Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
Welcome to the Jetboil Genesis, a double burner with an array of impressive features. All camping fans know how important it is to find a good backpacking stove which can perform reliably to a high standard.

The Jetboil Genesis scores high for portability and is rated as one of the smallest and lightest two-burners on the market. The twin burners offer excellent heat distribution, the high burn capability heats up quickly for fast boils and simmering food is very controllable. The two burners have separate heat adjustments, so on one you can be going for a fast boil while on the other, simmering a soup or frying eggs. This is outdoor cooking versatility at its very best.

This stove gives 10,000 British Thermal Units of heat for cooking and that is seriously impressive; your fuel source will be 16.4-ounce propane/gas bottles. When not in use, the two burners fold inwards to be held inside a steel protective case which makes this model very easy to carry.

Read on to see the full features and why this twin burner would be a very functional and useful addition to the gear you take on camping trips.
Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Easy to carry

Can be connected to other Jetboil stoves

Separate ignitions for each stove

Low noise

Boils in under 3 minutes

Carrying bag included


Flimsy windscreen

Regulators can sometimes shut off the gas

Key Features


Are you tired of packing a stove, finding it to be bulky and that it uses up a lot of space? The Jetboil Genesis folds in on itself to something closely resembling a clamshell and tucks away neatly in small spaces while packing your camping gear.

When folded, the shell made from strong steel keeps the two burners well protected, they won't get crushed or broken while carrying it with the rest of your gear. It weighs a portable 6 lbs 1 oz which can increase to 9 lbs 14 oz if you buy more additions to use with the stove. The stove has a unique design feature: you can connect it to a few more stoves while running all the stoves from the same gas canister.

The process for set-up is so easy you can literally get it ready with your eyes shut. Pull off the two bands securely holding the two burners folded inwards, set down the burners and attach the gas, open the valve and click the lever and the stove is ready to cook.

The design work is masterful; when unfolded, the two halves which are the base of each burner become the stable base for the burners to be solid enough to hold even large cooking pots.

Ignition System & Fuel

Ignition and flame are easy to operate because of a well-thought-through design in the form of separate ignitors for each stove. You don't have to have two burners going at the same time if you only need one.

The ignition is not a fitted electronic switch, it is actually part of the structure; this means a switch system with durable longevity.

The fuel is propane and available in an average 16.4 oz propane bottle, and if you want larger bottles, you can purchase an additional hose for use with bigger gas bottle fittings. The twin burners can boil liquids rapidly at around 32 ounces in only 3 minutes.

This is a low noise system, meaning no distracting sounds while you out in the wilds cooking. The simmer control is superior to most other camping stoves to the point it's even more functional than some kitchen stoves. The flame is easy to adjust with very accurate control.


Some camping stoves can be really difficult to clean and over time, they become stained and grimy. That does not happen with the Jetboil Genesis.

The base of each burner takes up such a small footprint; if you spill food you are boiling of cooking, it's unlikely to end of splattered on the stove base and the surface of the base support is smooth and easy to wipe off. For periodic cleaning, the stove dismantles very easily.

You can buy a range of different sized frying pans and cooking pots which are Jetboil extras for your gear. These pots are of good quality, they have non-stick treated surfaces so when cleaning them do not use abrasive pads because the non-stick protection will scrape and damage the non-stick coating.

Performance & Quality

The standard model comes with a durable regulator, a useful windscreen and a nice protective travel bag. You can opt for a higher priced option which will include a flux pot that holds 5 liters and a medium-sized, 10-inch frying pan.

This design has stability, extra cooking capability, a unique and sturdy ignition system that cannot be easily damaged and a level of precise simmer control which is way ahead of other stoves.


The stove is durable, efficient and a long-term investment for those that camp out frequently and want serious cooking capability. For this level of performance, the stove is set at a higher price tag than most other basic camping stoves. It offers everything a camper wants and can even be fitted to work with additional stove units. For this level of high-quality design, the buyer needs to pay a bit more.

Comparison to Similar Camping Stoves

Many stoves from other makers come with a good windscreen but it has to be said, the windscreen with the Genesis is really flimsy, especially when you consider how much thoughtful, creative and innovative work went into designing the Jetboil stove unit. The windscreen works but it gets a thumbs down when compared to the screens produced by many other stove makers. If you are going to camp out in tough windy conditions, consider investing in a sturdier windshield or just position your stove well out of the wind.

The regulators are of good quality though some users say that they had problems with the regulators shutting off the gas. It's not a common problem but if it happens when you're out camping, it can mess up all cooking plans. It is smart to test the regulator each time before you set off camping. In fairness to Jetboil, in the few times that users reported it, they were given a free regulator. In comparison to some other stove makers, Jetfoil has a very approachable backup service system.

The Jetboil Genesis stands out when compared to many other stoves because it can be daisy-chained to other Jetboil models while they all run from the same fuel canister.

Overall, the Genesis is way ahead in terms of see of maintenance and offers variety for how it can be controlled; also, the stability of the footprint is great, the ability to safely support large cooking pots is very impressive, the ignition system has many advantages over ignition systems found in other stoves.


This is an exceptional stove brimming with thoughtful design to give high performance, impressive flexible cooking power and it's very easy to use and maintain.

For those who want a long-term investment that will offer durability, high functionality and last for a good number of years, this option is up to the job. The price tag will catch your eye; it's not cheap but for the quality and durability you're getting, the Jetboil Genesis is well worth your money.