Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Klondike 8 from Wenzel is an affordable, well-built, no frills tent. The weather protection and overall comfort are what make it shine. The entire tent itself is treated with a weather-resistant coating and each seam, webbing, and zippers have an extra treatment applied.

While it is able to fit up to 8 people in sleeping bags, it is much more comfortable with 4 or 5 people and 2 queen sized air mattresses. There is a great porch area that can be used as a second room, as a closet, or as an indoor dining space.

If you know you’ll always have a partner to help you set this up, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent might just be a great option for you. Keep reading to learn more about my favorite and least favorite features.
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Two rooms

Integrated weather protection

Easy to follow set-up instructions

Plenty of headroom in the main room

10 year warranty


Typically takes 2 people to set it up

Can become very hot with the rainfly on

No electricity outlet hole

Not lightweight enough for backpackers

Key Features


Starting off with a bang, let’s discuss the materials that the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent is made out of. It is made from a strong Weather Armor polyester fabric that is finished with a polyurethane weather-resistant coating. Although the material feels thin, it is quite strong. The floor is made from welded polyethylene and the seams are “bathtub style” meaning that they do not lie on the floor.

The windows, roof, and back vent are made from strong mesh that provides breathability. The roof frame is made from fiberglass and steel upright supports. The fiberglass frame resists a lot of bending while setting up the tent, but seems to be built to last.

Lending a hand to durability and weather protection, the seams of this product are double stitched and lap felled.

Weather Protection

The 8P tent itself is treated with a Weather Armor treatment and all of the threads, zippers, and webbing are finished with an extra water-resistant treatment. This, combined with the polyester fabric works well to keep water from seeping in. Additionally, as mentioned, the floor seams are not actually on the floor, making it even more unlikely that water can enter through the ground.

A removable rainfly is also included. The rainfly has the same weather protection as the tent, however, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I recommend a second application of water-resistant/waterproof treatment if there is a chance that you will be camping in a heavy storm.

One less desirable feature that the rainfly adds is heat. The dark color of the rainfly attracts more heat to the tent during the day. Luckily, it is removable, revealing a mesh roof. There are also two windows and a mesh vent at the back bottom of the tent for added ventilation.

As far as standing up to wind, there are attached guy lines and stakes included. It’s always best to have the front of this tent facing the wind and I would consider bringing extra stakes if you know the weather will be considered bad. As a reminder, you should always be cautious of where you set up camp. If the ground under the tent is too soft, staking your tent down there is more or less pointless.

Ease of Use

Considering this family tent would be pretty spacious for only one person, it should not be difficult for you to find a person in your group who will help you set it up. The included instructions are clear, detailed, and easy to follow. As always, I recommend practicing setting up this tent at home first a few times before you bring it out into the wild. This allows you to get a feel for which poles go where and to ensure all of the pieces are present and in good condition.

Contrary to most tents, it’s quite simple to break down this one and fit it back into the included carrying case. Setting it up with two people takes about fifteen minutes and breaking it down takes about five minutes.


This is not an ideal choice as a backpacker’s tent. It weighs in just about thirty pounds. When it is packed away into the included carrying bag, the dimensions are approximately 16” by 16” by 36”.


With 16’ by 11’ of floor space, the Klondike has the ability to sleep 8 people. You can lay down 5 sleeping bags in the main living area (98 square feet) and three sleeping bags in the screened-in porch area (60 square feet). In the main room, there is plenty of head space.

The highest point of the tent is 6’5. Sleeping in the screened in porch isn’t as bad as it might sound. The windows can all be covered for privacy. Most people won’t be able to stand up straight in the porch area, but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

If you aren’t camping with 8 people, you have a few more options of how you use the space. You can actually fit a queen sized air mattress in each room (main room and the porch). Or, if you prefer, you can use the porch to store your gear, shoes, a small table, or anything else. The inverted T style door is easy to maneuver.


Honestly, I’m not blown away by the features of this tent, but if you are not looking for anything fancy, you won’t be disappointed. There are two zippered interior windows with flaps that allow you to keep the sun out or enjoy some more privacy.

There are also two small convenience pockets that are useful for storing your phone, a flashlight, sunscreen, or other essentials you want to be able to find easily. Unfortunately, there is no electricity outlet hole. However, with so many portable charging devices around these days, this isn’t an issue unless you plan to bring an air conditioning unit or a heater.

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent is available in four great colors- blue, green, red, or taupe, all with gray accents. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the 10-year warranty included by Wenzel.

Comparison to Similar 8-Person Tents

Staying on the Wenzel theme, the Bristlecone 8 person tent is often compared to the Klondike 8. The Bristlecone is notably less expensive and has quite a different shape. The highest point in this dome tent is 6’1. This product also has the ability to use a room divider to create two separate rooms.

One of the main advantages that the Bristlecone has over the Klondike is the extra features it provides. The Bristlecone has an electrical cord outlet hole and boasts eight organizational pockets. If you’re willing to sacrifice the front porch, the Bristlecone is worth a look.

Another popular 8 person tent that we see compared with Klondike is the Coleman 8 with a built-in closet. This 16.5 pound tent comes stocked with shelves and a hanging bar to help you keep your gear organized and wrinkle-free. The set up is similar to the Klondike, taking about twenty minutes for two people. Conveniently, the included carrying case has wheels.

Unfortunately, the Coleman 8 has had some issues with its durability. If you stretch out the tent too much, you’ll likely hear some seams ripping and the weatherproofing is not very impressive. However, it's lightweight and the 2 rooms are very appealing.


When it comes down to it, the Klondike 8 is a good choice for families or large groups of friends. As I mentioned, you’ll typically need two people to set it up and weighing in at thirty pounds, two people carrying it wouldn’t be bad either.

The materials, weather protection, and construction of this tent are a few of the features that make it stand out. Although I always recommend an extra weather protection treatment, Wenzel has done a great job. Especially the fact that the floor seams are “bathtub style,” making it more difficult for water to seep in.

Assuming you’re committed to camping - not glamping - and looking for a sturdy and comfortable tent, you’ll be happy with this product.