The Wilderness Systems Ride 115X Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a length of 11’6”, this kayak is a good compromise between speed and maneuverability and with a width of 33”, it is a reasonably stable fishing platform.
  • It has a very comfortable seating system and it includes adjustable foot braces.
  • The cockpit outfitting is absolutely top notch and it has a paddle keeper to keep your paddle from roaming while you are fishing.
  • It has sufficient dry storage space with a hold in the bow, a day hatch amidships, and a tank well in the stern.

    Plus, it is available either with or without a rudder.

  • With a length of 12’6”, this kayak is less maneuverable than shorter kayaks in the 10’ range and with a width of 31”, it may not be stable enough to suite some anglers.
  • With a weight of 79 lbs. this kayak is a bit on the heavy side which might make it difficult for some anglers to load and unload without assistance.
  • I really don’t like the way that the center console/hatch cover interferes with the standing room.
  • The only other problem that I have with this kayak is the lack of an anchor trolley which, in all honesty, isn’t all that expensive or difficult to install yourself.


With a carrying capacity of 500 lbs., the Ride 115X by Wilderness Systems is the perfect choice for anglers with larger than average statures. Also, at 11’ 6” in length and 33” in width, it is both reasonably maneuverable and fairly stable.

With a weight of 79 lbs., it is a bit much to manage without assistance when attempting to place it on the roof of a vehicle for transport unless you are an Olympic weight lifter.


Also, with an MSRP of about $1,000, some people might consider it to be excessively expensive.

However, that price tag is accompanied by well designed and very well outfitted dedicated fishing kayak. In fact, not only does it have one of the better hull designs I have seen, the outfitting of the cockpit has been very well executed.


For instance, it comes with an “AirPro Freedom Elite” kayak seat that is actually very comfortable and does a good job of cushioning your rear end while supporting your back.

Also, adjustable foot braces allow it to fit different sized anglers and provide far better control than molded foot braces.


Another feature I liked is the Orbix day hatch positioned just in front of the seat which provides dry storage of small items within easy reach. But, there again, this brings me to my reason for having reservations about this kayak. In my opinion, the molded foot wells with the console between them and the day hatch in front them seriously limits foot room when standing.

On the other hand, the forward console is an excellent place to mount fishing electronics and it has a SlideTrax rail for doing so. Plus, the gunwales both forward and aft of the seat come pre-mounted with SlideTrax rails so that you can easily mount rod holders, camera mounts, and safety flags and a flattened area has been molded on either gunwale to enable the flush mounting of rod holders.


Furthermore, there is a molded paddle keeper on the side to keep your unruly paddle contained where it can’t cause trouble when you are fishing and last, there is plenty of dry storage space with a sealed hatch in the bow and a tank well in the stern; which is great for carrying a cooler or a live bait well by the way.

Bottom Line

While I really like Wilderness Systems kayaks, I am afraid that with an MSRP of about $1,000 and a weight of 79 lbs., this kayak just doesn’t have posses enough essential features to entice me to purchase it. However, I am well aware that different people like different things and thus, let me clarify that I am not saying that this is a bad fishing kayak; quite the contrary.

It is actually a very nice fishing kayak but, I simply dislike the lack of foot room and for some reason, I really cannot explain, I am just not enamored of this kayak’s design. But, if you happen to decide otherwise, I am quite certain that you will be happy with your purchase.