Deep Sea Fishing: Everything you Will Need to Enjoy it!

Deep Sea Fishing: Everything you Will Need to Enjoy it! Deep Sea Fishing: Everything you Will Need to Enjoy it!

It has been months in the making. You have reserved your spot aboard the vessel long ago and have been anticipating the trip. When the big day rolls around, you want to make sure that you are fully prepared to make the most of the opportunity. Caught up in the moment, it is easy to forget the minor, but vital details, of your fishing trip. Let us help you make sure all your bases are covered. If you are going deep sea fishing, what do you need to take with you?

Dress Essentials


Being fully prepared for your deep sea fishing trip begins long before you stock you tackle box. During your excursion, you are bound to experience many different weather environments. Momentary hot spells, followed by a drastic temperature shift to cold. Winds will be light at one time and heavy moments later.

Come prepared for all weather types. While it may be sunny and warm inland, out to sea many different conditions may present themselves. It will likely be cooler than what it was when you left home. Consider it unpredictable. Always be prepared by layering up. This includes having a windbreaker or rain jacket and pants available to cut the wind, protect from unexpected rain, or the inevitable spray from the waters. A sweatshirt or pullover for when the wind picks up is recommended.

Should it be expected to be warm, make sure you have shorts and a light colored tee shirt to help reflect the sun when shade is minimal at best. Top yourself off with some headwear and sunglasses to combat the sun from bearing down on your head and eyes hour after hour. This will help avoid any possible exposure to heat stroke or exhaustion.

On your feet, be mindful that you will need shoes with traction. Bring some soft bottom, rubber soled footwear. The water and fish slime will make the floors of the boat slippery. With the rocking of the boat in the waves, slippery footwear can be problematic at best, but even downright dangerous. While tempting, leave the flip flops at home.

Finally, bring a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the elements and when handling the fish. From the sun or the potential poor weather, to line cuts or fish bites, gloves are a great resource to have available. For more ideas on what type of gloves you should bring, you can read more in “What Type of Gloves to Where When Going Fishing.” 

Take Care of Yourself


Deep sea fishing is an adventure that will challenge even the strongest of stomachs. Assume that seasickness is a solid possibility and come prepared. Bring along some over-the-counter medication that can help alleviate the effects and make your trip more enjoyable. Remember, most of these medications will take a few hours to become effective, so plan ahead and be prepared before setting out on the water.

In addition to protecting yourself from the sun with your clothing, when deep sea fishing, you need to bring sunscreen and apply it often. Forgetting this necessity may end your trip sooner than you had planned, as you hide out in the cabin of the boat to save yourself from a dangerous sunburn. Remember, not only is there no shade out in the middle of the ocean to give you a sun break,, but you also are going to be exposed to the glare of the sun off the water.

Lastly, plan to have lengthy exposure to the wind and the sun, so throw lip balm in your equipment to relieve the effects.

Fuel Your Engine


When deep sea fishing, you need to bring food and water for you, as it is likely that once you leave shore, you will be water-bound for many hours. Basking in the sun for long periods of time will quickly dehydrate you, so plan on having enough water to stay hydrated for the entire trip. Also, throw in food to last you more than the time you are expected to be out. Deep sea fishing is a physical exerting activity which will quickly zap your energy resources. You will need to recharge often. The last thing you want to do is be too weak to reel in your dream catch!

Consider bringing sandwiches and other sources of all the essential nutrients, including carbohydrates for energy and proteins for satiety. Peanut butter and other nuts are great examples of snacks that can be used efficiently to provide hours of energy.

With food on the brain, do not forget to keep yourself from getting a stomach bug by making sure your hands are clean before indulging in your edibles! Bring a small amount of hand sanitizer and use it every time before putting something in your mouth. Whether you need to clean them after baiting your line, hooking a fish, or using the restroom, germs and lunch do not make a good combination. Don’t plan on having resources available to wash your hands using soap and water… because it is likely not going to be an option.

Capture the Memories


Do not leave home without packing some sort of camera option. Whether it is a smartphone, disposable camera, or a digital camera, do not miss out on the memories that you will be making in this rare opportunity. Remember to bring some sort of waterproofing device to keep your camera safe while on the water and not in use.

Lastly… The Obvious Needs


Saved for last, as these are likely not often forgotten, but when you are deep sea fishing, you need to bring your fishing gear if it is not provided from the charter you are going on. The following equipment is necessary to enjoy a successful day on the water:

  • Rod – Depending on what your fishing for, you need to have a rod that will get the job done. Consider talking to local tackle shop to learn more about what you will be fishing for.
  • Extra Fishing Line – The heavier and more durable the line you bring, the better. There is a good chance that you will lose some line to tangles or breaks while deep sea fishing.
  • Hooks – Like your line, you may lose a few hooks during your adventure, so come prepared with many spares of all sizes.
  • Sinkers – In the deep sea, you are going to need sinkers to get your line to the bottom of the water. It is often unknown what is down that far, so chances are, you will lose a few during your trip. Bring extra sinkers, because the weight of your hook will not get you down where you need to be.
  • Cooler – If you make a catch and want to take it home, you will need a place to store it until you get it home for preparation!
  • Towel/Rag – Baiting your hook and holding onto your catch can become a messy endeavor. Bring along a towel or rag to wipe the dirt, slime, guts, and anything else you may encounter from your hands.

Should you take the time to make sure you are fully stocked and outfitted with these necessities, your deep sea fishing trip will be more enjoyable and successful. Failing to bring one of these deep sea fishing needs could ultimately put a damper on a wonderful fishing experience.