Coleman Triton Series InstaStart 2-Burner Stove

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Editor’s Conclusion
Coleman knows how to produce stoves that are incredibly specific for purpose and a high-performing camping kit. A brand that favors the use of propane fuel for quick ignition and a fast heat up.

The days are long gone when campers sat around a wood fire cooking; nowadays people want efficiency, high performance, fast results and an ability to cook a broad range of different meals.

The Coleman Triton Series InstaStart 2 stands out as a very good double burner stove which means you can be boiling water while frying eggs and bacon at the same time. Perfect for couples or families, this camping stove is up to the task needed which cannot be performed by a single burner style stove.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Windshield conserves gas and blocks draughts

Durable steel construction

Control each burner separately

High and low heat settings

Maintains consistent heat levels

Includes adapter for large propane tanks

1,000 per burner ( 22,000 BTUs ) for heating power

Easy to transport


Master technique for adjusting a low flame

No electronic ignition, bring a gas lighter

Key Features

Heat Performance

British thermal units BTUs are used to measure the gas output; the higher the unit level, the hotter the heat. This stove has the capability and can put out a BTU level of 11,000 which is easily enough for all types of cooking. Keeping in mind that the stove has two burners capable of cooking at this high level, campers will be happy with this double cooking capability.

Some users have feedback that the stove is very easy to use on mid to high heat but that users need to focus and master the technique for adjusting the flame to a steady low heating level. It's all about practicing.

Dual Control

A wide range of twin burner stoves tend to be controlled through one gauge and this means both burners heating up to the same level; such designs lack flexibility and choice. When running two burners and cooking two different types of food, for example boiling water for coffee and frying eggs, it is very useful to have a regulator for each burner. This type of control on a twin-burner is a must-have feature.

The Coleman Triton Series InstaStart 2 does offer a separate heat control system which is certain to appeal to campers and offer more control while using the stove.

Pressure Control

A gas stove heats up quickly; this means that users need to be alert and able to adjust the heat levels accordingly. This can be even more difficult when cooking outside in windy or even light breezy weather.

The PerfectFlow control feature designed into the stove gives very good control over BCU-pressure; if a breeze springs up it is easy to adjust the flame to maintain a consistent level of heat for cooking. Yes, a little tricky for adjusting to a very low flame but the need for this is not likely in breezy weather.

Popular Propane Fuel

This Coleman stove has double abilities, not just double burners; it comes with a connector and 16-ounce cylinder. For longer periods camping out you can get a type-1-adapter and a hose which will allow using larger propane cylinders. This inclusion for flexibility in the design features means that the users can choose different sized cylinders for short or longer use.


The stove comes with very well-designed wind-shielding which can be adjusted to allow the use of large or small cooking pans. The shielding is effective and protects the stove from gusty breezes and this means a good consistent trouble free performance. This type of protection means that you are more in control of how much gas is being used because breezy weather will interfere with heat up performance and require adjusting to a higher burn output. The wind-shield is effective and removes such problems from the cooking process.

Tough Steel

The stove is built from tough durable and easy-to-clean steel. The chrome plated cook-top-grate makes the stove rugged, easy to maintain and very easy to clean while ensuring a high level of durability. An added bonus is that chrome means a great resistance to rust. This steel constructed stove can easily take the knocks and bumps which are expected in a camping environment so users can rest assured that this is a product designed with longevity in mind.


The design for useful features is impressive; you can get an Eventemp griddle made by Coleman which sits comfortably on top of the stove and is great for cooking pancakes and more adventurous options. It is made from cast aluminum and is durable due to its heavy caste design. The surface area is non-stick and 285 sq-inches while the design brings the heat from both burners into a focused cooking area which equally heats up the griddle.

This is a multi-functional stove which has great performance and works well for efficient cooking experiences while out camping.

Comparison to Similar Camping Stoves

This double burner stove compares favorably against most other twin burner stoves. The BCU output is impressive and it is noted that there are few other stoves that can equal this performance while retaining a comfortable purchase price.

Impressively, this model offers very good varied use allowing good control over heat levels while cooking, a choice for using small or large cylinders, top chrome plating which is anti-rust and very easy to wipe clean after cooking.

The cooking area outperforms many other models; the burners can stand two pots with a base of ten inches for each pot. This is a feature that offers more flexibility for pot sizes in comparison to many other options on the market.

You are able to add a griddle system that has a design feature that channels heat from both burners equally. This is an option that a lot of other makes have not included.

There are other brands that are on a close equal footing with this model; they have extras and some offer a little less; therefore, this stove compares as better than a lot of other choices and equal to a select range of stoves. It is all about performance and features and this product is certainly a very good option.


Certainly not a minimalist stove in terms of performance and durability. A great range of features all of which give specific functionality.

If you're looking to boil good volumes of water, heat up soups, fry eggs, bacon, cook simple stews or go for more adventurous cooking opportunities, this certainly is a model which is up to the challenges. Perfect for outdoor cooking, twin burners increase cooking power; the heat level of the burners is user-friendly though mastering the low flame takes a little practice.

Durability is very good, it is compact and easy to transport, very easy to keep clean and available at a fair realistic price tag.