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Editor’s Conclusion
From EcoXGear, the EcoBoulder+ is welcome at impromptu tailgate parties, backyard parties and any outdoor or indoor event.

The EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ is at the opposite end of the spectrum to mini-Bluetooth speakers. it is large, obvious and ready to kick-start a party. It runs on either AC or on batteries which give about 50 hours of performance before needing a recharge.

Many outdoor Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and this large system is no exception. Being IP67 certified, dustproof and fully waterproof, it can float in the water. It comes with a long-range Bluetooth connection up to around 100 feet.

For sound, enjoy the 3-way speaker system with an impressive 8-inch full range + 8-inch woofer + 3-inch tweeter. It also features karaoke capability.

Having fun can be thirsty work, so grab a bottle and use the bottle opener designed into this speaker unit. Yes, it comes with one!
EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ Bluetooth Speaker Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Crisp audio

Solid base

100% waterproof


Microphone jack for PA and karaoke

100-watts Amplifier

AC wall power

Battery 10 hours


Bulky (but good)

Key Features

Operating Features

The volume control button gives you control of the speaker without going to your smartphone to do any adjusting. Laid out alongside volume control are the main control buttons. All controls for the speaker are quick to use.

Bluetooth pairing control
Sound source
Track navigation buttons
Five memory storage buttons (for radio stations)
Button for phone voice control
An EcoConnect button (pairs up more speakers)
Mic/volume control for voice or attached instrument eg: guitar
0.25-inch jack for the PA system or guitar
Display for listening mode
EQ settings
Display for battery status
EQ adjusting button to tweak sounds such as bass, treble, standard sound, pop or jazz

Design and Functional Features

The EcoBoulder+ has a good variety of functional features. With dimensions of 15.5 by 19.8 by 11.3 inches, the (HWD) speaker has wheels and a telescopic handle and it is easy to move around. If you prefer to carry the speaker, two handles are designed-in for easy portability.

The speaker has two built-in cup holders and a bottle opener. These can be found on the top panel. To the right of the panel is a very useful Velcro cable carrying pouch.

Rated at IP67, the speaker is dustproof, fully waterproof and can float in a swimming pool. While attached to a smartphone, the phone is protected by a fully waterproof bag which is supplied with the speaker.

A built-in antenna gives access to FM and AM radio stations. User feedback points out that if the radio reception seems poor, simply reposition the speaker to lock onto a good signal. This speaker will wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth. Down on the side panel is a 3.5mm AUX input for a mic, but a microphone needs to be purchased as an extra accessory. The side panel also includes a charging port for a USB.

Below the panel where the USB port is located, there's also a power cable connection point. This is protected by a snap-shut cover which must be closed when the speaker is in/on water to maintain its waterproofing. If the speaker is used in a wet environment, logic dictates using battery power and not being plugged into the mains.

The front panel has a built on grille and behind it are the 8-inch full-range driver and the 3-inch tweeter. At the back of the speaker is another grille which houses the 8-inch passive radiator.

This model comes with mono performance. To achieve stereo capability, you will need to pair up with an additional speaker.

There is a slow-blow fuse built into the system to prevent damage to the drivers from loud volume levels.

Battery Life

The battery will run the speaker for around 10 hours when in constant use. With sporadic use, the battery charge goes for around 50 hours. To fully charge-up a battery, 8 hours are needed. The fully charged battery will run on stand-by for around 100 hours.


The speaker volume level can be set to seriously loud, therefore it is fine to crank up to full volume on your attached phone. All system drivers are protected from volume damage by the built-in fuse system.

This model is up there as one of the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers currently on the market. Audio quality is steady, clear and solid.

For music tracks with a heavy sub-bass content, the speaker gives a low and solid frequency. Overall, the EcoXGear EcoBoulder+ pumps out a nice combination of balanced sounds.

The speaker does not pump out a thunderous sub-woofer and tends to stay with mids and highs which are comfortable on the ears. Vocals come over as clear and balanced with the supporting music.

Comparison to Similar Bluetooth Speakers

Searching the market for large comparable Bluetooth speakers, we looked for those that could offer more features.

An obvious choice is the Sony MHC-V73D. Keep in mind that when looking for more, then you will of course pay a higher price. Sony offers similar performance with some differences and extras. The bass is more pronounced and the speaker gives an Omnidirectional sound. A feature missing from the EcoBoulder+ but designed into the Sony speaker is a Jet Base booster which projects bass sounds further.

Sony has gone further for party mode and designed in a light system to work in conjunction with the speaker sound waves. This means a display of brilliant colors projected out as multi-colored light patterns.

In comparison, the Sony speaker offers two microphone/guitar inputs while the EcoBoulder+ offers just one. The Sony model allows up to 50 more Bluetooth speakers.

The Sony speaker is not capable of floating in a swimming pool and does not have anything near to waterproofing protections offered by EcoXGear. In terms of sound performance, both are relatively equal though the Sony edges ahead for more bass.

Clearly, when comparing the Ecoboulder+ to Sony, it is obvious that the Ecoboulder+ has cornered the market for a large, a high-performance waterproof speaker.

At this moment in time, it remains an obvious good choice.


With high sound quality and features for ease of use, this is a very good system.

Not only it's waterproof, but it also provides a waterproof bag for a smartphone. For Karaoke fans, this speaker is a must and even allows a guitar to be plugged in so the system can perform as an amplifier.

With access to music radio stations or a playlist on your smartphone, the Ecoboulder+ will kick-start any party. Impressive sound performance backed up with a good range of adjustment controls - this model is all about high performance.

A worthwhile long-term investment with an easy price tag, available to those that want a reliable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker.