Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Trangia Spirit burner gives ease of use and reliability while not requiring gas canisters, which means it is very easy to stow away for carrying in a backpack.

Using a spirit stove is simple, you just need a pre-filled stove and a lighter. These run on alcohol and they are leak-proof. A secure screw-down seal ensures you can carry fuel inside the actual stove. Simplicity does not mean a lack of functionality - this stove has creative functional design features to ensure maximum performance, even in windy weather.

If you're planning to use it in windy weather, you can purchase the Trangia Mini-Windshield or choose a sheltered area for using the stove.

Spirit stoves have a long history and have remained a popular option to other types of camping stoves because they are easy to set up and use. Lightweight at only 4 ounces and with a built-in simmer ring, you can control the heat to work for your cooking aims.

For durability, the Trangia Spirit burner is built from brass which gives it a solid construction and good support for cooking pots. This model is up there with the best spirit cookers with a long history of efficiency for cooking in all weathers and durability which is very dependable.
Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap Review Facts


Editor's Pros & Cons

Built from durable brass

Tried and tested - long term popularity

Ease of use

Lightweight for carrying

Easy maintenance

Simmer control


Windscreen is a separate purchase

Pot is a separate purchase

Brass heavier than aluminum (but more durable)

Key Features


Spirit burners have been around for ages and that is because of the simplicity and convenience when using them. A long-time favorite with backpackers, these models are tried and tested by generations of users. They are clean and user-friendly which is exactly what is wanted when stopping to boil water and prepare a pre-packed stew or soup. There is no need to depend on an electronic switch ignition system; a match or lighter is enough.

Unlike other liquid-operated stoves, a spirit stove is much quieter, it will not heat up as quickly as other stove designs but this minor shortfall is countered by the ease of use and dependable performance.

Set Up

Simply fill up the reservoir or pre-fill it before you set off on your trip. The stove is leak-proof due to a designed-in screw cap and seal system. The Trangia Spirit burner design means it sits with the reservoir as a supportive base on any flat surface.

There are not any legs to fold out or other adjustments, simply place it on the ground and it is ready. The easy set up means it's a lot more user-friendly than many other backpacking stoves.

If you do not use up all the fuel while cooking, you can simply seal the stove and save the fuel for later; this is a very convenient feature and means that you do not need to dump any fuel which has not been used.


There is a choice for types of alcohol that can be used: sopropanol, denatured alcohol and the ever-popular ethanol.

A useful tip to keep in mind when choosing fuel is to keep an eye open for any additional chemicals which might be toxic; this can be done by checking MSDS to see what additional additives might be included. The most common additive to watch out for is benzine which is often added to alcohol.


This stove is not packed with extra features; it does not need them. The aim of this model is to be easy to use, reliable, dependable and with consistent performance. It heats up and does the job without any pre-set-up tasks and the need for overly controlling.

What this burner does include is a frying pan which doubles up as a low profile pot for quick boiling of water. For most sole backpackers, this combined pan/pot feature is enough.

It will not heat up as rapidly as a gas burner, the heat builds up gradually. Boiling a full liter of water will take up to 10 minutes, depending on the choice of pot and weather conditions. There are a lightweight set of cooking pots available from the stove maker which are designed to work well with the Trangia Spirit.

This model has a simmer ring; this allows to go for a constant high burn or take control and reduce the heat to a simmering level.


Windshields are useful, especially when using a large stove or a double burner in a fixed location. Most backpackers know that efficiency and performance for a light stove means positioning it out of direct wind.

A windscreen is available for purchase with the Trangia Spirit. The twin functional features built into the screen are functional and helpful. The lower section of the screen has holes which, when faced into the window, ensure a steady flow of air. If you find that the wind conditions are overly strong, use the windshield and regulate the burner to keep the flame consistent.


The screw-in burner top is built from brass, a metal with exceptional durability and when fitted, gives a safe seal.

The base reservoir is constructed to be strong and can be securely sealed with the screwcap. Designed with a flat under base, the burner is unlikely to fall over or take knocks.

Comparison to Similar Backpacking Stoves

If we are looking at very quick heat up and cooking time, alcohol stoves lag behind the wide choice of gas canister stoves and other fuel-burning options. There are also less features. This stove cannot be daisy-ringed to other stoves, it does not have a built-in electronic ignition and it does not require the use of extendable support legs.

The Trangia Spirit gives simplicity and convenience while still getting the job done. Heating up a liter of water will take up to 10 minutes instead of between 3 and 6 minutes which is the average boil time for other stoves. Should this longer boil time put you off using it? Not at all if you are looking for ease of use and don't want to lug around gas canisters while backpacking.

Electronic ignition systems are a nice feature but they can get damaged and/or fail at times, The Trangia Spirit burner avoids this problem; simply bring a small box of matches or a lighter.

This model does compare better against a range of other alcohol burning stoves with its designed-in simmer ring which allows for more control while cooking and this level of control does reduce fuel costs.

When comparing the need for maintenance, this stove is way ahead for convenience and durability. Made from brass, there is very little possibility for damage. This type of metal is strong and can take knocks and long-term use easily. Brass is a tried and tested durable metal which does not tend to require any maintenance.

A great bonus is how quiet, easy and simple it is to use the stove when compared to a number of gas canister versions which do require more set up time even though they cook faster.

For users who want serious windshield protection, there are better options such as the Vargo Hexagon stove, or the Liberty Westwind stove set; these are two options where you get more features in exchange for weight differences, durability, performance and price.


It is reasonable to say that the Trangia Spirit burner is one of the best options for those wanting lightweight reliability, easy functionality, unquestionable durability and consistent performance.

The stove is not designed with a broad range of enticing features for very fast cooking, or extended functions such as linking to more stoves to cook for groups of people. This product stays with dependable efficiency which is a criterion wanted by those who are cooking out in the wilds.

The ability to keep and safely seal unused fuel is very useful and preferable to having to dump unused fuel; this is a cost saver.

Maintenance and durability are not going to be an issue; the simplicity in design, durability and a few working parts leave very little room for any issues.

The functionality is clear and reliable. With the Trangia Spirit in your gear, you can stop any place, quickly set up, and boil water or cook food.