Breaking the Mold: Kayak Fishing

Breaking the Mold: Kayak Fishing Breaking the Mold: Kayak Fishing

The new generation of fishing is upon us. No longer are you tied to the muddy shoreline or required to trample through bushes to your hidden fishing hole. No longer are you crammed amongst the masses of fellow fisherman, shoulder to shoulder, fighting for your spot in the water. No tangled lines, snagged tree limbs, or littered fishing holes… you can take yourself anywhere, find your own piece of paradise, and have it all to yourself.

Hitting the water in search for your prize catch has never been easier or more fun. Kayak fishing is increasing in popularity and there is no wonder why. The advantages of casting from a kayak are a plenty and are becoming more and more known. The fishing kayak has broken the age, economical, and physical barriers long imposed by bank and powered boat fishing.

While the list of reasons could be lengthy, some of the perks of the paddle option are:

Can’t Beat the Cost


Gone are the days of the elite powering their large fishing vessels through the wakes, stirring up the water, and casting it upon the unsuspecting bank fisherman. Now, the once bank-restricted outdoorsman can find his way onto the water to find his own fishing hole, claiming his own corner of the lake for himself.

Beginning for as low as a couple hundred dollars, your personal fishing watercraft no longer requires seven years of boat payments and charged up fuel fees. Donned in a personal floatation device, armed with a rowing paddle, you can now set sail and explore the water bodies you have previously been idolizing from the shore.

After the low initial investment, the upkeep and maintenance of a kayak will be minimal, allowing for years of experience at no residual expense. No oil changes, no engine repairs, and no winterizing. The savings from one year of annual maintenance will pay for the one-time investment.

Travel Unchartered Waters


Tired of hearing about those remote fishing spots that are inaccessible by larger power boats or by walking in on foot. This is no longer an issue with a fishing kayak. You can venture out into the remotest of areas and find yourself embarked on a fishing excursion at that secret hideaway you’ve been hearing about for years.

No longer will small channels, shallow waters, or restricted waters keep you from fishing where you want to. Paddle in on a kayak and find yourself fishing where you want to… not just where your equipment will allow you to go. Finding the distant waters will allow you to experience nature at its finest and eliminate the over-crowded corners of the water where you are competing against other lines for the elusive bite.

Now That’s Convenient


Faced with a last minute opportunity to get out and throw a line in the water? Don’t want to burn time getting your boat gassed, loaded, and on the water? Throw your kayak on or in the car and head to the water. A fishing kayak can fit on or in your car, can be loaded and unloaded with one person, and requires no fuel stops on the way

Light weight and portability makes these vessels the go to tool for those with a busy schedule, those who are forced to make their free time count. They make reaching your favorite fishing hole easier than ever before.

It is no longer required to preplan and orchestrate your fishing outing. With a fishing kayak, you can make the decision to go, gear up, and head out all within the same amount of time it would require gassing up a big boat.

Sweet Serenity


In touch with Mother Nature, out on the waters with little between you and her, there is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than a day on the kayak fishing in serenity.  You will experience the sounds, smells, and feels all first hand. No loud sounds from an engine, no gas fumes, and no squealing kids from the neighboring fisherman. Just you, your gear, and the water.

Being human powered and environmentally friendly, these vessels will help you escape from the stressors of life, as you experience life undistracted.

You will also experience a new perspective on the sport of fishing. The allure of being in a closer relationship with the game will give you an opportunity to grow a unique bond that those on the banks or in the bigger boats just can’t experience

Fun Fitness


Embarking on your fishing excursion in a fishing kayak will give you the opportunity to expose yourself to physical movement and exercise, all while experiencing a hobby that you love to do. Whether you are rowing your kayak, or using foot pedals, the exercise produced by transporting yourself to and from your best fishing hole will help build muscle, burn fat, lower cholesterol, and get your blood pumping.

From your shoulders to your legs, opting for manual transportation on the water will utilize many muscles, leaving you feeling more energetic, confident, and in a better mood.

Not only is human powering your fishing kayak beneficial to your physical health, but your mental health with benefit, as well. The clean air filling your lungs, the serenity of quietness, and the reduced exposure of stress-inducing stimuli will allow you to unwind, destress, and clear your mind of all those distractions we face on a daily basis in life.

Finally, time has come where anyone can experience the thrill of fishing on the waters. Fishing kayaks have evened the playing field for all. They provide everyone the opportunity to span the waters and participate in the sport loved by many. As an affordable alternative to expensive power boats, not only does the fishing kayak get us closer to nature for a memorable, relaxing experience, it makes it easier and possible to do it.