Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove, GST-120R

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Editor’s Conclusion
Snow Peak’s LiteMax Stove is light at only 1.9 ounces and takes up very little space in your backpack. Built from high-quality titanium, this is durable for use in challenging conditions.

Protection of the flame is through smart design in which the foldable arms also create a windscreen. The designers have not included a built-in piezoelectric ignite; the focus has been on making a very lightweight stove.

The pot supports could be longer, however, user feedback indicates they are sturdy enough. This is a solo backpacker-style stove, great for short hikes in fairly mild weather.

If you're a regular hiker and your first priority is to carry less weight and only carry the basics, this model will be an obvious choice. This stove cuts back on features like built-in ignitors but you will cut down a few ounces on weight.
Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove, GST-120R Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Strong pot supports

Small enough to carry in a pot

Liquefied Petroleum Gas


No piezo ignitor

Pot supports are short

Not for challenging windy weather

Key Features

Fuel Burn Rate

Give a lot of thought to using this stove in windy weather. If you try it, will be smart to ensure you set it up well out of the wind. All campers know this is possible, it's just about searching out a good spot.

The stove boils a liter of water and uses up 0.7 ounces of fuel. The fuel consumption in a moderate wind jumps up to around 1.2 ounces and it is a challenge to get the water to a full boil.

Wind will affect all stoves - more fuel used up, longer times taken to boil water or heat up a pre-packed meal. This stove can perform, if you use it in the wind it will use more fuel and it will take longer to heat up water.

The solution is easy, set it up well out of the wind or purchase a good effective wind shield. This way you will have continued fuel efficiency.


The lightweight leaders in stoves were predominantly solid fuel and alcohol stoves. The market is changing as many brands are now offering very light canister stoves due to popular demand.

The Snow Peak LiteMax is directly competing with the lightest models available. It only weighs 1.9 ounces. This is a product which can honestly be described as super-lightweight. It takes down the weight of a canister stove dramatically and it does what a stove should do.

The backpacking stove has a wire handle and folding pot supports made from titanium steel which means no rust problems - titanium is light and very durable. The stove folds up to into a neat little package, small enough to sit inside a small pot.

Carrying this in a hiking backpack takes up barely any space and the weight of it becomes unnoticed due to how light it is.

Boiling and Simmering

LiteMax have designed a good effective valve control for boiling and bringing the flame down to a low burn. The burner head is narrow which means the heat is focused at the center underside of a pot. Solo hikers or campers tend to use small pots, so for boiling and cooking a small pot or a small frying pan, it will be fine.

There will be challenges if using a large pot with a broad base when the heat from the flame is so centralized. Cooking time is going to be a long process with a lot of fuel burned-up. This is one of the reasons why this model is good for solo campers.

Easy to Use

Less features means less weight and also results in good ease of use. A beginner can set up and get this lit and cooking. The pot supports are sturdy and short; longer supports would mean more weight. No hint of an unstable wobble and gives great support when using a small pan or pot.

In exchange for a super lightweight stove, you get no electronic ignition system and short support arms instead of longer arms. For campers who prefer an ignition system and a good spread of long pot supports, you will need to go up in weight by a number of ounces.

If your pot is about to boil over, this model does have a valve control wire designed-in, it is easy to find and use.

Boiling Capacity

In wind free conditions, you can expect to boil a liter of water in around 5 minutes, perhaps quicker if you use a narrow base pot. A solo camper would possibly only be boiling around half a liter of water, so the standard performance for boiling is reasonable.

If you're going to use it in windy weather, invest in a very effective windshield or set up in a sheltered area out of the wind.

This is a good super-light stove which will boil up water and cook for a sole person. The price tag for the LiteMax is moderate.

Comparison to Similar Backpacking Stoves

The price tag is affordable, the weight is lower compared to canister stoves which are a little heavier and a little higher in price.

More weight means more features and at times better performance. This option is not for users who want electronic ignitors and long pot supports, or the ability to cook using large pots. Many slightly heavier canister stoves offer useful features which the LiteMax does not have. The comparison is that exchanging weight for features puts a lot of other stove makers at an advantage.

There is a niche market for this stove. It offers standard features and performance and can be a must-have for hikers who put weight before cooking performance. A solo hiker will not lose much in terms of performance cooking for only one person using small pots. However, he/she will need to remember to bring along matches or a small gas lighter.


Those focused on carrying as little weight as possible can't have a canister stove that offers standard capability and performance. For those happy to exchange weight while losing some advantageous performance features, this model is a good choice.

This option is made from titanium steel. It won't rust, just keep in mind the design is for solo use, use small pots which give quicker boil time and avoid bad weather.

The price is very budget-friendly!