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    [caption id="attachment_445" align="alignright" width="150"]Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder[/caption]

    Find Out NOW the ONE Most Important Step You Can Take to be a Fishing Succes.

    It’s Easy, Fun and Totally Effective

    Dawn was cutting the morning sky into fiery red streaks. The cool stillness of the lake was perfect for my one of my last fishing jaunts before winter set in. I sliced the water with my line until my arm almost gave out; hoping a fat rainbow trout would strike. Many hours and lures later – I had nothing. My favorite fishing spot had come up dry - again.

    I’ll be blunt. I got mad. Mad at the fish that refused to bite. Mad at the fish that weren’t even there. But mostly, mad at myself. I was desperate. At this rate, my winning fishing reputation was on the line. I needed help fast.

    Sure. I had heard rumors about the relatively new Deeper-Smart portable fish finder. But I never paid close attention. I was old school. Keep fishing like always – throw a line in the water, tease the fish into biting and then score big. Wrong!

    Friday Lab is the first company in the industry to develop a portable smartphone fish finder. You may be wondering – why would a beginning or even an experienced angler need a smartphone fish finder just to go fishing from a bank or a small boat? Here’s the thing. The fish have to be where you’re fishing, or you’re wasting your time. Sounds simple, but try predicting where fish are hanging out without some form of technology. Commercial fishing boats have long used fish finders, so why not private anglers?

    I admit it – I was skeptical when I finally decided to try the Deeper-Smart smartphone fish finder, but I wanted to see the technology firsthand and how well it worked.

    So just what is a Deeper-Smart portable smartphone fish finder? It’s an original wireless fish finder and mobile app that connects with a smartphone, tablet or another device that supports Android 2.3 and IOS 5.0+ systems. It works worldwide in freshwater or saltwater in depths up to 130 feet and from banks or boats when paired with a smart device. The sonar emits waves on your screen to show fish locations and water temperature. The app also sports a fishing calendar, camera function, weather reports, and maps. It integrates with social media such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

    Here’s the thing. The app is free, but the app alone won’t turn your smartphone or tablet into a sonar fish finder without the Deeper-Smart sonar device. The sonar device (about the size of a tennis ball) is a separate purchase. The device attaches to your line and operates with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after you cast. You’ll see the underwater terrain and spot fish if they are in the area.

    Before I purchased the Deeper-Smart, I researched several reviews of this smartphone fishfinder to learn what other anglers had experienced and what glitches they may have had with real-time use.

    [caption id="attachment_443" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder[/caption]

    Your Future Fishing Success is in YOUR Hands

    So you’ve got it too. The stealthy madness that sits on your shoulder whispering, “let’s go fishing.” Remember, if you were skunked at a fishing hotspot like me, it’s not your fault. When it comes to fishing, it’s tough to know who and what to believe. With the smartphone fish finder, you will give yourself the best chance possible to catch fish. Keep in mind there are no risks to this offer; your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

    Demand for the Deeper-Smart portable smartphone fish finder is high. Don’t risk being without this essential fishing pal.


    [caption id="attachment_444" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder[/caption]

    Are you ready to spend less time chasing fish and more time catching fish? Don’t wait another minute. Order yours today!

    P.S. Friday Lab continues to stay ahead of the game when Apple or Androids upgrade their operating systems. Just contact Friday lab using the bug-reporting link on their website if you have any problems. They are responsive and work quickly to resolve issues reported.