Camp Chef PRO90X Three Burner Camp Stove

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Camp Chef PRO90X brings the power of the kitchen to the campsite. 3 powerful burners beneath a full oven surface metal grate which can support any pot size - a must-have for group cooking.

This is a freestanding stove featuring 3 burners with 30,000 BTU and 2 prep trays that fold out for cooking tools and extra surface.

This stove is perfect for groups out camping together. It gives more burners, more space and amazing performance. If 3 burners are more than you need, try out the 2-burner Camp Chef Pro 60X.

It's fine for transporting by car and runs off a 5 gallon propane-tank instead of propane canisters used by most other camping stoves.
Camp Chef PRO90X Three Burner Camp Stove Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Perfect for large group cooking

Separate simmer control for each burner

Windshields built on the rear and both sides

Built-in ignition

Impressive range of accessories

Folds down for transport


Weighs 59.5 pounds

Key Features

Set Up

This is a large 3-burner stove and for first-time users, it may take a while to set up. However, once you do it the first time, you'll have it down.

Great if you're staying at a set location for a few days where you'll be able to prepare regular meals. The 3 burners allow faster cooking with multiple pots and pans. Also, the 5-gallon propane tank holds plenty of fuel to cook with for a few days.

As you become more familiar with the system, setting up and taking down the stove will get quicker and quicker as you get used to the process. There are other stoves which need to be transported by car and are easier to set up but generally, they don't equal the performance of the Camp Chef PRO90X.

Boil Speed

The PRO90X is upfront as one of the fastest for boil speed and it's due to the diameter of the burners which are 5 inches. This size burner allows for a strong powerful hot burn. Medium and large pots heat up very quickly.

One point to keep in mind is that with a 5-inch burner diameter, it's not a good idea to use a pot with a smaller sized base. The design of the burner would steer flames up the sides of a very small pot and this would waste a lot of fuel.

A large fry-griddle can be purchased as an accessory and covers two of the burners. This set-up will allow cooking sausages, burgers, frying eggs, bacon and pretty much any type of food that works on a griddle, even toasting bread. When using the fry-griddle, the third burner is still ok for boiling liquids.

Simmer and Cooking Control

The knob/valve used to control the flame gives choices - a high strong and hot flame which can be gradually turned down to different levels for simmering. The control knob is designed to slightly catch when you are turning down the flame. This is a signal to let you know if you turn the knob more, the stove will switch off.

All 3 burners can run at the same time each pushing out top heat simultaneously, or you can run the 3 burners at different simmer levels. This is exceptional flexibility for cooking.


The surface area of the stove is protected by windshields at the rear and on the sides. The front is open and that means strong wind can impact the flames in each burner. This is an issue with large stand-alone stoves. Providing protection from strong wind will require creative thinking.

The most logical approach is during setting up the stove - choose a position that offers protection if the wind starts gusting.

Accessories and Features

A good choice of accessories is available. These include a Dutch oven that fits onto the far right of the stove, an accessory for cooking pizzas, and a double-size fry griddle. A large 16-inch base frying pan works perfectly and similar sized pots are very suited for mounting over the 5-inch diameter flame rings.

Camp Chef PRO90X features two folding shelves on each side - a good place to stack plates and prepare food for cooking. The 4 legs fold out and lock firmly into position and these can be adjusted for length on uneven surfaces.

Taking down the stove requires releasing the lock on the legs and folding them. A useful handle feature allows for carrying the stove in the same way a suitcase is carried. This design makes the stove easy to move and to stow away in the trunk of a car.

A durable hose attachment runs from the underneath and for safety, it connects to a 5-gallon propane tank which can stand well away to the rear of the stove.

Durability and Size

The PRO90X is made from cast aluminum and steel. This makes for a structure that can support heavy cooking pots and take a few knocks while staying strong and sturdy.

This model weighs in at 59.5 pounds with overall dimensions of 16.73 x 7.38 x 4.13 inches. A bit heavier than similar stoves but in return, you get top-rated performance.

Comparison to Similar Camping Stoves

This is a high-performance stove. By having 3 powerful burners with good simmer control, it outperforms all 2-burner stoves.

The comparative benefits of the PRO90X come into play when cooking for large groups. 2 burner stoves cannot match the variety of cooking styles available through adding accessories. This model is also ahead for the volume of foods that can be prepared.

A slight downside but not a big issue is weight. This model weighs over 50 pounds; 2-burner stoves are certainly lighter but offer less performance.

The only possible way to outperform the cooking performance given by the PRO90X would be to use 2 double-burner stoves. This would require more fuel and more cooks to control two separate stoves.

In a final comparative context, when cooking for large groups and preparing a broad range of foods, this model stands out as performing better than other stove options.


Yes, the Camp Chef PRO90X is heavier than other stoves but it offers 3 burners and a string of features that enhance top performance. For those cooking for more than 5 people, this stove is really the right option. It is durable, built from cast aluminum and steel and will give years of service.

With accessories, how you cook and what you cook is only limited by imagination. Even without accessories, this model is easily the best option for cooking for big groups.

Built to last and to outperform other stoves does mean a higher price tag. If you want a high-performing stove that works perfectly for big gatherings of hungry friends, this stove is your best option.