, there are three layers of ColdBlock insulation. The rest of the cooler is finished with dual-layered Superfoam Deep Freeze insulation. In a controlled environment (testing lab with ideal conditions), this cooler will keep up for up to three days. In reality, I’d say one and a half days is more likely.

There are two zippers on the front of the product. The wide zippered pocket is insulated. This pocket could be used to store fruit rolls or something else that you want to keep cold but don’t mind if it gets a bit squished. There’s also a smaller pocket for keys or money. On each side, there is a mesh pocket. On the top, there is a bungee cord. You could secure something here like a bag of chips or a speaker while you travel.

As far as aesthetics go, this is a great-looking cooler. It is available in 6 different colors. You can choose from sharkskin gray, pine, blue lagoon, citrus, moss, and navy. While you might be nervous to purchase a dark color because it could attract more heat, the Titan has a heat-reflective exterior.


The exterior and the strap of the Titan Deep Freeze are finished with Rhino-Tech technology. This makes each piece stain-resistant and very easy to clean. The velcro closure is strong and secure. The only possible durability issue I foresee is the possibility of the shelf breaking, but it hasn’t happened yet. Arctic Zone offers free 30-day returns and a warranty.

Ease of Use

As with most coolers, this option is easy to pack, but it should be noted that this is really made for cans. Bottles do not fit as nicely, especially if you are using the shelf. The small removable plastic shelf allows you to separate heavy cans and delicate sandwiches.

If you pack the shelf full, it is difficult to remove. There are finger holes at the bottom, but you would need to take the food out to uncover them. This part could have been better thought out.

If you fill it with half ice and half food or drink, you can expect the ice to last for about a day and a half. From here, you can adjust your expectations.

The hard-bodied liner is removable and easily wiped down. As for the exterior, you can wipe it down with mild soap and water whenever necessary. You should never wash it in the washing machine.


Considering the build, features, and size, the Titan Deep Freeze is a great deal. Even without all of the thoughtful features, it’s affordable. It is backed by a warranty, though I doubt you’ll need to cash it in. It is a great option for a picnic, a lunch box, or any small get-together.

Comparison to Similar Coolers

The Ozark Trail 36 Can Welded Thermocooler is another zipperless option. Instead of a velcro closure, it has a sturdy plastic handle that snaps into place. This creates a great seal and keeps the cold in. It is waterproof, and mildew and puncture resistant.

One of the major downsides to the Ozark is the weight. It weighs 9.83-pounds, making it about three times heavier than the Titan. If you’ll be tossing this cooler in your trunk and carrying it only a short distance, this won’t be an issue. Otherwise, stick with the Titan. The prices are similar, but the Ozark is more expensive.

How could I not mention the Yeti Hopper Flip 8? This cooler looks strikingly similar to the other two coolers we have mentioned today. However, the Yeti has a zipper. It has front daisy chains that allow you to clip things onto it, but there are no side pockets or front zippered pockets.

At 8” by 10.5” by 11.5”, it’s no surprise that the Flip has a smaller capacity. It can only fit 8 cans. The removable strap and side handles make it easy to carry. However, with a price point that is approximately four times the price of the Titan, it’s up to you to decide what’s really important to you.


The Titan Deep Freeze from Arctic Zone is one of the most affordable options in the world of best coolers around. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it’s perfect but it is a great choice for less rugged outings or to use as a lunchbox. I love the unique color choices and the thoughtful touches such as the side pockets and two zippered front pockets.

If you typically pack cans and food, this may just be the ideal option for you. As I mentioned before, it’s more difficult to pack bottles in the Titan. It is possible, but there’s a lot of wasted space. Did I mention it includes a detachable bottle opener? Cheers.