Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker has been available for a few years and has certainly gathered a fan base. This is a product that has stood the test of time. It's popular and still in demand.

The popularity is the result of previous upgrades which have made this portable speaker very user-friendly and functional.

The Bluetooth range has been increased to around 100 feet when used in the right type of environment. The previous upgrade increased the volume level by an extra 15%.

The external design stayed the same, the upgraded version was first available at a lower price than the previous version but since 2018, the price tag has gradually increased. The Roll 2 offers a feeling of fun and the treble is now at a better balance. Instruments, notes and singing are very clear and detailed because this speaker picks up the shifting dynamics of different sounds.

Fitted with a stretchable cord, it can be mounted safely on any available surface. It is also waterproof and having a stretchable bungee style cord makes it very easy to set up safely to use during outdoor water activities. With a saucer style design and large user-friendly volume icons, you are in control of the music wherever you use the Roll 2.

This is a very good option for those looking for a tried and tested, reliable portable Bluetooth speaker.
Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Fluid sound dynamics

Unobtrusive saucer design


Stretchable cord for hanging the speaker

Very easy to use

Tried, tested and popular


Bass could be better

The price tag is gradually increasing

Key Features

Versatile and Waterproof

The saucer design is popular among users, it makes the speaker very easy to handle and easy to attach to bikes, a canoe, while out walking, climbing, playing sports, jogging or hiking. The speaker is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter and can stay in water up to 30 minutes.

The UE Roll 2 speaker has been designed for use in all environments. This model is tough and can survive knocks or being dropped. If the case gets dirty, it can easily be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water.

An interesting accessory can be purchased - a floating life-jacket which means you can take the Roll 2 with you when you go swimming.

Volume Control

The speaker face has large - and + touch sensitive control buttons, making volume control quick and easy.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very impressive. The system picks out separate musical instruments even when a band is playing. The sound quality is very clear and distinct and the blend of different musical notes and singing appear perfectly balanced. In fact, this speaker picks up guitar rifts which are often not so easily noticed.

Before being upgraded, there were issues with the forward-bearing treble and this has now been corrected. The low end feels more solid and singing flourishes with good clarity.

Each instrument is picked up and able to give a distinctive and given sound space. A drum roll sounds deep and realistic while a guitar rift is brought to the front but does not overwhelm the other sounds. The speaker plays at a very impressive snappy pace with good sound clarity.

The UE Roll 2 seems tuned in to the shifting dynamics which happen when more than one instrument is playing as a backdrop to a singer - all sound is brought forward perfectly balanced.

The base is good though perhaps not as deep as in larger, more costly Bluetooth speakers.


At the rear is the power control button and a battery which is rechargeable and will run for around 9 hours. Ease of use is simple, just connect the speaker to your smartphone and hit play. At the back of the speaker is a connector for hard-wiring a music player and this is protected by a waterproof cover.

The design work for the Roll 2 is well thought through, so it is surprising that a plug is not provided with the charging cable. Users have to source a plug from a store or use one they already have with a smartphone charger.

To see how much charge is still available in the speaker, just press both icon volumes together and an automated voice will update you.


Though the UE Roll 2 is light and has a small design surface, the speaker can take knocks, it is rugged. It is easy for portability at only 13.5cm in diameter and a width of 4cm. The weight is a low 330g so it fits in a standard size pocket.

UE Roll App

Another good option is to download the UE Roll app, this means extra features to use such as alarm clock, EQ settings and a double up feature. You are able to connect two more UE Roll speakers which will play simultaneously or chose the stereo mode option.

A final and great feature is the Block Party, the EQ app will enable two speakers to run off the same device. This lets three smartphones be connected to and play music.

Comparison to Similar Bluetooth Speakers

The UE Roll 2 compares mostly equally with many Bluetooth speakers of similar size. User feedback suggests that the bass could be tweaked to perform better. This is not an overly negative comparison unless you prefer the type of music with heavy bass.

For those that are looking for a heavier bass output, the B&O A1, which is also a disc-saucer-shaped speaker, will give a high-performing bass option.

For higher performance and more features, the JBL Extreme 2 is a better comparative option but the shape has more bulk and the price tag is a lot higher.

For those on a budget, we recommend the LG PL5W XBOOM. Surprisingly though it costs less, it can run for up to 18 hours before the batteries need a recharge.

Comparatively, the Roll 2 can be bested by other Bluetooth speakers but this means going up in terms of design, more features, size and certainly a higher price.

The Roll 2 is compact and when comparing it against other same-sized designs,it does appear very popular with users for performance and price.


The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 has a small design but is full of features which ensure good performance. The niche for this speaker is a small profile with big capabilities.

The shape works and gives it distinction. In 2018, the brand improved the sound quality while dropping the price and this has attracted a loyal base of users. Consistent user feedback shows broad satisfaction.

It's a fun outdoor speaker which can extend capability through downloading the EQ App for extra features. For those who want a small, attractive design with good performance and durability plus a reasonable price tag, this is a very good option.