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    It's not just tourists who need to know exactly how much things weigh in order to avoid fines. I donated these luggage scales last week to GearWeAre's 2012 charity, Surrey Search & Rescue, who needed to weigh all the essential kit that lives in their response trailer. With a maximum weight capacity of 320Kg and contents including a generator and radio equipment, it's critical that they don't get overloaded and risk a crash or getting the wrong side of the law.

    [caption id="attachment_4844" align="aligncenter" width="500"] And why shouldn't a simple scale look so good?[/caption]

    I spent the evening with their Kit Officers last week testing out the Lifeventure Luggage Scales, which are one of those items that are intuitive right out of the box. A single button turns it on and off, and a huge digital readout gives a weight for anything suspended from it in both Kg and Lbs. The attractive blue display turns bright red when the scales settle on a weight, allowing you a few seconds to put down the heavy item and then read off what it weighed.

    Very similar to the Go Travel luggage scales that we reviewed in December, the Lifeventure scales have a simple fabric tail that loops around things and attaches to itself, meaning that you can negotiate handles, straps and uneven objects easily. However, significantly better than the Go Travel scales, is the shape of the Lifeventure version, which is much more rounded and conducive to picking up easily. It feels like a handle... as it should.

    At £15, this isn't for everyone. As a reader pointed out on the Go Travel review, you could weigh your luggage by subtracting your own weight on a simple bathroom scale. But, if you are in the market for a handheld scale for luggage, or any other reason (I use it to weigh GWA test items) then these are undoubtedly well-made, easy to use and simple.

    SUMMARY: Fool-proof and simple scales with a really easy to see display and very comfortable handle-like design. If you need a device to weigh things with, this is the one to get.

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