Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo Review

  • Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo Review
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    [caption id="attachment_204" align="alignright" width="300"]Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Humminbird 4090301 386Ci[/caption]

    As an angler, a quality fish finder can making fishing trips much more rewarding for you. Unfortunately, most fish finders on the market cost a fortune. For those who can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a fish finder, the Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo is definitely something to consider. Despite its slimness and small size, the Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo is jam-packed with advanced technology.


    The Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo features the Color Fest display. When you first turn on this device, the main thing you will notice is how high the display of this fish finder is in both resolution and contrast.

    The resolution of the Humminbird's screen is 320 x 240 pixels, which is quite impressive when you take into account the device's size. Diagonally, the size of the screen is just 3.5 inches. While this may turn you off initially, particularly if you're accustomed to fish finders with larger displays, you'll find that the resolution more than makes up for the small size.

    When it comes to the color, the display of the Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo supports 256 Color, which is a feature that is not shared by most fish finders.

    The high resolution and contrast of the Humminbird display ensures that you'll find the screen both clear and very easy to read. Due to the amazing clarity of the screen, you may find it easy to forget all about the small size.

    SwitchFire Sonar

    The Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo DualBeam fish finder utilizes the SwitchFire Sonar to give you a highly detailed view of just about anything and everything below your boat. The great thing about the SwitchFire Sonar is that it gives you choice in terms of how you want your sonar returns to appear.

    The SwitchFire Sonar features two distinctive display modes, both of which allow you to adapt to ever changing fishing conditions quickly and efficiently. You have the option to add or remove various details, monitor turbulence and temperature, and to account for water depth. You even have the option of experimenting with various lure presentations. The two modes are clear mode and max mode.

    The clear mode allows fishermen easy viewing in the roughest of waters. It also allows you to filter out the noise found in shallow waters. This will give a much clearer image of the fish below. This mode is excellent for those who don't want to deal with unimportant details. For example, it eliminates any interference you may experience due to suspended particles in the waters. The max mode is good for those who are detail-oriented. This mode allows you to see fish, structure, cover, water currents, and even thermoclines. The max mode is especially useful for easy lure monitoring.

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    One has two options for mounting when it comes to the Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo. There is the quick disconnect or the in-dash. The quick disconnect option allows you to remove this portable fish finder from the boat quickly and efficiently. However, based on the experiences of many, after a few years, the mount will fall apart, leaving you little choice but to buy a replacement. The in-dash option allows you to install the fish finder unit into the boat's dash. This is a good option for those who want a more integrated appearance. The fish finder comes with the transom mount transducer included.


    One of the main advantages of the Humminbird 4090301 386i Combo is the depth at which it can detect structures and fish. The Humminbird will give you a detailed image of everything below your boat for an incredible 1500 feet. Your fishing experience will be absolutely transformed by this capability.

    Another advantage of this unit is the internal GPS as well as the built-in UniMap. The UniMap features a four nautical-mile resolution map of all of the inland lakes, coastal areas, and rivers in the USA. The fish finder unit also has an omnidirectional receiver antenna for the GPS receiver. This antenna allows for much higher performance. The internal GPS and the UniMap allow you to easily pinpoint your current location. A nifty feature of the Humminbird 4090301 386i Combo is that it marks your previous paths. This feature is especially useful on foggy days, when it can be difficult to find your way back.

    If you desire enhanced map detail and navigation, you have the option of upgrading to Navionics cartography or LakeMaster cartography. This is enabled by the unit's SD card slots.

    Another advantage of the Humminbird is its low cost. You can purchase this fish finder unit for about $300, which is a bargain when you consider that many quality fish finders cost up to two thousand dollars. Despite the relatively low price, you get a whole lot of advanced technology for your money, which makes this unit very worthwhile.

    While for most people, the size of the fish finder will be a disadvantage, for some, it could prove to be a great advantage. If you have a small boat, the Humminbird fish finder can be space-saving instead of tiny.


    The main disadvantage of this Humminbird fish finder is definitely its small size. At only 3.5 inches, the Humminbird looks miniscule and insignificant, especially when compared to the huge fish finders sporting 10 inch displays out on the market. For those who are used to large fish finder units, the Humminbird may prove lackluster. If you have a large boat, the unit will look especially small.

    Another disadvantage of this fish finder is that it seems to have problems with turning on when needed. Some find that the unit is difficult to turn on after not using it for an extended period of time. Others find that the unit doesn't work while the engine of their boat is on, effectively making the unit useless. Fortunately, these complaints appear to be only a few isolated cases, yet it is definitely something to consider before purchasing this fish finder.


    Despite this Humminbird's small size, this fish finder has plenty to offer to fishermen. The display is very colorful and of pristine clarity, and the technology of the SwitchFire Sonar, the internal GPS, and the UniMap definitely do not disappoint. Overall, the Humminbird is definitely something to consider for the anglers out there who want a quality fish finder yet don't have one grand to spend on one.