Kovea Spider Stove

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Kovea Spider stove has a very functional design for stability and efficiency while cooking outdoors. The stability designed into the stove allows cooking with small and large pots, therefore this stove works for solo cooking and cooking for groups of people.

Designed to squat very low to the ground on three legs held in place by an integrated locking system, this backpacking stove leaves very little chance for a pot to overbalance and tip the stove. The low to the ground design means this model can hold all pot sizes safely.

The Kovea Spider stove is lightweight at only 6 ounces and neatly folds away for carrying in a small carry bag. It has a good attachment hose so that canisters can be kept well away while cooking.

Read on to see why the Spider stove is proving to be very popular.
Kovea Spider Stove Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very stable and supportive for pots of all sizes

Good heat control from simmer to boiling

Weighs only 6 ounces

All seasons stove

Can be inverted to burn liquid fuel

Handheld ignition system

Fuel hose-keeps gas canisters away from the stove (safety)



Some prefer an ignition built into a stove

Key Features

Stability and Efficiency

The Kovea Spider stove has excellent stability while supporting tall pots, short broad pots or a frying pan. For car drivers and groups who go camping, this option is very useful to have because large meals can be prepared. This is top efficiency for a small stove which weighs so little and is small enough to easily be carried in a hiking backpack.

The tripod style leg structure squats low to the ground on long supportive legs; it is very difficult to tip it over with such low-angled support.

Wind Protection

The Spider has a design that works well when using a windscreen while out cooking in snowy conditions. The windscreen has a double design purpose; it protects the flam from breezing windy weather and the second function is how the screen can wrap around the stove and channel heat to the base of the pot.

Heat Efficiency

More efficiency for heat can be achieved in winter temperatures through inverting the canister. The Spider can easily burn canister fuel while in its liquid form which gives even better performance in very cold weather.

This versatility for winter cooking is because inverting enables the Kovea Spider stove to burn the fuel inside the canister in its liquid state, giving a heat advantage up to 15 degrees.

There is a downside for increased efficiency when inverting and this is the possibility of a brief flare up when the stove is initially fired up, much in the same way as seen with regular white gas or liquid fuel models.

The Spider does not have a designed-in ignition system; this stove system includes a handheld bush button ignitor and this is not a reliable ignition system in very cold weather. To compensate, consider bringing a gas lighter or matches.

Ease of Use

The squat low to the ground design gives nice control over cooking pots and stability is assured, even for big pots. When it comes to other tripod stoves, even though supportive, there are risks of tipping over the stove when using larger and/or tall pots.

The stove can be easily controlled for a high flame or down to a gentle simmer; this means nice ease of use for cooking at high and low heat.

The stove folds up small enough to be stowed inside a liter cooking pot along with a canister of fuel. It takes up very little space in a backpack and is well protected when carried inside a cooking pot.

The Kovea Spider has durability and again, this is due to thoughtful designing. This model does not have built-in extras and works along standard stove lines but offers a wider range of performance. There is really not much that can happen to the stove in terms of damage. It features a very durable construction.

In Comparison to Other Camping Stoves

The Kovea Spider compares really well against all other small camping stoves. Many other brands and models do not match the stability levels which are offered by the Spider through its unique low-to-the-ground squat style.

The low gravity posture of the Spider stove puts it ahead of many other types of small stoves which are not safe or stable enough to be used with tall and large cooking pots. This stove can safely support all pot sizes.

Many stoves have a built-in ignitor and the Spider designers have said no to this. There are good advantages to using a separate handheld ignitor. A common problem with some stove designs with built-in ignitors is how problematic it can be getting an ignition system repaired or changed.

The Spider is proving popular because it is not seated on a canister but has a fuel line that connects to a canister placed safely away from the stove.

Generally, everything about this stove is good, it does not appear to have any problems in terms of being very popular among hikers, campers and car campers.

Due to the design feature which allows fuel canisters to be inverted so that the Spider burns on liquid, which is very useful in winter conditions, the flexibility of this stove puts it ahead of many competitors. A seriously good all seasons cooker.


Clever functionality through thoughtful designing means that this stove will perform in any environment no matter how cold it gets. It is light and easy to transport.

Offering more pot holding stability than many other stoves and versatility for how it burns fuel, the Kovea Spider stove is a reliable piece of gear for camping.

For those looking for safety, durability and very good performance along with a fairly standard purchasing price, the Spider stove is a very good choice.